Which Month is the Hottest in Goa?

May is the hottest month in Goa. That doesn’t leave January, February, March, April, and June out of the radar. These months equally exhibit hotness at varying levels. That said, January and February are not violently hot. The word “sunny” would best describe its weather condition. Likewise, March and April appear warmer, while May and June are hotter. 

This blog post is on the hottest months in Goa, reasons to visit Goa in summer, and the specific activities you can do during the hottest months. In the end, you will realise that travelling to Goa during summer is indeed a fair decision.

Watch out for the tropical climate in Goa

First, plan your Goa solo trip carefully as a little discomfort in the weather can affect the interesting things to do in Goa. Indian travellers might laugh at my statement because they are used to the heat. India is a tropical, temperate region. Goa experiences a tropical climate which means summer for the larger part of the year. Hence, summer doesn’t necessarily affect Indians. But for foreign travellers, it is a tough game. Therefore, hatch your solo travel plan considering the weather.

Stay away from May

Simply put, pre-monsoon is the hottest month in Goa. Pre-monsoon period starts from January and extends till June. If you ask which one is the hottest, it is undoubtedly, May. May is the hottest month in Goa, with the temperature touching 33°C. Hence, ensure you take precautionary actions to protect yourself from the sun in Goa.

June – a close competition to May

June is supposedly the hottest month in Goa, beating May. But you can’t completely frame June as the hottest month because mid-June starts the Monsoon period. Hence, there will be heavy rain in June in Goa for the second half, while in the first half, it is scorching hot. In the second half, you will experience high rainfall and high humidity.

Hottest months: not the best and not the worst!

That said, pre-monsoon, the hottest month, is not the best time to visit Goa. When is the best time? Monsoon is the best time to travel to Goa. But it comes with the risk of heavy rainfall. Hence, I believe the late Monsoon (October to December) is the best and safest month to travel to Goa. Safest in the way that you don’t experience hurdles in the form of weather. There is a balance!

The hottest months of Goa may not be the best time to travel solo in Goa. But they are not short of happiness. For instance, you can participate in exclusive cheerful activities that are at the finest during the summers. Not to forget, summer is the best time to swim on the best beaches of Goa.

Things to do in Goa during the hottest months

Hit the beach to swim during January and February.

Yes, the hottest months aren’t the worst. Think of the brighter side—you cannot swim or enjoy the beaches of Goa if it is raining. What’s the point of visiting beaches if you can’t dip your feet into them? Therefore, the hottest months in Goa are the best time to swim on beaches, particularly in January and February. During this time, the weather is sunny, and the beach is warm—not HOT. Just the perfect weather to sunbathe, swim and take part in watersports. 

Go parasailing.

Do you want to go parasailing? Then you should probably go to Goa in the summer. One of the most popular adventure activities in Goa is parasailing. It is an exciting experience to soak in the beauty of the ocean as the speedboat takes you on a bird-like flight over the Arabian Sea. Most of Goa’s adventure sports facilities let you try parasailing up to May, the end of the summer season, so it is a sport for the brave.

Watch the dolphins swimming.

I don’t need to tell you about the marine life of Goa. Goa’s signature attraction is its beaches. Given that, the amount of aquatic life Goa protects is innumerable. Some of these marine habitats like dolphins, sea urchins, and finless porpoises can be seen if you are in the right season and time at sea. Yes, Summer! On a summer day, if you plunge into the sea, you can see dolphins swimming by you. You might even catch them jumping out of the water if you are lucky.

Do yoga in the company of brimming sun.

Yoga is one buzzing activity that happens on the shores of Goa, just like fire dance and parties. Yoga, beach, and sun together are an amazing combo for the best time in Goa! So, if you are in Goa during the hottest months, book a slot that matches your schedule and enjoy a blissful training session nearby the shores.

Party at summer festivals in Goa.

You can also participate in Goa’s summer festivals if you visit during the hottest months. Mango Festival is a summer festival in Goa where varieties of Mangoes are sold. And competitions on the same are held. They have competitions like who eats more mangoes in the said time. Another exciting summer festival in Goa is Sao Joao Festival. This festival is like a dress-up party on the theme ‘hippie’ because you get to wear crowns and feather dresses. With all these festivals to attend, would you not want to go in summer to Goa?

Shake hands with summer for a great experience in Goa

hottest month in goa

Let me wrap up. January to June are the hottest months in Goa. Of these, May is the hottest. Hottest months in Goa mark off-season. However, you can make the most of Goa by participating in the things you could do only in summer. Like swimming on beaches, parasailing, summer festivals, dolphin watching, and yoga classes. Have a great trip! If you’re planning a solo trip to Goa, you can read my post on the solo travel itinerary for Goa.

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