What are the Best Places to View Sunsets in Goa?

Are chasing sunsets your thing? If yes, then we are on the same team. Being a tropical state, Goa offers some of the best sunset spots in India. And these spots are not only limited to the beaches of Goa. Forts, cliffs, cafés, and restaurants are some of the best places to watch the magic unfold. In this blog, I have hand-picked the ten best places to view sunsets in Goa. Read further and discover your favourite sunset point in Goa.

1. Anjuna Beach

This is one of the go-to beaches in Goa. Travellers flock to this place to shop, eat and thrive in the lively atmosphere of the beach. However, like me, some people visit this beach, in particular, to catch sight of the sun diminishing away at the horizon. And what a splendid sight it is! The Anjuna sunset point is one of the best sunset points in North Goa. Also, try to find the perfect spot to watch the sun go down. 

2. Vagator Hill

Indulge in some adventure to witness one of the best sunsets in Goa. You have to hike to the top of Vagator hill. Although the trail is steep and stony, provided that you have basic fitness, it won’t be big of a deal. And once you reach the top, make yourself comfortable to catch a glimpse of the sunset against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea. The panoramic view of Anjuna beach on one side and Vagator beach on the other makes it even more alluring. 

3. Sinquerim Beach

It is the best place to watch sunsets for those who love solitude. You won’t even have trouble finding the Sinquerim beach. It is right near Candolim beach. Grab some snacks and a place to witness the sun go down. 

And hold on, there’s a secret place near the beach. Talk to the locals and find your way to the cliff top. Once you see the sunset from here, you can’t unsee the beauty of this place!

4. Morjim Beach

Even though Morjim beach is famous among tourists for the exotic sea turtles, the sunsets from this place are worth a mention! You can also opt for the beachfront resorts to enjoy the sunsets from the comfort of your room. 

5. Chapora Fort

This is one of the most ancient forts in Goa. Besides the ruins of this fort, what hooks the travellers is its surrounding. And that’s what makes for a stunning sunset with a view. I recommend that anyone who plans to visit this fort make some extra time. Sit on the walls, soak in nature and experience the sunset. You’ll not regret it for sure.

6. Cabo De Rama Fort

This is the best sunset point in South Goa without any second thought. The fort is nestled on top of a cliff. Thus, the panoramic views from this place are picture-perfect. Add on the sunset, and you’ll have frames worthy of being featured on your Instagram feed. The sunset point of this fort always tops the list of best sunset views in Goa.

7. Aguada Fort’s Lighthouse

best places for sunsets in Goa

Aguada Fort is a popular spot among all travellers because the four-storeyed lighthouse is one of a kind. What makes this place stand out is its scenic beauty. And the beauty of its lighthouse simply amplifies during the time of sunset. I wouldn’t have believed this had I not experienced it myself. The sky is tinted red and orange as the sun fades into the Arabian Sea, overlooking the beaches. It is a sight I cherish to date. So make sure to catch a sunset from this place if you’re in this area.

8. Thalassa

If you’ve been to Goa, you will know about Thalassa. It is the best-known restaurant in Goa. From their décor to their ambiance, everything is on point. The place is packed with travellers, especially during the evening. The sole reason behind the crowd is to witness the sunset. The undisturbed view of the Arabian Sea mixed with the sunset is a combination to die for. You can opt for the outdoor seating and relax with a pint of beer as the sun sets. Book a seat in advance if you do not want to miss the sunset from here.

9. Pousada by the Beach

The restaurant is a hidden gem on Calangute beach. The place serves authentic Goan food and the perfect sunset on the side. Savour some seafood and appreciate the breathtaking view of the sunset. The restaurant effortlessly feeds both your tummy and soul! 

10. Suicide Point at Dona Paula Jetty

best places for sunsets in Goa

A little different from all the mentioned places above, the suicide point at Dona Paula showcases one of the best sunsets in Goa. Don’t believe me? Please pay a visit to the place and see it yourself. The stretch of the Arabian Sea and Mormugao Harbour on each side makes it an absolute must-visit spot for sunsets!

What is the ideal time to catch the best sunsets in Goa?

Travel to Goa after the monsoon season if you want to catch the best sunsets. Ideally, the sky tends to be painted in all bright colours in October. During this time you can watch beautiful sunsets almost every day. In my opinion, nothing can beat the experience of watching the sky splashed in colours at the golden hour. 

So next time you’re in Goa, visit some of these places to watch the sun go down. If you know of any such sunset place in Goa, let me know in the comments below. And if you have any doubt regarding your solo trip to Goa, check out my post on why you should choose Goa for solo travel.

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