What are the Offbeat Places in North Goa?

Are you planning a vacation to bring down your stress levels? Goa is the best place for unwinding and rejuvenating mind and body. When a layman pictures a trip to Goa, things like sea-facing resorts and club-hopping all night come to mind. This was also my idea of Goa before my latest solo trip to Goa. I realised there is much more to Goa than partying and beaches. 

There are numerous unexplored destinations in Goa that tourists often skip. These offbeat places are not commercialised, so the locality’s rustic beauty is maintained. 

North Goa tops the list when it comes to fun and frolic life by the beaches. But it has also got the best to cater to the needs of every kind of travel. Be it a solo soul-searching travel or a vacation with your loved one! In this blog, I’m sharing some of the best offbeat places in North Goa, where you can connect with nature and your inner self. 

Best offbeat places in North Goa

People assume that tourists usually swarm the hippie places of North Goa. But some places are not frequented by tourists and are untouched by pollution and commercialisation. Let’s discuss these offbeat locations in North Goa.

1. Chorao Island

Located on the Mandovi river, unlike its sister island, Divar, Chorao island is more secluded and less travelled by tourists. It is a 10-minute ferry ride from Raibandar. You will be amazed at the mangrove vegetation housing the famous Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, which is home to exhaustive bird species and mangrove-dwelling animals. November to February is the best time for nature and bird lovers to visit the island. You can spot many migratory birds in addition to the local dwellers. 

The villages of Charao Island are the amalgamation of the Brahmin and the Portuguese culture. You can stroll through the narrow muddy lanes of these villages to get a glimpse of old Portuguese-style houses with an aura of rustic nature around you.

The main attractions on Charao Island are Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Chapel of St. Jerome, St. Bartholomew Church, and Shree Devki Krishna Temple. 

2. Arambol Beach and the Arambol Sweet Water Lake

Of all the beaches in North Goa, Arambol Beach is the least crowded and one of the most spectacular beaches. You can sun-bathe, read and relax, indulge in yoga and other soul-searching activities, or get your adrenaline pumping by paragliding. You can have everything you are looking for at Arambol Beach! There are many more exciting places to visit in Arambol.

You can walk through the shops on the streets of Arambol to reach the Arambol Sweet Water Lake. Please watch the mesmerising sunset from the Arambol Sweet Water Lake, nestled amidst mountains and rocks. You are in for a visual treat for sure!

3. Revora Village

If you want to live offbeat, breathe in the fresh breeze and keep it village-simple, you must visit the Revora Village on the Chapora river. The 1.5 km-long village is so serene, covered with trees and thick vegetation. It is also the best place to relish the glorious sunset. The village is very sparsely populated and is a treat for nature lovers. 

Dashi Lake and the Raneache Zuem Bridge are must-visit places in the village. A walk on this bridge hanging over Chapora River is just amazing. You get a clear view of the river and the beauty of the surrounding lush greenery.

4. Big Banyan Tree Hike

When you are a trekking junkie and happen to be at Arambol, do not miss the hike to the famous Big Banyan Tree. The banyan tree and the “baba” residing there are famous among the locals. From the Arambol Sweet Water Lake, a narrow trail leads into the jungle. You can seek the help of the local villagers to assist you on the hike, and they will be more than happy to assist you. But also be careful and leave your belongings at the hotel if you are a solo traveller. 

You will enjoy the short 30-minute trek if you are a nature lover. The streams, ponds, and serene lush greenery are all worth the time! Ultimately, the trail leads to a huge banyan tree, where the baba performs yogic asanas. You can watch him do it or join him if you are interested in yoga. Be prepared for a strange and also exciting experience.

5. Augustine Church and Monastery

St. Augustine Church is a 17th-century church that was once the largest in Goa. Today it is in ruins, except for the St. Augustine Tower, which can be seen from a distance. You can imagine the grandness of the church looking at the ruins!

Even though the church is in complete ruins, the archaeological aura around it makes it one of the must-visit places in North Goa to get a glimpse of history.

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Are these offbeat places in North Goa worth a visit?

offbeat places in north goa

I hope you found this list of offbeat places in North Goa useful. If you have been visiting all the commercial and happening places in Goa so far, do not miss including these offbeat locations in your itinerary the next time you visit Goa. You can also comment below if there are even better offbeat places in North Goa. Please let me know if you have any queries regarding solo travel in Goa and its expenses. Happy to help you! 


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