How to Get Tickets for Sunburn Goa?

Sunburn Goa tickets are available both online and offline. Both approaches are simple, real, and doable. You will get to know the ticket’s release date as soon as the Sunburn music festival team makes the event date official. 

You can get the tickets either online or offline. But simply receiving a ticket is insufficient. You must obtain the wristband serving as proof of entry. Continue reading to learn more about Sunburn tickets, ticket requirements, cost, what the ticket covers, and what it does not.

1. Booking Sunburn Goa tickets online

In recent times, online bookings have become our go-to payment option. They are quick, easy, and hassle-free. That said, Sunburn Goa offers you the convenience of booking tickets online. You have two ways of booking your ticket to Sunburn Goa online. You can book your ticket through the “BookMyShow” website or go directly to the Sunburn music festival website and book online.

Booking your ticket through the official website is an authentic option. However, if you book using “BookMyShow,” you can use coupons. Sometimes there will be discounts and cash backs. So, if you book tickets online, go for the one with high perks. The important aspect of booking tickets online is to take a photocopy of the ticket once the ticket is confirmed. Carry it with you to the event. You need to have it with you until you get a wristband that implicates your eligibility for entry.

2. Booking Sunburn Goa tickets offline

Your second option for getting tickets for Sunburn Goa is offline mode. You will have an offline ticket counter in Vagator Beach. If you are a resident of Goa, you can easily go there and collect your ticket. Since the Sunburn music festival is an iconic event in India, it has a huge fanbase. Considering the demand, the Sunburn team has joined with ticketing partners to open offline counters in major cities of India. Currently, ticketing partners are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, and Pune. Hence, residents of these cities can get their tickets offline. For others, online is the cheapest and best option. That said, make sure to bring the ticket on the day of the event. Or you will be denied entry even if you have purchased the ticket.

3. Sunburn Goa tickets requirements

 To get tickets for Sunburn Goa,

  • You must be of legal drinking age.
  • You must show valid Identity proof.
  • In case of using a credit card of others while getting the ticket, you must provide an authenticated letter from the cardholder. 

You will receive an entry band upon successfully showing your ticket/e-ticket. You have to stick it around your wrist. That signifies you have access to the event. Handle it safely.

4. Types of Sunburn event tickets

First, Sunburn Goa has two types of tickets: regular and VIP. Regular ticket costs between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 9000 for an individual, while the VIP ticket costs around a whopping Rs. 1,77,000!

5. What to know about the Sunburn tickets?

how to get tickets for sunburn goa

Buying an early bird ticket at a discounted price only amounts to a regular ticket. It is not applicable for VIP tickets. Likewise, Sunburn tickets cover your entry alone. You cannot expect free food or free stay. All these expenses come out of your pocket.

Sunburn ticket does not include accommodation.

However, the Sunburn festival team will give necessary guidance in choosing accommodation. They might partner with beach resorts to enhance the visitors’ staying experience. So, you don’t have to search for accommodation on your own. If you check the Sunburn music festival website, they will provide all the information needed for people coming from other places. You can use the information and book your stay in the Sunburn team’s recommended place. Of course, you have to pay for your stay.

Camps on the shoreline

Okay. Let me be clear. You can stay at any place you want. Read my blog post “The 15 Best Airbnb for Your Solo Trip in Goa” if you are planning for a cheap stay away from the beach. But, if you want to stick with the Sunburn crowd, then go with one recommended by the Sunburn team. If you do so, you will catch up with everything happening at the festival. Also, there is an out-of-the-ordinary way of lodging during the Sunburn Music Festival. That is, there will be many camping services during the Sunburn festival. Instead of booking a room, you can camp on the shoreline. Yes, you heard it right. Camping on the shoreline. Isn’t it simply splendid?

Festive activities that will get you psyched up

Speaking of expenses, carry a credit or debit card loaded with money. Because during the Sunburn festival, Vagator Beach lights up with exciting activities. It becomes a typical festival arena with a buzzing local and international crowd. There will be a Ferris wheel, flea market to shop, a sunset point, an open-air cinema, and activities such as bungee jumping, zip-lining, and many more to attract the visitors. Visiting Vagator Beach during the Sunburn music festival is a package as you can have all types of experiences! And, they are going to cost a lot. So, be prepared and have cash with you.

Sunburn – an event you shouldn’t miss

Don’t just participate in the music festival. Involve yourself in all those festive activities. That’s how you can feel the whole hype of this event. Make new friends. Make your trip memorable in every way possible. If you have any more queries regarding getting tickets, hit the comments. I will be happy to help you.

If you’re visiting Goa for the first time, you can look into my article on the complete solo travel guide to Goa.


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    Can we attend all three days with one ticket or just one day? I’m referring to the Goan Sunburn!

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      August 11, 2022 at 10:58 am Reply

      Hi Naksh,

      You can choose from daily passes, passes for all days, after party tickets, and more.

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    i want pass on 31st dec 2023,any one have?

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