What are the Quiet, Non-Touristy Places in South Goa?

South Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Thousands of tourists and visitors visit this gem of a place every year. Now, you might have heard a lot about all the famous places here in South Goa. And more often, these places are also quite crowded owing to their popularity. 

But there is more to Goa than these crowded tourist places. This stunning part of Goa also offers a variety of hidden and tranquil places. For someone who prefers spending their vacation away from the crowd and the hustle and bustle of the city, these non-touristy places in South Goa are a must-visit!

On my last solo trip to South Goa, I had the privilege of checking out some beautiful hidden places. In this blog, I will share the list of these places with you so that you can have a memorable experience worth cherishing for a lifetime. Keep on reading to know more.

1. Betul Beach

Situated along the beautiful River Sal, Betul Beach is among the most serene beaches in Goa. The beach is dotted with exotic palm and fruit trees and graces its visitors with breathtaking sea views. If you are into photography, you will have ample opportunities to capture stunning visuals. The beach has silvery-white sand which melts beneath your feet as you take a walk here. Betul Beach is just the right place for introverted solo travellers like me who prefer to spend time alone in a quiet, tranquil place. Do check it out!

2. Rivona Buddhist Caves

Looking for a place that is rich in history and culture? Then Rivona Buddhist Caves is the ideal place to be. Legend believes that these caves were inhabited by Buddhist monks back in the 6th and 7th centuries. Isn’t that interesting? You can even see the area where the leader used to sit, known as ‘pitha’ in the native language. The caves tell you a story of the history like no one else can and remain proof of how strong Buddhism was in Goa back in the days. Once you enter the caves through the entry gate, you will be mesmerised by how intricate and exquisite the details and patterns in the caves are. Truly, a delight to the eyes!

3. Three Kings Church

Although not a lesser-known tourist place in South Goa, Three Kings Church is often rarely visited. Now you might ask why? Well, the church is haunted! Yes, you read that right. The church is renowned as one of the most haunted places in Goa. It was built back in 1599 by Gonzalo Carvalho. The surrounding greenery and awe-inspiring views of the neighbouring regions make Three Kings Church one of the must-visit hidden places in South Goa. Need more reasons to visit this place? Well, the church hosts a Feast of Three Kings every year on the 6th of January. It is a one-of-a-kind celebration and deserves a visit at least once!

4. Galgibaga Beach

This beautiful beach is nestled on the banks of River Galgibag. As one of the most scenic beaches in Goa, it is among India’s cleanest beaches. The best part about Galgibaga Beach is that it is one of the three sites home to renowned Olive Ridley turtles. If you are a nature enthusiast and would prefer to spend time in the lap of nature, then definitely check out this beach. Its unblemished beauty and the dense vegetation make for the perfect retreat away from the city noise!

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5. Kuskem Waterfalls

Kuskem Waterfalls are among the least-visited tourist spots in South Goa. Due to its beautiful location and pleasant ambience, these calm and soothing falls are a must-visit. The waterfall is situated in Canancona and is approximately 20 kilometres from Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. Watching the water gush down the cascading rock formations is a delight. It is a seasonal waterfall and the best time to explore Kuskem Waterfalls is during the monsoon season. The rain makes the sight of the waterfall all the more breathtaking!

6. Mollem National Park

For all the wildlife enthusiasts out there, Mollem National Park is the perfect place to check out. It is also an ideal place for those looking to explore something other than the nightlife and beaches of South Goa. While the beaches have their beauty, this national park is among the biggest ones in the state. It is situated inside Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. You can even go on a jeep safari to explore the vibrant and exotic wildlife from up close! Again, the best time to visit Mollem National Park is during the monsoon season. It brings out the liveliness of the wildlife and makes for the perfect leisure activity.

Are the non-touristy places in South Goa worth visiting?

what are the non-touristy places in south goa?

Considering the popularity of Goa as a tourist destination for Indians and foreigners, the state is usually crowded. And most of the famous tourist attractions are quite crowded as well. If you are someone who does not like visiting crowded places, then these non-touristy places are your best chance at exploring the gem of South Goa. And don’t worry, these quiet, non-touristy places are just as interesting as the famous ones! There is so much to explore in South Goa that even a one-week solo trip will feel less!

If you found my blog helpful, share it with your friends and family. And if you have any feedback, let me know in the comments below. Till then, happy travelling, ladies!

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