Where does Sunburn Happen in Goa?

Is it your first time hearing about the Sunburn festival? Well, Sunburn is a widely popular international music fesṭival that takes place in Vagator Beach, Goa. It would be right to say it is a youth festival because Sunburn attracts many young crowds. Apart from the music and dance, Sunburn brings forth many interesting things. It is not just a music festival but an ultimate entertainment zone. You have watersports, Ferris wheel, shopping shacks, workshops, camps, etc. Therefore, it is definitely worth your solo travel time. Continue reading to learn more about Sunburn Goa.

1. What is Sunburn?

Sunburn is an international electronic music festival happening in Goa. It is unfortunate if you have no idea about Sunburn while planning for a solo trip to Goa because it is a hugely advertised music event. Even newspapers cover articles on this topic. It is Asia’s biggest music festival and secures third place worldwide.

2. Where & When does Sunburn happen in Goa?

The Sunburn music festival happens on Vagator Beach in Goa from 28-31 December 2023. So, December is the month you must travel to be a part of this giant international music festival.

3. How much is the ticket to Sunburn?

where is sunburn in goa

There are two types of tickets to Sunburn- regular tickets and VIP tickets. Hence the price depends on what type of ticket you want to buy. The regular tickets cost between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 9000. The VIP tickets will come to around a whopping Rs. 1,77,000! The tickets will be available both online and offline. Make sure to get the tickets to Sunburn before going there to avoid any mishap. More details on how to get the tickets to Sunburn are here.

4. Why is Sunburn so hyped?

You are wrong if you think Sunburn is some random international music festival. Let me tell you—Sunburn has hosted Pete Tong, Shermanology, DJ Snake, Andrew Rayel, Anish Sood, Sartek, Arsh, Quintino, James Zabiela, and Tiesto. Yes, I am telling you for real. The praise doesn’t stop there. If you are a fan of electronic music, Sunburn is a devil feast for you with international DJs and local musicians. Guess what. There will be not one but seven music stages!

Sunburn is a lovely place to meet a fine mix of tourists from various parts of the world. So, don’t worry. You won’t feel alien at all.

Furthermore, electronic dance music (EDM) is music without lyrics. It is the groovy and contemporary music that essentially values beats. That is the ultimate attraction of the Sunburn music festival because it brings together a varied group of music fans from all over the world by bridging regional, linguistic, political, religious, and ethnic barriers. Electronic music sure has a lasting impression on all groups of people.

5. What to know about Sunburn?

Sunburn Goa started in the year 2007. It has been happening in Vagator Beach since 2007. But, in 2016, it shifted to Pune. And it happened for three years in Pune. Fortunately, in 2019 it got back to its homeland, Goa. Every year Sunburn music festival runs with a theme. The theme for 2023 is “Enchanting Forest.” Electronic music filtered and curated on the theme will spark the stage every year.

6. Entertainment at Sunburn festival

During the four days of the Sunburn festival, Vagator Beach turns into a multi-entertainment zone. There will be a lot of fun activities, workshops, camps, and shopping shacks set up. If you ask about adventurous activities, there is zorbing, ziplining, giant wheel, and many other watersports. Watersports is a usual spot of attraction on the beaches of Goa. But the Ferris wheel takes the arena only during the Sunburn festival. It looks beautiful with its glowing decorations.

Apart from that, workshops on tattooing, dreamcatcher making, and kite making are all there. I hope now you can picture the vibe of the festival. The entire Vagator Beach will be buzzing and lively like never before. While the music goes on in the background, people will participate in workshops, games, and shopping. Overall it is an ultimate festive experience.

7. How to reach Vagator Beach

where is sunburn in goa

Finally, let me tell you how to reach Vagator Beach, where the Sunburn happens. Reaching Vagator Beach is easy. The beach is a 30 minutes drive away from the main city, Panjim. So, you can hire a car or rent a bike and reach Vagator Beach in 30 minutes. I recommend a taxi because you will be staying three days on Vagator Beach if your motive is to discover the Sunburn festival. Hence, you won’t need a rented bike. That said, the taxi fare will come below Rs. 300. Similarly, the distance between Dabolim International Airport and Vagator Beach is 29 km. It will take nearly 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel from there. Again, a taxi is the best option because it will be difficult to use other public transport in Goa with luggage. 

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Are you ready for the Sunburn festival this year?

Visiting Goa in December during the Sunburn festival is the most unique, lavish, and exciting experience a solo traveller could have. This all-encompassing festival screams luxury with its endless music hours, late-night parties, shopping, games, workshops, and camps, as well as its location overlooking the sea. Therefore, plan your solo trip during the Sunburn festival. Do share your experience in the comments below. Let the other solo travellers know how much you enjoyed participating in the Sunburn, Goa.

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