Where Can You Meet Foreigners in Goa?

In India, foreigners visit Goa the most. Thus, the chances to meet foreigners in Goa are way more compared to other states. Now, the question is, where can you meet them in Goa? If I say in short, you can meet them anywhere and everywhere in Goa. 

Right from the airport and beaches to the touristy spots, you can meet foreigners anywhere on your way. But to be more specific, there are certain spots like beaches where you can easily come across them. Keep reading to find out about these places.

1. Arambol Beach

This is one of the hot spots for foreigners in Goa. Arambol beach, also known as Harmal beach, is in North Goa. The beach is known for its bohemian vibe and cleanliness. It is relatively less crowded considering other beaches in Goa. Hence, foreigners love to visit and relax at this beach. Along with this, a quiet yet happening nightlife, including open-air events and live-music gigs, also grabs tourists’ attention. 

Besides being a quaint beach, Arambol also has a sweet water lake adjacent to the beach. You can only access the place on foot. It is an amazing place to catch one of the best sunsets in Goa! Breathtaking! 

2. Ashvem Beach

The USP of Ashvem beach lies in its remoteness. This hidden beach of Goa is perfect for laid-back travellers. Foreigners often prefer this beach to avoid a stranger’s gaze. Hands down, the best beach to bathe in the sun and fulfil the dose of vitamin sea without any disturbance. Can anything get better than that? I guess not. 

3. Vagator

Vagator in Goa has charm, be it the beach or the hilltop. It never fails to enchant the travellers. The Vagator beach offers everything that a tourist desires. From adventurous cliffs, beachside markets, eateries, and water sports to some of the best picturesque places in Goa, it is an all-rounder. Vagator aces the game when it comes to luring foreigners. 

Whenever I have paid a visit to Vagator, I have been blessed to meet some amazing human beings from different parts of the world. And to be honest, these interactions are my most cherished memories. Therefore if you want to catch up with foreigners, keep Vagator on the top of the list.

4. Mandrem

Mandrem in Goa receives constant footfalls of foreigners in the peak season. Travellers who look to stay in a secluded area prefer to stop at Mandrem for a few days. Moreover, I feel the proximity of Mandrem beach to Arambol beach is a great advantage for tourists. They can hop from one beach to another in no time!

There are many yoga retreats in this area. In case you’re looking for ways to be physically active yet relaxed on your solo venture to Goa, book yourself a yoga class in Mandrem. These classes are generally filled with foreigners. Hence, it is not a difficult thing to start a conversation with travellers from across the globe. 

5. Anjuna flea market

The most popular market in Goa is the flea market at Anjuna beach. You’ll notice hundreds of tourist flocks to this market every Wednesday. And why wouldn’t they? This weekly market stores a plethora of things. It is nothing less than a treasure hunt. Both domestic and foreign travellers pay a visit to this market. 

You can pick up some Tibetan and Nepali goods here—junk jewellery, clothes, shoes, and souvenirs are some of the must-picks. Keep your bargaining skills handy to crack some great deals in the market! And who knows, you’d also come across foreigners who will be amazed at your bargaining skills! 

6. Curlies

Where can You Meet Foreigners in Goa?

Goa and beach shacks have had an unsaid relationship for ages. The shacks are the best place to meet some cool people, and Curlies is Goa’s most talked about beach shack. People from different continents visit this place to have the ultimate nightlife. The crowd grows right from the moment the sun vanishes from the skyline. 

The place’s ambience is not to be explained but to be experienced. With a fantastic view of the Arabian Sea, Curlies boasts a rooftop soundproof club. Tourists party till the wee hours here. And this is because of their service and amenities. They serve some of the best food in the whole of Goa!

Why is even Goa famous among foreigners?

The tourism of Goa thrives because of the foreigners on an extensive basis. Goa is picturesque and one of the very few places in India where foreigners can travel freely without any significant safety concerns. Hospitality, laid-back lifestyle, hippie places, yoga and wellness retreats, and amazing food contribute to tourism. But we can’t deny that the number of foreign tourists visiting the state has dropped since the pandemic!

Which place are you heading to?

Now that you know some of the hubs of foreigners in Goa, where are you heading to? If you’re eager to meet new people, any of these places would be a great choice. I hope you have some of the best encounters on your solo trip to Goa.

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