Is South Goa a Good Place for Solo Travellers?

The concept of solo travelling picked up pace in the last decade when people got tired of waiting upon their friends or family members to plan a trip. Solo travelling is a wonderful way to explore, detox, rejuvenate, retrospect, and know yourself better. At the end of a memorable solo trip, most travellers find peace and self-love, things exiting from our societies to make way for depression.

It takes guts to plan a solo trip and even more to get on with it. The benefits are aplenty as you don’t have to ask anyone for their compliance on the dates, travel itineraries, food choices, lodging choices, and selecting things to do. 

So, if you have decided to go on a solo trip, kudos! Now the second important thing is to select the right place. If you are a female solo traveller, you will have to choose a safe destination for solo women travellers(sadly, women’s safety is still a topic of concern, especially in India).

Answer in Short

Goa is a wonderful place for solo travellers. As tourism forms a major part of the economy here, the locals are quite used to travellers, be it men, women, elders, children, families, groups, or solo travellers.

To choose a place for solo travelling, you need to find a lot of activities to keep you busy, places to explore to keep you from boredom, and hotels that give budget-friendly rooms to single people.

south goa for solo travellers

South Goa is famous as a place for couples where one can romance on the secluded beaches, relax in costly beach resorts or enjoy fine-dining at gourmet eateries. If you want to explore South Goa alone and wondering whether it is a good decision, read on further to know more about safety, activities, budget, accommodations, and more.

A tip: Avoid Baga, Calangute, or even Anjuna if you are a solo female traveller who wants to enjoy her own company without creepy men ogling at you. These are North Goa beaches that are much crowded with locals and tourists.

South Goa beaches

Palolem, Agonda, Varca, and Benaulim are some of the best, most serene, and most beautiful South Goa beaches where you can enjoy and relax with your own company. 

There are lodging options along the beach where you may rest soundly, awaken to the sound of the surf, and dip your toes in the sea whenever you please. You may hire a car or scooter to explore other beaches, quiet pubs, and eateries serving delectable regional fare.

Safe hotels for lodging in South Goa

Goa is easily the best destination for solo travellers due to the availability of inexpensive lodging options. Many backpacking hostels are widely dispersed throughout the state, whether in the more sedate South Goa or the North Goa neighbourhoods near the busier Baga, Candolim, or Calangute beaches.

These affordable hostels in Goa make it simpler to go on a solo backpacking vacation and offer many chances to meet people, make new friends, and explore.

Transportation modes in South Goa

south goa for solo travellers

By renting a bike or scooter, commuting around South Goa is easy and affordable. You can choose to rent a bicycle or a motorbike to travel the entire length of Goa, unlike other places where limited public transportation or pricey cabs add extra pain and expenditures to your solo trip prices.

Affordable food in South Goa

While South Goa is famous for serving costly but gourmet seafood and other cuisines, some places also serve affordable meals. If you travel solo and want to budget your meals, you can find plenty of eateries here that serve pocket-friendly meals. The icing on the cake for a solo traveller in South Goa is that you can treat yourself to a 5-start, fine-dining meal at some of the best restaurants here.

Nightlife in South Goa

While some nightclubs in South Goa might be reserved for couple entry only, you may find someone waiting outside the pub just looking for a partner to gain entry! For female travellers, entry is free in many nightclubs, so that’s icing on the cake.

The nightclubs and pubs have a lot of activities, games, and shows to keep you busy even if you don’t have a partner or friend to spend time with. It is also easy to make friends while you are in Goa. You can not enter a nightclub alone and feel bored in Goa.

Things to do while travelling solo to South Goa

  • Explore the local beaches like the Palolem, Agonda, Galgibaga, Butterfly, Colva, and others. 
  • Visit the churches like the Savior of the World Church, Our Lady of Remedios Church, St. Alex Church, and more.
  • Visit the temples, including the Chandreshwar Bhootnath temple, Shree Shantadurga Temple, and others.
  • Explore the museums like the Indian Naval Aviation Museum, Goa Chitra Museum, and more.
  • Spend a day at the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary or the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Shop at the Margao Municipal Market.
  • Go for a sightseeing tour at the Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

So, there is plenty to do while travelling solo in South Goa. You will not miss a partner or a friend to give you company. But, while travelling solo, female travellers should keep a few things in mind for added safety.

Tips for Solo Female Travellers in South Goa

While Goa is quite safe for women travellers, it is always good to be a little more cautious for your safety and wellbeing.

  • You can wear beach clothes near the beaches, but changing when you go offshore is always better.
  • While staying in beach huts, ensure you choose the ones made of concrete and wood and have doors that lock.
  • Be wise in bargaining before you rent a scooter. Foreigners are easily duped here. Find out the rates before you rent a scooter.
  • If you desire to go to nightclubs or parties, then do not go alone. It is always better to make friends with someone at your hostel to tag along.

For all the insights into South Goa, check out my article on the ultimate solo travel guide to South Goa.

These are a few safety concerns for female solo travellers in South Goa.


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