Are there Private Islands in Goa?

Planning a secluded vacation? Want to spend some quality time with your loved ones? Consider visiting the private islands of Goa.

The Konkan coastline adorns Goa with its mesmerising inland sea and beautiful islands with biodiverse vegetation. Goa has the best beaches in the country. But they are all jam-packed with tourists and buzzing with activities.

Goa embodies exotic islands, the perfect destination for intimate weddings and other secluded parties and get-togethers. If you are not getting married anytime sooner, plan a day with fun-filled activities on some of the exotic private islands of Goa! There are yachts for hosting personal events. You can also book ferry rides to enjoy the sunset, traditional Goan cuisine, and wine. The options are truly endless!

Read more if you want information about the best private islands in Goa for an offbeat experience.

The best private islands in Goa

You can choose to stay in Goa and plan an activity-packed one-day visit to these private islands, or you can choose to stay at one of these islands and spend your vacation with your family in seclusion. The choice is yours! 

1. Conco Island

Home to a lot of shy monkeys, Conco Island, widely called Monkey Island, is a 20-minute ferry ride from Agonda Beach. Covering five acres of lush greenery, Conco Island near Palolem Beach is a perfect spot for swimming and other water sports activities. You can enjoy snorkelling, surfing, and scuba diving on this island. You can also spot dolphins if you are lucky enough.

The unmatching scenic beauty of the island is a vision in itself. You can easily spend 2-3 hours in the Conco Islands. 

2. Butterfly Island and Beach

If you prefer quiet, private time with yourself or with friends and family, you should choose Butterfly Island. The island is a boat ride away from Palolem beach, offering you the utmost tranquillity with its beauty and solitude. It is the perfect location for a romantic getaway too. The semi-circle-shaped beach with high rocks lining the shoreline is a picture-perfect location. You can indulge in a canoe ride and dolphin watching amid the calmness of the island.

Butterfly Island is not frequented by tourists like the other commercial places of Goa. Hence, it is the best spot to relax and rejuvenate yourself—sunbathing on the sandy beaches, watching the playful dolphins, and taking in the surrounding picturesqueness. The island is also home to colourful Indian butterflies, as the name suggests. 

3. Sao Jacinto Island

Sao Jacinto Island is one of the most secluded, tiniest, and uncrowded islands near Vasco city in South Goa, untouched by pollution and commercialisation. The island is home to a lighthouse and a viewpoint atop a hill, where you are in for a visual treat. The broad-gauge view of the city from the viewpoint is an unparalleled experience!

You can reach Sao Jacinto Island via the nearest part of the mainland connected by a bridge named the Silver Gate Bridge, or you can also take a ferry from Vasco city. An evening stroll through the beautiful Portuguese village’s streets tops the to-do list here!

4. Ilha Grande Island

Ilha Grande Island, or simply the Grande Island, is a must-visit destination in Goa. The island tour will be filled with fun and adventurous activities, and you will see historic places from the boat. The best way to tour Grande Island is to book a tour package, including a boat ride, a visit to a few historic sites, water sports activities, fishing, and a delicious lunch on the island. The historic sites include Aguada Fort, the central jail, and Merchant’s Bungalow. 

You can quench your thirst for adventure with scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming in the middle of the sea, and test your luck with fishing. You can also spot the joyful dolphins and enjoy the endless Arabian Sea from the boat. Many tour packages are available, and you can decide considering your budget and the items included in the itinerary. 

5. Vanxim Island

Vanxim is a colonial island on the Mandovi river, close to Divar and Chorao Islands. The very few families residing on Vanxim Island are either farmers or fishermen. This secluded island is a treasure of natural resources, surrounded by mangrove forests. It has a diverse aquatic life and is accessible only by canoe rides or ferries from Divar Island. 

If you plan a trip to Vanxim Island, carry all your supplies. You can also transport your car or bike to these ferries to drive through the village. If you are a nature-lover, you are in for a relaxing and de-stressing experience on the island. You can also visit ancient churches, cemeteries, and temples on Vanxim island. 

What is your pick from these private islands of Goa?

private islands in goa

These are my top favourite islands to spend alone time with myself or my loved ones. These secluded islands, away from the crowded Goa mainlands, are home to the less explored and not-so-touristic locations in Goa. If you are in Goa for a relaxing and soul-searching experience, you should visit these private islands.

Also, if this is your first ever solo trip to Goa, you might need help planning the itinerary. I have a blog post on a 5-day solo travel itinerary for Goa, so check it out. And please don’t hesitate to drop in any query regarding the expenses covered for the trip, places/things to do, etc., in the comments section. I’m happy to help!


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