What are the Best Waterfalls to Visit in Goa?

Goa, the land of clubs, beaches, and nightlife, is a land of charismatic natural topography. During the monsoon, these natural landscapes effortlessly reach their peak glamour with cascading waterfalls. That said, there are uncountable waterfalls situated in the forests of Goa. Out of these, the best waterfalls to visit in Goa on your solo travel are Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Hivre Waterfalls, Tambdi Surla Waterfalls, Netravali Waterfalls, Mainapi Waterfalls, Bamanbudo Waterfalls, Charavane Waterfalls, Sada Waterfalls, Surla Waterfalls, and Arvalem Waterfalls.

1. The great waterfall of Goa – Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar is the iconic waterfall of Goa. The waterfall’s name translates to ‘Sea of milk.’ The waterfall is quite intense, making its appearance as white as milk. It is to be noted that the waterfall is best visited after the monsoon because, during the monsoon, there is a heavy water flow. To reach this waterfall, you must take a jeep ride almost 12 km from the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary entrance.

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2. A waterfall for nature lovers – Hivre Waterfalls

Hivre Waterfalls, located near the village of Hivre, is one of the best waterfalls in Goa. It is noted for the explicit amount of green landscape. And a good spot for birdwatching! Malabar Gray Hornbill is the often spotted bird here. It takes nearly 45 minutes to reach here from Hivre village. You have jeeps to take you there unless you don’t prefer walking. If you want to take a bike, you can read my blog post, “ Is it safe to explore Goa by Bike.

3. The waterfall near the temple – Tambdi Surla Waterfalls

Another waterfall located within the landscape of Bhagawan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is Tambdi Surla Waterfalls. Tambdi Surla is an ancient temple built amidst a dense forest. A 90-minute walk from this temple will take you to Tambdi Surla Waterfalls. The trek is adventurous as you can spot a variety of reptiles and even snakes too! Hence, go with a local guide only!

4. A picturesque waterfall to take photos – Netravali Waterfalls 

Netravali Waterfalls is a photographic spot situated in the dense jungle for solo travel in Goa. The waterfall is inside the Netravali National Park. Hence the name, but the locals call it ‘Savari’ waterfall. So, don’t get confused. Netravali and Savari refer to the same. It is a short waterfall but nicely spreads into a pool with little pebbles. You must take a 3 km hike (15 minutes by walk) from the Netravali park entrance to reach here.

5. The majestic Mainapi Waterfall 

Besides Savari, a.k.a Netravali waterfall, there is another beautiful waterfall inside the Netravali National Park. This waterfall called Mainapi is 5 km from the entrance. That means you need to hike for about 30 to 40 minutes to reach here. Mainapi Waterfalls gushes down long in a single flow, unlike Savari, which is short. The waterfall is so high that you feel terrified looking at its majesty!

6. A no-trekking, playful waterfall – Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Continuing, let me tell you about a playful waterfall. Bamanbudo Waterfall, located in Gaodongrem village, is a playful waterfall because the waterfall is located off the main road (Canacona-Naturlim Road). You must take five steps down the road to get to this waterfall. It is quite short. So it’s less threatening. The pool of water formed in the front is safe and enjoyable. More than the waterfall, I loved the pool where you can swim and play. Another advantage is you don’t have to trek to reach here.

7. Hidden amid nature – Charavane Waterfalls

Charavane Waterfalls is yet another best waterfall in Goa. The waterfall, located 12 km from Valpoi, is near the village of Charavane. Agadacho is another name for this waterfall. Firstly, you must pass through the village of Charavane, known for its glorious farms, greens, and trees. It is an enjoyable sight. Then walk for 40 minutes to reach the waterfall spot. The waterfall has various levels. Hence, you can reach any level and enjoy the water gushing into shimmers!

8. A mystic adventure – Sada Waterfalls 

Sada Waterfalls is an astonishing beauty located on the Karnataka-Goa border. It is near the village of Sada in the Belagavi district. Hence, on reaching the Sada village, you must take a trekking trail of about 35 to 50 minutes to reach the waterfall. Yes, it is exhausting, but you can witness wild plants, reptiles, and butterflies on your way. You will also be walking through streams. So wear slippers to move smoothly in the water.

9. The sprinkling magic – Surla Waterfalls

Another best one located in the Karnataka-Goa boundary is Surla. The trekking is almost similar to Sada—you should pass through rocky bumps and valleys to reach here. The best part about this waterfall is its sprinkling effect. The cascading water’s force is so high that water sprinkles are felt from a distance.

10. A great picnic spot – Arvalem Waterfalls

Harvalem (Arvalem) Waterfalls is one of the best waterfalls located in North Goa. This waterfall gives a “secure vibe” as it is the go-to place for family picnics or vacations. Opposite the waterfall at a walkable distance, there is a recreational area where you can relax, watching the serene beauty of the natural landscapes.

Is it safe to travel to these waterfalls?

waterfalls in goa

Now is it safe to visit these waterfalls in Goa as a solo female traveller? As you have noticed, these waterfalls in Goa are located inside the deep forest areas. Also, you have to trek for 30-90 minutes to reach these places. Trekking alone in a thick forest is not safe! Hence, take a local guide for the trek. Another important tip is to visit these waterfalls during the on-season because, during the on-season, these places will be packed with tourists. And it is a lot safer than other times.

Best time to travel – late monsoon

If it is on-season, July to September is the best time to visit these waterfalls in Goa. But sometimes there could be heavy water flow due to rain. Because of this, the trekking trails and rocks become dangerously slippery. Therefore, the tourism department may proclaim a red alert and not permit travellers. Hence, the best time is to travel during the late monsoon from September to October. Nevertheless, the waterfalls remain rich till December.

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