Does it Rain in June in Goa?

Yes, Goa receives heavy rainfall in June, about 868 mm. Heavy rain in Goa happens due to its coastal location. However, the rainfall increases by an average of 120 – 140 mm in July. The rainfall in Goa starts from Mid of June and ends in October. However, the rain also happens on some days of May, but it is much lower than in June and July. As June lies in the monsoon season in Goa, most June days receive heavy rainfall. On average, 22 days of June month experience heavy rain every year.

Moreover, the humidity in June remains very high due to its location and the rainfall. In June, the humidity reaches up to 81%. If you love travelling in the rain or don’t like exposing yourself to too much sunlight, June is the best month to visit Goa

What you CANNOT experience in Goa in June

Goa is well known for its beaches and seaside areas. Moreover, most people come to Goa to explore these beautiful beaches. Since June is the monsoon season in Goa, I wouldn’t recommend you to go there in June. Most of your time may end in watching heavy rainfall from the window of your hotel’s room. Apart from that, if you love roaming out during the rain, be very cautious about visiting the beaches of Goa during heavy rainfall. Moreover, you will find absolutely no one on the beach other than you, which is quite dull. 

Does it Rain in June in Goa?

Goa is also famous for its adventure sports which you will mostly see on the beach side area. There are a lot of adventure sports in Goa for those who love experiencing thrill and action. But, as I told you, about every day of June in Goa receives heavy rainfall, so you will find no adventure sports on the beaches. It is due to the higher wind speed than average. High wind makes it very difficult to control the water bikes, gliders, etc., and makes it very risky for the traveller and the instructor. Moreover, you will also not be able to swim, or surf in the sea as the waves in June comes with very high velocity and become very mighty, which can leave you with serious injuries. 

Another thing which you will miss if you visit Goa in June is the seaside lunch, drinks, and sunbath. The daytime of Goa decreases to 8 hours only in June. Also, the sun will not feel very effective to you to take a sunbath. Moreover, due to the heavy rainfall and high waves, the local vendors and hotels on the beach remain closed.

What you CAN experience in Goa in June

Apart from all these disadvantages of visiting Goa in June, there is another side of Goa which is very fair and different from the other months. If you are a solo traveller and want to have a lot of fun with people who love partying, then June is your time to visit Goa. As soon as the beaches and other tourist places in Goa get disengaged in June, the clubs of Goa start to fill up, and the rush in the clubs goes to its peak. You can enjoy many clubs and open-air rain parties with different themes. Visiting Goa in June for partying will be a lifetime and one of the wildest experiences you can have.

Also, a famous festival in Goa called Sao-Joao is celebrated in late June. This festival marks the fertility feast of Saint John the baptist. During this festival, people love inviting tourists to have fun with them. In my opinion, if you love drinking alcohol, then you should join without any delay. They celebrate this festival by jumping in the wells and drinking “Feni,” the prevalent local alcohol of Goa.

When should you visit Goa?

I will recommend you to visit Goa anytime between November and February. This span of four months is the best time to visit Goa as you will get a good amount of sunlight on the beaches with mild cold weather. However, the temperature remains lower in December and January than in November and February. Another reason I am recommending this time to visit Goa is that you will be able to participate in some of the most unique and fun-filled festivals.

Christmas and New Year in Goa feel very astonishing and wonderful. You will see a massive rush in churches and on beaches in Goa. Not only do the local people and Indian tourists become a part of these celebrations, but many tourists come from around the world to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Goa. If you are a solo traveller or a solo female traveller, you will have many people to give company to you. You can also find a lot of new friends of your type. 

Things to keep in mind before visiting Goa anytime

If you are planning to visit Goa for the first time or you are on a solo trip, then you should keep these things in mind in between these months:

Between November and February

If you plan to visit Goa between November and February, you should pre-book the hotel room as the rush at that time can make it harder to get a hotel room on the go. You must book your room in advance.

Between March and May

The temperature between March and May in Goa reaches its peak. If you are visiting Goa between these months, then you should not forget to apply sunscreen before taking a sunbath; otherwise, it can leave you with severe sunburns. 

Between June and October

It can be a lot of fun and enjoyment doing parties in clubs and under the open sky during rain. You should avoid going to beaches during heavy rain in June and July. The waves become very massive, and the velocity of the wind also increases, which can result in severe injuries while swimming, surfing, and diving. 


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