Can I Go Trekking in Goa?

Dudhsagar Falls and Todo waterfalls are some of the many places on the list of places to go trekking in Goa. Planning a solo trip to Goa and thinking of going on a trek? Believe me. It is a great idea! It is a very rich experience exploring the mesmerising landscape of Goa. In fact, trekking is one of the best activities in Goa if you love some thrill and adventure in the lap of nature. The beautiful scenery and the serenity will become an unforgettable and loving memory. So, here are some of the best trekking trails to help you plan your trekking in Goa.

1. Dudhsagar Falls trek

This is the best trekking trail in Goa, without any doubt. Besides, it is the 5th tallest waterfall in India, so you should not miss seeing it as it is a national landmark. The view from the highest waterfall in Goa is spellbinding. The difficulty level of this trek will be moderate. And to get the best fall experience, you should visit the place from November to February, i.e., during the winter. However, before embarking on this journey, you should hire a guide to help along your trek. You are certainly going to love the experience at Dudhsagar Falls.

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2. Todo Waterfalls trek

You should add the trek to Todo waterfalls to your to-do list in Goa. It will prove to be an amazing experience to undergo. You can begin your trip from Panjim as the waterfall is present in North Goa. The time to reach this place from Panjim is 1.5 hours, and several commute options are available on the way. This trek also has a moderate difficulty level. You should visit this place from June to February. But before you decide to go, here is a bonus tip- keep a lot of water and apply a good amount of sunscreen. Also, buy a good pair of trekking shoes and enjoy your journey.

3. Neuti Beach trek

This trek is one of its kind, and you will not find many options like this one. By one of a kind, I mean that you get to walk over splendid mountains overlooking the dazzling sea. Is that not captivating? This trek starts at 7 a.m. from Porvorim. Also, if you love swimming, you can dive from the twenty feet high rocks into the deep blue and sparkling sea water. You can easily reach this place from any local transportation, and the difficulty level for this trek is also very easy. So, if you are a beginner, this is the best place to start your trekking journey.

To enjoy the best time at this place, visit it in the months from November to February, and your bonus tip is to eat a very light breakfast before commencing this adventurous trek.

4. Arambol trek

Can I Go Trekking in Goa?

Want to relish the beauty of the Arabian Sea? If yes, the Arambol beach trek is the perfect destination for you. The best thing about this place is that you will not find it crowded as it still has not been discovered by many people. So the serenity and calmness in this place remain unmatched. This trek will start from Keri in North Goa and goes on to Palim hill to Arambol beach. This trek also has an easy difficulty level. You can soak in the sun in the serenity, away from the crowd, or take a dip in the Arabian sea. 

5. Pali Waterfall Trek

This waterfall trek is a paradise for hikers and trekkers. If you feel like trekking is a bit challenging, start your trekking journey from Pali waterfalls and fall in love with the activity and the place. The landscape there is so rewarding that you will forget all the challenges you faced to reach your destination. You can start your trek to Pali waterfall from Panaji or Mapusa. The difficulty level is very easy. Besides, the vibrant butterflies and birds make the scenery even more beautiful. So, you MUST experience the beauty of this destination in Goa.

6. Udaan Dongar trek

Udaan Dongar trek is a 16 km long trek that starts from Panjim and ends in Udaan Dongar. The trek takes up to an average time of 5 hours to complete. Moreover, you will see a lot of amazing scenery throughout the track. If you are a solo traveller who loves capturing beautiful and eye-warming landscape photos, then this trek is heaven for you.

Reaching Udaan Dongar is also very easy as it is a very famous place in Goa. You can reach Udaan Dongar by public transport, cab, auto, etc. The trek is not very difficult to complete. Even one with no trekking experience can complete the trek easily. However, the best time to visit Udaan Donger is between June and February. And a pro tip from my side is that even if you aren’t very good at photography and don’t have a good camera, watch some phone photography tutorials on YouTube and get home with some of the most beautiful memories of your life.

Get adventurous!

Can I Go Trekking in Goa?

Do not let fear stop you from going on this solo trek. It will really prove to be a very rewarding experience for you and become an exciting chapter in your book of life. Besides, trekking in Goa is very budget-friendly, and places are beautiful and worth exploring. Moreover, we have always heard only about the beaches of Goa because the other landscapes remain undervalued. So, if you love to do things differently than the masses, then make up your mind to explore Goa’s enchanting hills and captivating waterfalls. If you are an adventurous person seeking thrill and serenity simultaneously, trekking in Goa is one of the best options for you. Hopefully, you will enjoy every bit of your time there!


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