Which is the Swim-Friendly Beach in Goa?

Benaulim Beach is a swim-friendly beach in Goa. Solo female travellers who aren’t proud of their swimming skills and those who are sketching for a big water adventure in Goa should go to Benaulim Beach. It is a safe beach for swimming. Nevertheless, don’t restrict yourself to Benaulim Beach alone. There are few other swim-friendly beaches in Goa, such as Cavelossim Beach, Palolem Beach, Agonda Beach, Morjim Beach, Mardem Beach, Candolim Beach, and Ashwem Beach. So, if you are planning to visit a swim-friendly beach, head to Benaulim without any doubt. On the other hand, if you happen to visit the beaches I mentioned later, don’t hesitate to swim because they are also swim-friendly beaches. Let’s now look into the attractive elements of these swim-friendly beaches in Goa.

1. Benaulim Beach – a quiet paradise to swim

Benaulim Beach, located in South Goa, tops the first place for swim-friendly beaches in Goa. Adding to its pride, it is also one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. I love this beach for its cleanliness because you don’t fear hurting your foot with sharp objects. And its white sand shines clear as crystal. I can go on about its promising nature. Like, it is one of the calm and less crowded beaches. Hence, it is truly a gem for solo travellers. You must walk on the beach sand for 2 km to reach the sea. Once you arrive, you have plenty of exciting things waiting to delight you, such as watersports, restaurants, parties, and shopping places. Parasailing and banana boat rides impress a lot of people here. On Saturday night, the shore turns into an open dance ground.

2. Cavelossim Beach – a picturesque beach to swim

Cavelossim Beach is a swim-friendly beach as well. It is the best swim-friendly beach for solo travellers who yearn for a lovely landscape. The green backdrop of the beach shore alongside the hundreds of palm trees goes well with the brownish rocks submerged on the shore. That said, there are no hidden rocks inside the sea. Hence, it is safe to swim. Besides swimming, Cavelossim Beach is known for water sports activities. Kayaking, dolphin watching, and catamaran sailing are famous among the tourists here.

3. Palolem Beach – a great beach to party and swim

The next swim-friendly beach you should not miss visiting is Palolem. Palolem Beach is a popular beach in South Goa. Hence, you should expect a crowd. To shed more light on swimming in Palolem, the northern area of the beach is seemingly safer than the southern part because high-level tides hit the shore in the south. Palolem exhibits adventurous water sports, shopping shacks, and parties. The Silent Noise club, one of the popular party places in Goa, is situated here. Oh gosh! I completely forgot Cafe Inn. Cafe Inn, located at Palolem Beach, is one of the cute cafes to visit in South Goa. They serve amazing English breakfasts. I like their Turkish coffee the best.

4. Agonda Beach – have amazing food after a swim

Agonda is another swim-friendly beach in Goa. The beach has a serene atmosphere with a decent crowd strolling on the shoreline. On spotting the beach, you will know it is swim-friendly because the water appears lightweight. Another notable feature of Agonda Beach is its food stalls. The beach looks like mini Goan food heaven. You can find all kinds of local eateries in traditional Goan flavours. Yes, seafood stalls are abundant. That said, the beach entertains the crowd with several enjoyable activities. Check out my blog post “What are the things to do in Agonda Beach” regarding the activities.

5. Morjim – swim with the dolphins and turtles 

The next swim-friendly beach on my list, Morjim, is in North Goa. Morjim Beach lacks a crowd. Hence, it is an ideal place for travellers willing to spend lonely time in the flourishing beauty of nature. Morjim Beach does not have water sports to entertain its visitors. But don’t worry, we have Olive Ridleys, dolphins, and seagulls that lure the attention of the tourists! Since it is a less populated beach, the beach resorts are budget-friendly. For example, Morjim Queen Beach Resort in Morjim is one of the budget-friendly resorts for solo travellers in Goa.

6. Mandrem – a peaceful beach to swim

Mandrem is also a swim-friendly beach located in North Goa. You will feel at ease as the beach looks flat. To me, it appeared as a large swamp of water. Therefore, without any threat to life, you can cheerfully swim on Mandrem Beach as long as you wish. My only complaint is the poor management of the beach. The black sand might turn off a few people.

7. Candolim Beach – swim on the longest beach in Goa

Candolim Beach, known for shallow water, is a swim-friendly beach in Goa. It is also one of the longest beaches in Goa. Do you know Fort Aguada, one of the beautiful forts in Goa? The beach starts from the fort and extends till Calangute Beach. The best attraction of this beach is the aerial sunset view. There is a nicely perched scrub-covered dune on the beach to see the exquisite sunset.

8. Ashwem Beach – treat your body with spa after a swim

Finally, on our list of swim-friendly beaches in Goa is Ashwem. The Ashwem beach has crystal waters and shacks made of palm leaves. As of now, there aren’t any water adventures provided. But the beach’s well-regarded secret is ayurvedic spas and surfing classes. So don’t miss them!

Benaulim for a safe experience

Nevertheless, keep Benaulim Beach as your first option. No other beach can beat the shallowness and safety of Benaulim. It also offers water sports adventures. So, what are you thinking? Head to Benaulim Beach and have a great swimming experience!

swim friendly beach in goa

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