What Should You Know Before Visiting Mapusa Market in Goa?

Goa is a paradise for travellers and all the shopaholics out there. Don’t you think so? There’s so much to shop for that people get confused about what to and not to buy. And the sole credit for it goes to the diverse markets of Goa. One such well-known market is the Mapusa market in Goa. Your shopping in Goa is incomplete until you visit this market. 

Mapusa market – truly a shopper’s paradise

Mapusa market is one of the oldest markets that reflects the local vibes of Goa at its best. You will understand what I am talking about as soon as you enter the market. It is located in the Mapusa city of Goa and has been operating since the 1960s. 

The culmination of two words, ‘map’ and ‘sa,’ gave birth to the market’s name ‘Mapusa.’ ‘Map’ and ‘sa’ mean measure and fill up, respectively. And that exactly describes what the market is all about. Sellers and buyers both flock to this market, especially on Fridays. If you want to experience the market in its full glory, you must visit this market on a Friday.

The market has everything, from luxurious to budget-friendly items—clothing, hand-craft items, home décor, junk jewellery, spices, groceries, food items, souvenirs, and so on. All you have to do is get to the place and go on a shopping expedition. If you are wondering how to reach the market, take a quick look below. 

All the ways to reach the Mapusa market 

  • The nearest airport to the market is Dabolim Airport of Goa, also known as Goa International Airport. The airport is at a distance of 23 kilometres from the market. The best way to reach the market from there is via taxi or a rented car/bike. It will take you around an hour or so to reach the market. 
  • The nearest railway station is Thivim Railway Station which is only 15 kilometres from the market. So in case you like to travel by train, opt for this option. You’ll easily find rickshaws from the station to cover the remaining distance to reach the market.
  • There’s public transport like buses to reach the market. Opt for this in case you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option. You can hop on to any bus heading towards the market’s direction from Panjim. It will take you around an hour to reach the market. And the best part is you will only have to spend 10-20 rupees to get there. 
  • You can hire a taxi or rent a car/bike to reach Mapusa market. No matter where you’re in Goa, you always have this option open. I think it is the most comfortable and convenient way to reach anywhere on your solo journey. 

Distance from major tourist spots to Mapusa market

Here is a chart of the distance from all the major tourist spots to Mapusa market. I hope this list comes in handy and make it easier for you to reach the market.

  • Panjim – If you’re travelling from the city capital, you’ll have to cover a distance of 15 kilometres to reach the market.
  • Baga Beach – Mapusa market is at a mere 7 kilometres from Baga beach. 
  • Anjuna Beach – One of the major tourist spots of Goa, Anjuna beach is only 10 kilometres from the market. You can cover this distance within half an hour’s time.
  • Calangute beach – 13 kilometres from the beach, you will have no trouble reaching your destination.
  • Palolem Beach – If you’re travelling from South Goa’s Palolem beach, you will have to cover an approximate distance of 80 kilometres to reach the market. 

Things to buy at Mapusa market

Although you’ll find everything you want in this market, there are certain things that you should check out on your shopping adventure in Mapusa.

  • Spices: Mapusa market is famous for spices among travellers. They sell the most authentic Goan spices. And these spices are the secret to delicious Goan cuisine. So grab a few packets of them to carry the taste of Goa back home.
  • Kunbi sarees: You must check out the tribal Kunbi sarees at this market. Various traders sell this saree at a reasonable price. However, do not forget to bargain. You never know. You might land a good deal!
  • Dodol: This is a dessert loved by everyone. And if you have a sweet tooth, do not think twice before purchasing these from here.
  • Goan chorizo: A Portuguese pork sausage is another best-seller in this market. It is absolutely a delicious snack!

Best time to visit the market

Mapusa market operates throughout the week. It opens at 7 am and closes at 8 pm. However, the best time to visit the market is on Fridays—the place is always packed with locals and tourists.

Locals flock to this market from the neighbourhood to put up stalls and sell their items without any involvement of “middlemen.” This provides you with a more varied and vast market to shop from.

What makes Mapusa market awesome?

Besides the fresh produce and an array of things, you meet a diverse group of people on your shopping spree at Mapusa market. This way, you get an insight into the lifestyle of Goan people. If this doesn’t make the market awesome, I don’t know what will!

mapusa market in goa

If you’ve already been to the Mapusa market, share your experience in the comments below. And if not, visit it next time you’re in Goa. You should also check out the Anjuna flea market. It is also a prominent one among shopaholics.

Happy shopping, ladies.

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