How Many Days are Required to Explore Goa?

Goa is a place of enduring beauty. A city of fun, thrill, and holiness. It is a city where you can engage in air adventures to water adventures. And the list goes on. There are cruises, hiking trails, and waterfalls to discover. Oh gosh! It takes forever to explore this divine city. But, if you aim to explore Goa’s crowning bits, you can do it in two days. The minimal time of two days is enough to explore Goa.

Plan a minimum of two days to explore Goa

Given the reputation of Goa, two days may sound undermining and deceiving. But, it is the minimum number of days required to explore Goa. Two days will be a cherry on the cake for solo travellers running short of budget and time for travel. So, without much delay, let’s look into my two-day itinerary in Goa. Ready?

Two days in Goa, an overview

To give you an overview, in my two-day plan, I have segregated one day for North Goa and another for South Goa. Goa is a small den-like region in India. But, its division as North and South is essential in creating a great travel plan because North Goa signifies parties and nightlife. At the same time, South Goa signifies nature and trekking. Together they mean enticing destinations of fun and adventure to explore!

Two-Day itinerary in Goa

Day 1

North Goa

  • Anjuna Beach

  • Chapora Fort

  • Vagator Beach

  • Calangute Beach

  • Baga Beach

  • Candolim Beach

  • Mandovi river

  • Curlies

  • Anjuna Flea Market

Day 2

South Goa

  • Dudhsagar Waterfall

  • Salim Bird Sanctuary

  • Panjim Market

What to do in Goa for two days?

Day 1- North Goa

Stay in Anjuna Beach

So, reserve the first day for North Goa. On getting down at Dabolim International airport or the railway station, take a 45-minute ride to Anjuna Beach. If possible, book a stay at Anjuna Beach online. My recommendation for the best place to stay is Curlies Beach Shack, located on the shoreline. Few reasons why you should choose Curlies. Curlies Beach Shack is compact, neat, visually aesthetic, and budget-friendly. Shacks located on the shoreline are not so far away from the beach. Living under a wooden roof within a small radius of the sea is a unique experience. Take a power nap and prepare to start your day in Goa.

Get a view of Vagator Beach from the Chapora Fort.

Artjuna Cafe in Anjuna Beach is an artistic and historic place to have breakfast. It will be open from 07:30 AM. And the price will be around Rs. 400. After having breakfast by the beach, go to Chapora Fort, which is at a distance of 3 km. From the Chapora Fort, enjoy the drone view of Vagator Beach

Have fun engaging in watersports

After that, head to Baga Beach. Baga Beach comes after Anjuna Beach. Baga Beach is one of the best beaches for water sports in Goa. You can try out scuba diving, parasailing, speedboat, banana ride, and jet skiing. If you want to try flyboarding, walk 3 km further to reach Calangute Beach. Calangute Beach offers flyboarding. Whether it is Baga Beach or Calangute Beach, have the best time indulging in water sports until you crave lunch.

Find a cafe/restaurant for lunch

Here is my list of favourite restaurants in Calangute and Baga Beach. 

  • Souza Lobo in Calangute.
  • Pousada in Calangute.
  • Britto in Baga.
  • Fat Fish in Baga.

Have lunch in one of these amazing restaurants. I assure you that you will have a finger-licking experience at the best price. Then walk for 8 minutes to reach Candolim Beach.

Take an ayurvedic massage in Candolim Beach.

Candolim beach is also famous for water sports but excels in ayurvedic massages. The beach has beautiful coconut palm roofs where you can sunbathe. Cafe Candolim is one of the famous cafes in North Goa. It will be evening when you are ready to move from Candolim Beach. Hence, you can buy a strong cup of coffee in Cafe Candolim.

Go on a cruise in the Mandovi river.

Then, take 15 minutes to ride to the Mandovi river. Mandovi river cruise is one of the exhilarating experiences Goa offers you. That said, you need to reserve one hour for the cruise. During the one hour in the sailing boat, you watch traditional Goan dances such as Dekhni and Fugdi. There will be free welcome drinks and snacks. With the DJ music, the cruise turns into a high-spirited party zone. The most attractive feature of the cruise is the alluring view of the sunset.

Enjoy the nightlife

After this, you can head to Curlies or your place of stay. Have dinner and sleep. If you still have energy left, go, and enjoy the nightlife of Goa. Anjuna beach stays lively and vibrant all night. Even curlies host a party at night. You can take part in that or walk through the Anjuna flea market. Buy some souvenirs. It is as simple as that. 

Nevertheless, if you plan to visit popular party places in Goa like Tito to experience the nightlife, you can go there too. And North Goa is the most happening place in Goa. 

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Day 2-South Goa

how many days for Goa?

Trekking to Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Wake up by 06:00 AM. Get ready and have breakfast at Artjuna by 07:30 AM. Pack water bottles, chocolates, and some snacks. Take a 2-hour journey to reach Dudhsagar Waterfalls. Dudhsagar Falls is one of the best places for trekking in Goa. After having adventurous trekking and witnessing the gorgeous beauty of the falls. Have your lunch.

Watch the birds at Salim Bird Sanctuary.

Then head to Salim Bird Sanctuary. Watch the spectacular birds sheltering in nature’s bed. I bet you will love watching the myriad species of birds in captivating colours. After enjoying the scene, head to Panjim Market. Panjim is a local market in Goa. There are few cathedrals nearby that seek your attention. You can pay a visit to them as well if you have time. With that, you can end your trip. From the place you are now, Dabolim International Airport is just 30 minutes away.

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Wrapping up!

If you didn’t notice, your two days of solo travel in Goa have been stunning. You have experienced the beautiful city in all its splendour. You went on vacation, enjoyed water sports, took a cruise, joined a nightclub, explored the neighbourhood markets, hiked to a breathtaking waterfall, and viewed a fort, cathedral, and a local market. I hope the two-day itinerary was more than satisfying. Have a happy time travelling.

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