What are the Best Day Trips from Goa?

Goa is the land of beaches and is also the party capital of India. It has world-famous beaches, offbeat serene destinations, and some of the country’s finest yoga and wellness centres. North Goa has all the touristy spots that are world famous, while South Goa holds some of the unexplored, non-touristy destinations

While Goa has so much more to offer, there are serene locations to explore just beyond the borders. If you are looking for destinations just a few hours away from Goa, this blog post is for you. I’m sharing some of the alluring destinations bordering the state. If you are staying in locations closer to the Goa borders, these are for you!

Best day trips from Goa

The locations I’m sharing in this post are in either Maharashtra or Karnataka, bordering Goa. You have many incredible spots, but I’m discussing my top favourites here. Read on!

1. Amboli, Maharashtra

At 120 Km from Goa, Amboli is a serene village cuddled in the western ghats along the Sahyadri range of mountains. The beauty of the western ghats itself is spell-binding, topped up by the enticing Amboli Waterfalls and the captivating views of various viewpoints. Amboli is rightly called the “Queen of Maharashtra.”

The Amboli Waterfalls is the biggest one in the region, and you will have the best time immersing yourself in the unpolluted waters. When you are done with the waterfalls, your next stop is the two viewpoints—Sunset Point and Kavlesad Point. I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Take my word for it—both the views are heavenly!

The Kavlesad Point exhibits the outer-worldly beauty of the valley and its forests. You should make it a point to visit Sunset Point in the evening when it offers you an angelic view of the Konkan coastline at the backdrop of the setting sun. I’m sure you will long for more time in the mountainous village!

2. Malvan, Maharashtra

The fishermen’s village in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra, Malvan, is a three-hour ride from North Goa. The historical significance of Malvan town is evident when you visit the Sindhudurg Fort constructed during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort and the nearby temples provide history lessons that we might have skipped in our school. It will be an insightful trip!

After visiting the commercialised beaches of North Goa, the secluded, less intrusive, clean Malvan Beach will be a feast for you! You can enjoy the privacy and also indulge in adventurous sports like snorkelling and scuba diving. Do not miss the delicious, mouth-watering Malvan seafood and veg cuisine with their trademark desserts!

3. Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna is one of the recent buzzwords among tourists, both Indians and foreigners. After you have had enough of Goa, take a two-hour drive from Palolem to the Goa-Karnataka border to the land of secluded beaches and hiking trails, Gokarna. 

The beaches of Gokarna are very secluded because you can reach them only after a hike around the cliff. The Om Beach and the Kudle Beach are must-visits for nature-lovers and hiking enthusiasts. You can find crowds at Om Beach during holidays, but Kudle Beach is definitely for a relaxed, slow-paced vacation. 

I loved the place’s exquisite street art decorating the locality. Do not forget to visit the Mahabaleshwar temple in Gokarna. You should certainly include Gokarna in your bucket list if you want to visit a town similar to Goa but in its nascent stages of development. 

4. Yana, Karnataka

Yana will quench your thirst for pure natural beauty and mythologies. Who doesn’t love an excellent mythological story when you go on a holiday to that location? Yana is one such place in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka on the western ghats. The main attraction of this village is the 390 ft tall black limestone rock formation that attracts pilgrims, hikers, and nature-lovers alike. 

The Yana Cave stands all black against the contrasting lush green landscape of the western ghats and is awe-striking. You will undeniably be fascinated by the fantastic geography and the exciting legends behind the rock formation. Do not forget to take your cameras to capture nature accompanied by a flock of beautiful birds. You also have ample trekking opportunities here. So do not miss this incredible natural spectacle!

5. Dandeli, Karnataka

At a two-hour drive from Goa is the Dandeli with deciduous trees in the forest as its backdrop on the banks of Kali River. It is one of the best day trips from Goa if you are a nature lover. River rafting on Kali River is the best attraction in Dandeli. Besides river rafting, you can also indulge in adventure sports like trekking, mountain biking, and Kayaking.

Dandeli has numerous caves, temples, waterfalls, and viewpoints. You can also camp here. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, do not miss visiting the Kali Tiger Reserve. It is quite an adventure!

Which is your favourite of these day trips from Goa?

day trips from goa

I think this list offers a wide range of experiences from natural spots, waterfalls, adventure sports, and beaches. You can explore these stunning locations if your trip to Goa is a long one. 

If you’re travelling solo to Goa, you can check out my post on the itinerary for a solo trip to Goa. I bet it will help you out in deciding the places to cover. You can also drop your queries regarding your Goa trip in the comments below. I hope you found this post helpful, and happy touring!


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