What are the Unique Souvenirs You Can Buy in Goa?

Without purchasing souvenirs, shopping remains incomplete, isn’t it? Collecting souvenirs has become a kind of ritual for travellers. Thus, if you’re curious about what you can buy as souvenirs on your solo trip to Goa, you’re at the right place. Goa is filled with diverse, unique things, like spices, sarees, handmade crafts, etc.

And do you know what the fun part of a souvenir hunt is? You get to raid the local markets of Goa to find yourself the perfect souvenir for your friends and family. I always buy souvenirs whenever I am in Goa. Therefore in this blog, I have compiled a list of all the unique souvenirs you can buy here.

1. Azulejos tiles to remind Goan culture

When I think of an ultimate souvenir in Goa, Azulejos tiles are the first thing to pop up in my mind. Do you feel I am exaggerating? You don’t have to trust me. Check them out for yourself. The tiles are bright and part of the maximum household in Goa. Thus, it will remind you of Goa every time you look at it. And it doesn’t end here. 

The tiles tell tales of different Goan cultures and describe Goa in the unique way ever. You can use the tiles in any way you like. Moreover, you can even customise it according to your taste.

Where to buy: Galeria Azulejos de Goa

Price range: Starts from Rs. 300

2. Coconut crafts as home decor

Coconut crafts are one of the unique things you’ll find in Goa. Goa, a tropical country, uses its state fruit to a tee. On your solo venture to Goa, you’ll notice that the locals do not let any part of the fruit go to waste. They skillfully use coconut shells to carve out different artworks. 

And it doesn’t stop there. They use every unused part of the coconut and creatively convert it into a piece of art. If you love hand-crafted artwork like me, these coconut crafts are a must-buy. You can use these to decorate the interior of your home and give it a tropical feel.

Where to buy: Coco Art Coconut Handicraft Gallery, Vijayadatta Lotlikar

Price range: Starts from Rs. 100

3. Traditional Kunbi sarees

unique souvenirs to buy in goa

Worn by tribal women in Goa, these cotton Kunbi sarees are one of the most comfortable sarees in India. If you love draping a saree, then you should opt for it. It is also a perfect souvenir for the ladies back home who are into cultural fashion!

A tip: If you’re in Goa on a budget, buy the Kunbi Sarees from the local sellers. 

Where to buy: Wendell Rodricks workshop, Goa Adivasi Parampara, Nita Sarees

Price range: Starts from Rs. 2,500

4. A bottle of Goa’s Feni 

Feni has been a traditional liquor of Goa for the past 400 years. You can easily find it in any liquor shop or local market. But always try to purchase authentic ones. There are two types of Goan Feni available in the market. One is distilled from cashew fruit and the other from coconut. So do not forget to taste before you pick. I loved the cashew-flavoured Feni. 

Surprisingly, you’ll be amazed to know that Feni is one of the most popular drinks in Goa. Goan Feni can give Goan vibes without any hangover!

Where to buy: Tom’s wine and Liquor, Desai Cashew and Wine Shop, etc.

Price range: It starts from Rs.100.

5. A box of Bebinca

No souvenir can get sweeter than this! Bebinca is an Indo-Portuguese dessert you’ll come across in Goa. It is baked in layers and made of four simple ingredients, i.e., flour, coconut milk, sugar, and eggs. If anyone you know has a sweet tooth, buy it for them. The shelf life of Bebinca is not long, but it leaves an everlasting impact.

Where to buy: Any bakery

Price range: Starts around Rs.250

6. A pack of cashew nuts

If you love dry fruits, especially cashews, then head to any local market in Goa. It is one of the best souvenirs for your foodie friend. And for a fact, cashew nuts in Goa are cheaper than the ones in the other states of India. You also get different varieties of this cash crop of Goa. So when you’re in Goa, do not forget to buy some packets on your way home.

Where to buy: Local markets of Panaji, Zantye’s 

Price range: Rs 600 to Rs.2000 or more / kg.

7. Goan spices to make your vindaloos popping

If you have savoured authentic Goan food, you will know where the secret of the taste comes from. Although you can’t take away the Goan cuisine with you, you can carry the essence of it to your home. If you love cooking or someone you know does, nothing beats the Goan spices as a souvenir.  

Goa is also a land of aroma. The numerous spice plantations produce some of the finest spices in India. You can visit the spice plantations as well and grab a few packets from there. Make sure you do not rely on a street shop to purchase these spices. 

Where to buy: Goan spices and Masala, plantations

Price range: It depends on the spice. However, everything starts at around Rs. 300/kg.

8. Tiny yet unique magnets

This is one of the best souvenirs in Goa under budget. These tiny little magnets hold the power to keep Goa on your mind. And also, if you love collecting magnets from different places, this one is a mandatory pick in Goa.

Where to buy: Any local market

Price range: Starts from Rs. 50

So what are you carrying back home besides a bag of memories?

unique souvenirs to buy in goa

Whenever a solo trip to Goa nears an end, the heart does get heavy. Leaving a tropical state behind is never easy. So why not carry back some of Goa as souvenirs? These are some of my favourite things to buy in Goa. And I feel you should also get your hands on these goods. Pick according to your preference and have a happy time shopping in Goa.

To better understand Goa, you can read my article on the ultimate solo travel guide to Goa. I’m sure it’ll give you all the insights you want.


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