What do You Need to Know About Ferry Rides in Goa?

Goa is synonymous with beaches and parties. The state is also known for its beautiful islands and offbeat locations, which are less travelled by tourists. You can reach certain places by ferry.

Goa has two major rivers – Zuari and Mandovi along with smaller ones like Terekhol, Mapusa, Chapora, Sal, etc. The river navigation department of Goa has been developing the inland waterways to assist the local population and tourists. There are about 17 crucial ferry routes in Goa now. Many of these rides are scenic alone, and some are the sole means of transportation.

So let us look at the most beautiful ferry rides in Goa and all the info you need to know about them.

How does a ferry differ from a cruise?

Goa is known for its beautiful cruises. Cruises are large ships or boats intended to carry only people. On the other hand, a ferry is a small boat designed to move people, goods, and vehicles, usually on inland waterways. Cruises are built with luxurious amenities, whereas ferries are used solely for transportation.

Goans use ferries to travel to locations across the rivers and inland waterways. You save a lot of time and a considerable amount you spend on cabs. Most ferries in Goa are operated free of cost. A fee of Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 is charged to transport your car/bike.

The ferry rides that you should not miss

There are nearly 17 ferry routes in Goa with 24×7 connectivity. Not all of them are I have described the rides that you can give a try while you’re in Goa.

1. Ribandar to Chorao Island

Ribandar is one of the most beautiful islands on the Mandovi river. It has impressive flora and fauna. One of the best ways to reach Chorao is to take a ferry from Ribandar. The ferry services operate from 6:00 am to 2:00 am the next day. The early morning ferry ride is the most popular because of its scenic beauty. The sight of the sunrise reflection on the river and the exotic bird population is just so surreal! And all the birds chirping is music to ears! It will take you to a state of trance.

2. Ferry to Divar Island

Divar Island lies on the Mandovi river, near Chorao. You can take a ferry ride to Divar Island from Ribandar, Naroa, and old Goa (Viceroy’s Arch). The ferry from Ribandar connects to the southwest of Divar Island, whereas the other ferries from Naroa and old Goa connect to the east and the south, respectively. These ferry services operate throughout the day.
The evening cruise starting from 5:30 pm at Ribandar jetty is recommended for tourists. The sunset view is amazing, so plan your trip accordingly.

3. Old Goa to Piedade

Piedade is an island village in north Goa. You can reach the Piedade village from the jetty in old Goa near Viceroy’s Arch. It is a 15-minute ride, and there are two ferries every 15 to 30 minutes between old Goa and Piedade. You will ride through the surrounding lush green vegetation. It sure is a compelling experience!

Speaking of old Goa, check out my article on the ultimate solo travel guide to old Goa for all the insights into Goa’s hidden gems.

4. Kerim to Tiracol

Tiracol is the island on the north western most part of the Tiracol river. Closer to Maharashtra, Tiracol is a beautiful village with a historic fort turned into a luxury hotel. It is a 10-minute ferry ride from Kerim. One ferry operates every 10 minutes from 6:00 in the morning to 10:15 at night.

5. Raia to Shiroda

Raia is a picturesque village in Margao, housing historical churches and scenic beauty like those on postcards. Shiroda is a town located in the Ponda district of south Goa. There is one ferry that runs every 10 minutes between Shiroda and Raia. The ferry services start from 6:15 in the morning to 9:15 at night.

6. Panaji to Betim

Betim is a small village in North Goa, which lies on the banks of the Mandovi river. The ferry ride from Panaji to Betim on the Mandovi river lasts for about 25 minutes. There are two ferries, and the services start from 6:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night. The Mandovi river’s beauty is the captivating highlight of this ride!

All the other ferry services and timings

I’m sharing the list of ferry services in Goa and their timings.



Kerim to Tiracol

06:00 to 22:15 HRS

Camurlim to Tuem

06:40 to 21:00 HRS

Tolto to Dauji

05:50 to 23:15 HRS

Pomburpa to Chorao

06:00 to 00:10 HRS (next day)

Panaji to Betim

06:00 to 22:00 HRS

Ribandar to Chorao

06:00 to 02:00 HRS (next day)

St. Pedro to Divar island

06:30 to 00:45 HRS (next day)

Old Goa to Piedade

06:00 to 02:15 HRS (next day)

Vanxim to Amboli

06:00 to 23:35 HRS

Naroa to Divar Island

06:00 to 24:00 HRS

Cumbarjua to Gaundalim

06:00 to 23:30 HRS

Tonca to Sarmanas

05:50 to 22:00 HRS

Volvoi to Surla to Maina

05:45 to 23:30 HRS

Madkaim to Cortalim

06:00 to 21:10 HRS

Russaim to Durbhat

06:15 to 22:30 HRS

Raia to Shiroda

06:15 to 21:15 HRS

Adpai to Rassai


These details are taken from the river navigation department of the government of Goa. I’m linking their website for you to know more information on the ferry timings from each point.

Explore the less-explored beauty of Goa via ferries

ferry in goa

If you still think that Goa is all about the beaches, party places, and hippies, you’re wrong, my friend! There is so much more to this state. The beautiful rivers, waterfall treks, yoga, and wellness retreats also belong to the best part of Goa.

Ferries in Goa are well known and also skipped out by most tourists. Some of these ferry rides let you explore the private islands. You can also admire nature’s scenic beauty and view a few historic forts and ruins from the river. It gives a different perspective. If you’re a solo traveller who is into offbeat things, you can definitely consider trying this out in Goa. Speaking of solo travel, you can read my blog post on Goa Solo Travel Itinerary for 5-Days. If you have any other queries regarding your solo trip to Goa, please do post them in the comments below. I would love to help you!


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