Why Should You Visit Dona Paula in Goa?


A short trip to Dona Paula is mandatory if you’re roaming in and around the heart of Goa – Panjim. The tiny village has become famous among tourists for multiple reasons. And why wouldn’t it? Be it the mysterious story revolving around its name, the National Institute of Oceanography, or the unadulterated scenic beauty of the place, Dona Paula has managed to capture people’s hearts. And without any doubt, this place will rule your heart, too, especially if you’re a nature enthusiast. 

On my quick trip to Dona Paula, I have fallen for the place right from the beginning. I still wish I had more time to explore this hidden gem of Goa. If you’re not sure about visiting Dona Paula yet, hold on. I have covered all the reasons you should visit Dona Paula in this blog. I am sure if you read a little further, you’ll add Dona Paula to your list of must-visits in Goa right away!

Here are six reasons to visit Dona Paula in Goa.

1. Dona Paula’s mysterious story

Dona Paula is known for the statues of a man and woman on a rock and its connection with the Suicide Point. To know the mysterious story surrounding it, you must visit the village and hear it from the locals. With that being said, the Suicide Point of Dona Paula is the best spot to spend time in solitude. You can sit here and unwind amidst nature without any disturbance.

2. National Institute of Oceanography

Out of three National Institute of Oceanography in India, Dona Paula houses one. And it is a very strong reason to visit the village. Whether or not you have a knack for science, taking a tour of this institute is recommended. Although it is a non-touristy place, it is worth your time. After all, it is always better to go after the offbeat places while travelling, right? The guided tours inside the institute are very limited. Hence, make sure to book an appointment before paying a visit to the institute. 

3. The scenic beauty of the village

Places in Goa are known for their beauty, then what makes Dona Paula stand out from the rest? It combines less crowd with the untouched beauty of the village. The scenic beauty of Dona Paula is still not hampered by the tourists. The clean stretch of the Dona Paula beach and coconut trees is a sight to cherish forever. And it doesn’t stop there. The exquisite view of the Mormugao harbour and the Zuari and Mandovi rivers simply takes the beauty of Dona Paula to the next level. The viewpoint of Dona Paula is also one of the best places to watch sunsets in Goa.

4. Water Sports at Dona Paula Beach

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush in a less crowded place, you have another solid reason to visit Dona Paula. The array of water sports you can indulge in here is unbelievable. The water sports at Dona Paula include windsurfing, water-skiing, parasailing, yachting, sports fishing, snorkelling, and whatnot. Be ready to be spoilt with choices. You can even join the sports club located on the beachside to have the best experience. 

So how much will it cost you to participate in water sports?

You can easily spend between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000, depending on the number of activities you participate in.

5. Goa science centre

Another reason to visit Dona Paula is that Goa’s only science centre is just a hop away. The science centre showcases fabulous 3D planet shows. You can even try out different activities at the centre for fun. It is a great place to unleash the inner kid and re-visit your childhood days. 

Except for the national holidays, the centre is functional throughout the year. You can visit the centre anytime between 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. However, you must pay an entry fee of Rs. 10. 

6. Shopping at Dona Paula

I consider shopping in Goa one of the fun things to do. And shopping at Dona Paula is the perfect example of it. The beachside markets at Dona Paula are an absolute delight to shop at. The Indian Arts Emporium is a great place to get some unique souvenirs. And you can purchase the Goan liquors – Feni and Port wine from one of the shops here. 

Where is Dona Paula, and how to reach the village?

Dona Paula is in the neighbourhood of Panjim. It is approximately 7 kilometres from the capital of the state. You can opt for public buses or hire a bike to reach Dona Paula. There are regular buses that operate from Panaji’s Kadamba bus stand. And if you know how to ride a bike, I recommend opting for it. It is a more convenient way to reach the village. 

Best time to visit Dona Paula

Dona Paula in Goa

If you want to explore Dona Paula’s glorious form, visit during the monsoon season. However, you can always visit the place during tourist season, i.e., from November to March.

So what are you waiting for?

As we near the end of the blog, I am sure you’re convinced about why you should not miss out on Dona Paula. So don’t wait any longer and plan your next solo trip to Goa. And do not forget to add Dona Paula to it. If you’re wondering what more things you can do in Panjim, you can check out my post on things/places to do in Panjim.

You can also look into my ultimate solo travel guide to Goa if it’s your first time in this tropical state. 

Happy travelling, ladies! 

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