What are the Most Beautiful Infinity Pools in Goa?


People across the globe fly down to Goa for a vacation of a lifetime. Whether you’re an adventure junkie, laid-back traveller, or a bag packer, “the land of sun, sea, and sand has got you covered. 

And if you’re looking forward to relaxing and unwinding on your solo venture to Goa, I am sure the thought of infinity pools must have crossed your mind at least once. And the most beautiful infinity pools in Goa come with a top-class view. Unlike beaches, you can take a leisurely dip or swim in the infinity pools anytime. 

You must be eager to know where you’ll find the infinity pools in Goa. You do not have to search any further. Keep your worries at bay, and I will take you through some of the best infinity pools in Goa in this blog.

1. Ahilya by the Sea, Dolphin Bay

Ahilya by the Sea is one of North Goa’s most loved properties. The property consists of two swimming pools, three exquisite villas, and a tree house. Believe me or not, the entire property has a fantastic panoramic view. However, the property’s centre of attraction is its sunset infinity pool. Surrounded by gorgeous frangipani and coconut trees, the infinity pool renders a typical Goan vibe. And the view of the Arabian Sea at distant acts as a cherry on the cake. 

Although you can take a plunge in the infinity pool anytime, sunset lovers must take a dip at the golden hour. You will witness one of the best sunsets in Goa. At this time, the entire place feels straight out of a Hollywood movie. Staying at this property is highly recommended!

Speaking of North Goa, check out my article on the ultimate solo travel guide to North Goa for all the insights into Goa’s hidden gems.

Property price: Starts from Rs. 10,000

Location: Coco Beach, Nerul, North Goa

2. Alila Diwa Goa

Alila Diwa is a gem of a property. If you want to experience heaven on earth in Goa, Alila Diwa is your place. It is a paradise for nature admirers. As you explore the place, you’ll witness the tropical vibe of Goa dominating this Hyatt’s property. Along with that, you will get to see the effortless mixture of contemporary and traditional Goan architecture. 

But do you know what makes this property stand out? It is their infinity pool by the bar. The property has one of the best infinity pools in South Goa and thus gets the upper hand over other resorts. It is the ultimate place to get away from Goa’s hustle-bustle and relax in the pristine water of the infinity pool. 

Property price: Starts from Rs. 11,000 

Location: Majorda

3. Wildernest Nature Resort

Peace and serenity are the best words to describe Wildernest Nature Resort. The resort is surrounded by numerous nature trails, which makes it a perfect place for nature enthusiasts. There’s a wellness centre and a couple of temples around the property. However, as soon as you step into the resort, their infinity pool will grab your attention. I wouldn’t believe it if you did not fall for this place at first sight! The resort has crafted the infinity pool wisely. The connection with the waterfall is what makes this pool unique. The view of the western ghat and waterfalls from the pool will feed your soul and elevate the place’s beauty.

Moreover, you can book a stay at this property even if you’re in Goa on a budget. What can be better than experiencing this serene ambience without burning a hole in your pocket? Nothing, right? So do not wait any longer. Bookmark this property immediately for your next vacation in Goa!

Property price: Starts from Rs. 4000

Location: Sankhali, Chorla, Goa

4. SkyHigh Villa

Want to taste luxury on your Goa trip? Straight away, book a stay at the SkyHigh Villa. Although this place is ideal for a group of people, no one can stop you from feeling like a queen and staying alone! The ocean front of the villa makes an exquisite atmosphere for solo travellers to enjoy solitude

Be it the sea-facing room or the floating breakfasts in the infinity pool. You’re bound to be satisfied. The ideal way to start your day at this property is by swimming in the infinity pool in the early morning as the sun rises, followed by a lavish floating breakfast. 

Property price: Starts from Rs. 15,000

Location: Reis Magos, Goa

5. Acron Waterfront Resort

Acron Waterfront Resort is about its surreal location and epic infinity pool. The resorted is located where the Baga River and the Arabian Sea amalgamate. This provides the tourists with a breathtaking view from their rooftop infinity pool. 

Talking about the pool of this resort makes me all happy and content. Let me tell you. It is so perfect! Do not forget to click tons of pictures for your Instagram feed. It is the perfect place to chill, relax and enjoy. The list doesn’t end here. You can also enjoy their Jacuzzi and spas. 

Property price: Starts from Rs. 3,500

Location: Baga, North Goa

6. Capella Homestay

Homestay surrounded by forest in a village, dreamy, isn’t it? Capella Homestay paves the way for its customers to experience life in the lap of mother nature. The property is a hit among travellers for its homely vibe. The infinity pool simply adds to the feel of the place. You can enjoy the pool as long as you stay at this property. You will feel the tranquil ambience of the place right from the moment you step in. I am sure you’ll leave this place fully rejuvenated and refreshed!

Property price: Starts from Rs.4000

Location: Parra, Goa

7. Rocky Valley

Last but not least, Rock Valley is one of my personal favourite properties in Goa. The mystical aura of the Western Ghats makes the stay way more beautiful. And add to that, the property boasts one of the most beautiful infinity pools in Goa. Not only one, but Rocky Valley also has three infinity pools with all exclusive views. And hold on, there’s more to it. The resort has Goa’s longest zip line. Besides that, you get to stay in wooden cottages and explore waterfalls inside the property!

Property price: Starts from Rs. 4000

Location: Ponda, Goa

Are the infinity pools in Goa worth the hype?

infinity pools in goa

Well, all of the infinity pools offer everything a traveller desires. You should experience the infinity pools at least once in Goa. And you will know yourself if it is worth the hype. 

In the meantime, if you have visited any of the places mentioned above, let me know in the comment section. You can check out my blog post on how to reach Goa if you’re clueless about this beautiful state in India. Till then, keep travelling!

For all the insights into Goa, check out my article on the ultimate solo travel guide to Goa.

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