What are the Best Thrift Shopping Places in Goa?

Saturday Night Market in Arpora, Calangute bazaar, and Wednesday flea Market in Anjuna are some of the best spots to go thrift shopping in Goa. Going on a trip and not buying souvenirs is never an option. I think we can agree that one must always bring back some reminders of their journey in the form of momentoes and souvenirs. As girls, we have a weak spot for shopping. Moreover, being in Goa and not buying something as a perfect reminder of your solo trip will be very disappointing. But before going thrift shopping, you need to revive your haggling skills. It is undeniable that we Indians love bargaining and getting a good deal. So, sharpen your negotiating skills and let us tour some of Goa’s best thrift shopping places.

1. Sale.Swap.Takeaway

This fantastic store runs on a very new concept. We all have experienced buying a piece of cloth that we fell in love with at the store, but when we bring it home, it no longer feels the same. Well, do not worry. This store here can help you eliminate this regret by letting you swap your clothes with another piece of clothing. Now, isn’t that amazing? You can buy and even donate your clothes at the SST store. This store has built a very loyal consumer base by offering products at a very reasonable cost. You can find bags, dresses, and kids’ clothes in their store. So, what are you waiting for? Go check out this place, and you will not be disappointed.

2. The Good Karma Treasure Shop

You can get some of the best pre-loved clothes and items from this shop. The Good Karma Treasure Shop focuses on reducing fast fashion’s impact on our environment. Moreover, they also donate a part of their earnings to charity. So, why not contribute to this noble cause and make a tiny good change while enjoying shopping in this place. Their store has some of the most beautiful collections from brands like Zara, Mango, and many more at very pocket-friendly prices. Hence, be sure to pop up at this lovely store if you are planning to thrift shop in Goa.

3. Wednesday Flea Market

What are the thrift shops in Goa?

Believed to be initiated by the original hippie, Eight Finger Eddie, the Wednesday Flea Market is located in Anjuna. Moreover, the Wednesday Flea Market is also a season-only market like most other flea markets in Goa. You will find many different things like jewellery, colourful clothes, artefacts, crystal stones, bags, etc., in the colourful streets of the Wednesday Flea Market. I strongly recommend this place to shop for gifts for your relatives and loved ones to pass them the vibe and the aura of Goa. The prices in the Wednesday Flea Market are so cheap that you can’t resist yourself to get your favourite stuff at such low prices. 

4. Calangute Bazar

Another street market for those who want to visit the famous Calangute beach of Goa. The market opens on all days of the season time. Moreover, you will find the most fantastic stuff from Goa in the Calangute Bazar. You can also buy swimwear before visiting the Calangute beach. Furthermore, you will also find all the other things you expect in a flea Market like jewellery, handbags, artefacts, etc. If you are a solo traveller, this market is worth visiting and a must-visit place on your bucket list. The prices of the stuff here are extremely low, and you will find some unique t-shirts and wearables. 

5. Mackies Saturday Night Market

One more seasonal market is located near the river bank of Baga. The market is located in Arpora. I think the best time to visit the market is in the evening as the stalls start to set up at that time. You will find a lot of stalls selling food, beverages, and cool stuff. Moreover, you will also see a stage where you can enjoy live music and songs. Apart from that, the warm light theme gives such a relaxing feel. The best part is you can enjoy a lot of games at the fair. 

6. Friday Market 

Another weekly flea market situated in Mapusa has a lot of things for you that you should buy as a memory for your Goa trip. The Market was started as a grocery shopping mart, but soon after, the sellers came up with much different stuff. Unlike the other flea markets, you will find a lot of locals shopping in the Friday Market. Apart from the things like jewellery and stones, you can also buy some authentic Goan spices, which you barely find anywhere in India. Moreover, a pro tip from my side is to try to look like a local and not buy anything without bargaining as it can help you cut your shopping expenses by half. 

Go thrifting!

What are the thrift shops in Goa?

Now that you have an idea about some of India’s most famous flea markets, you should go and experience shopping in Goa. The thrift stores in these markets offer some of the best products at a very reasonable price. It will get even better if you also know a little haggling. You can find things in these markets that you never knew you needed. It will be a vibrant experience as you surround yourself with different colours and spices. Besides, who knows, you might see some clothes or pieces of jewellery that may make you fall in love with them and compel you to buy them. In any case, you should not miss the experience of visiting the beautiful flea markets of Goa.

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