10 safest destinations for solo female travellers

Many solo female travellers think about safety factors before choosing a destination. Following are 10 destinations that I think are safe to travel. Also, I narrowed down a couple of countries based on my experiences and others with the help of Google.


The oldest known step pyramid at Saqqara

Who said Egypt is best suited for only group tours? Honestly, it is even more interesting when you visit the country as a backpacker. Yeah, the historical sites, museums, tombs, and pyramids require a local guide. But taking off on your own with a travel guide from Airbnb is a lot more fun too! Along with its ancient history, Egypt also has friendly locals to guide you when you’re lost in the streets. Sometimes, the local vendors could plead you to buy souvenirs near the tourist places but they don’t intend to do any harm. In fact, a big firm ‘NO’ or ‘La Shukran’ (‘no thank you’ in Arabic) with no eye contact (I know its rude but its ok to be strict during solo travelling!) would stop them from persuading you.

Overall, Egypt is so much safer for women travelling solo!

Bali, Indonesia

At Ubud marketplace…

Bali is a wonderland for solo travellers. You could easily spot many backpackers in the beaches, marketplaces and everywhere else! The Indonesian island is the best of everything as it has got beautiful oceans, active volcano, upland, and surreal waterfalls. Furthermore, Bali is filled with some amazing spiritual vibes from a tonne of temples. You can also befriend locals and cute little monkeys from Ubud. Hands down, it is the best solo travel destination regardless of the gender!


Place of colours, sushis, anime and clean toilets!

Japan is the dream destination for anime, sushi, and fluffy pancake lovers. There are pop of colours, cutely tucked in kiosks, sushi bars, not to mention squeaky clean toilets, at every corner of the streets. In addition to that, the trip could be very expensive, especially for solo travelling! But there’s no better option to splurge on! The country is so disciplined, and safer for tourists around the world. Google Translate could end up becoming your best friend after the trip!


It is all like a dream…

Austria is the perfect getaway on Christmas holidays. It is known for skiing, paragliding, Disney movie and ‘Heidi’ look-alike villages, Christmas markets, The Sound of Music, crystal clear lakes and a lot of other picturesque views. Above all, Austria is suitable for all kinds of weather lovers. Be it winter, summer, or spring, the country has got something special to offer during every season. The capital/city of music, Vienna has museums, amazing cafes, restaurants and imperial architecture to spend quality time for yourself.

New Zealand

Truly an epic country…

The land of kiwis is known for its national parks, Māori culture, glacier trekking and surfing! It is also a low-key food paradise for seafood, coffee, wine and beer lovers. Furthermore, it is the best place for adrenalin junkies who’d love to partake in extreme sports like bungee jumping! It is also one of the safest countries around the world for solo female travellers, according to many surveys. This information is more than enough to add the country in your bucket list!


The country of aesthetic vibes…

Portugal is a country with gorgeous coastlines, beautiful cities, aesthetic streets and yummy port. Above all, it is one of the affordable international destinations for backpackers around the world. Cities/Regions like Braga, Amarante and Sintra are known for its rich history, typical Portuguese buildings and breath taking castles. Oh, and not to mention, it has got some of the beautiful beaches in Western Europe! Hands down, the best destination for solo female travellers who are more inclined to aesthetic vibes!


The lovely South American beaches…

Uruguay is not on many travellers’ radar because of its neighbouring countries’ (i.e. Brazil & Argentina) bigger marketing team for tourism! The South American country is known for its colonial architectures, longest carnival, lovely beaches, and mate (a famous Uruguayan traditional drink). Ideally, it’s a perfect destination for someone who loves sun, sand and surf. It is a hub for the backpackers from all over Latin America and Europe. So, its about time to make Uruguay a universal destination for solo female travellers across the globe!

South Korea

The land of K-pop and nightlife…

South Korea is a country where technology and traditions coexist. In short, there are beautiful skyscrapers, and also ancient temples. How cool is that? Also, it has got some of the friendliest people in Asia. It is a dreamland for K-pop fans around the world. And what is better than wandering around the lighted streets, having a karaoke night with friendly locals, and watching a K-pop concert in South Korea itself! Furthermore, it is one of the safest Asian destinations for solo female travellers.

Sri Lanka

A jewel in the Indian Ocean…

Sri Lanka is indeed a precious jewel in the Indian Ocean. It’s white-sand beaches, lush tropical vegetation and beautiful mountain villages are worth every penny spent for the trip. On the contrary, it could be little intimidating for people who are not familiar with overcrowded public buses and trains. But honestly, that’s the fun part! Many locals try and speak English and hence, it is not possible to get lost in the streets! It has got some amazing food, plenty of delicious topical fruits and fresh coconut water. If you happen to be an elephant lover, you will love the country a little more! In short, Sri Lanka is relatively safe for every solo female traveller who wants to have a life changing experience!


The surreal Reynisfjara…

The most obvious one in the list for safest solo travel destinations is Iceland. With incredibly low crime rates, stunning scenery, plenty of adventures, a tonne of hot springs, it is easily on any traveller’s bucket list! Iceland, aka the Land of Fire and Ice is known for its hidden waterfalls, beautiful ice lagoons, breath taking viewpoints and surreal beaches. Also, it is the best of both worlds for nature and nightlife seekers. If you are already planning to visit Iceland, please make sure you know to swim as it has got many hot springs and natural pools!

The bottom line…

Having said all this about the safest travel destinations for solo female travellers, it is still your responsibility to take care of yourself regardless of any article you read on internet. Honestly, most countries in the world are safe when the right precautions are taken. Keep in mind that it is also important to check the latest updates on political situations and weather forecasts before planning any trip.



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