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How to reach Goa? All I can say is that this should be the least of your concerns while panning your much-awaited Goa trip. If you’re wondering why? Then it is because this tiny state of India can be easily accessed via road, railways, and air. So whether you’re a foreign or a domestic traveller, reaching Goa will not be much of a worry. 

Lastly, it all comes down to your preferred mode of transport and budget. If the budget is not an issue, you can take a flight to Goa. However, if you are on a budget but want a convenient and cheap way to reach Goa, opt for a train journey. But if neither a flight nor a train journey interests you, you can always pave your way to Goa via roads. 

To give you a clearer idea of how to reach Goa, I have discussed all three possible modes of transportation in this blog. Read on to find out which conveyance suits you the most.

1. How to reach Goa by air

Yes, you can reach Goa by air. If you’re under time constraints and want to reach Goa the fastest way possible, simply catch a flight. The state houses one airport at the moment named Dabolim airport. It is linked to all major cities of India. Therefore inter-state travel is an easy-peasy task. Also, being an international airport makes it feasible for all foreign travellers to reach Goa directly. So if you’re travelling from a foreign location, you can straightaway board your flight to the state without any hassle. 

This airport is also commonly known as the Goa International Airport. It is located in Dabolim of South Goa, at a distance of 30 kilometres from the state’s capital. The airport is in close periphery of all the popular tourist beaches in Goa. Thus, the airport is well connected to the different parts of the state. 

What to do after reaching the airport

Once you reach the airport, you can hire a cab to head towards your destination. Recently the state has launched women’s taxi services, and I feel it is the best and safest way to travel solo in the state. So without a second thought, you can opt for this if you plan to take a cab.

2. How to reach Goa by train

how to reach goa

I feel travelling solo in India is incomplete without a train journey. So if you’re thinking of reaching Goa by train, I would give the nod to it. It is surely the cheapest way to reach Goa. That said, cheap doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your comfort. Many train journeys in India are quite comfortable.  

In Goa, you will mainly find two railway stations. These stations connect to many cities in India. The Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon railway stations have been serving locals and travellers for ages now. 

Since the railway stations are far from the major tourist spots, you can avail yourself of the local buses from the bus stand near the stations. It will hardly take an hour or two to reach Panjim from Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon. You can also get a cab from the stations if you do not have any budget restrictions. And just to let you know, taxi fares can come up to Rs. 1000 to reach the state’s capital, Panjim, from the stations. 

What is the cost of travelling to Goa by train?

AC and Non-AC coaches are available on the train, and you can book your tickets depending on your budget. The Non-AC sleeper seats cost you around Rs. 800, whereas the AC coach has different classes. So if you aim for more comfort, you have to pay more. The first class AC sleeper seats will cost you around Rs. 5000. 

A little tip: You should always book your train tickets in advance for a trouble-free experience.

3. How to reach Goa by road

how to reach goa

Craving for a solo road trip to Goa? It is no surprise that you can also reach Goa by road. You can drive your car or rent a car to go to Goa. There are many online car rental services. You can check them out here.

If you’re driving, you should have a fair knowledge of the four national highways of the state. Or stick to Google maps! I must say the maps are a saviour. You can drive through the NH4 if you’re visiting Goa from Mumbai and Bangalore. 

But if you’re planning to save some money on transportation, you can also opt for buses. The basic fare starts from Rs. 400 and goes up according to the facilities. You will come across many inter-state buses that run between Goa and the nearby cities like Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Be it a private or a state-run bus. On average, it will take you ten hours to reach Goa from these cities.

Although road trips are absolutely fun, I feel they are inconvenient for long-distance travel. So I suggest you go for it only if you live near the state or if you long for a road trip.

The nearby cities of Goa


Time taken to travel by bus


587 km

11 hours


561 km

10 hours 20 minutes


360 km

9 hours 35 minutes

So, what mode of transportation will you choose to reach Goa?

I have covered all possible ways to reach Goa in this blog. Now that you know about them, the ball is in your court. It is your time to choose the mode of transportation. Choose accordingly and have a happy journey to Goa. Let me know if you have other queries about how to reach Goa in the comments below. I am more than happy to help. Check out my blog if you require help planning your solo journey to Goa.

Till then, happy travelling.


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