Is South Goa More Expensive than North Goa?


Of all the anecdotes about Goa, one tale that is often heard is that South Goa is more expensive than North Goa. If you love Goa entirely, you might want to know why this price difference.

So, for the unawares, Goa is a little paradise-like state on the western coastline of the Indian peninsula. This state is divided into two districts – North Goa and South Goa. This division is not only geographical but also in terms of weather, administration, life, vibes, crowd, and expenses.

The Answer in Short

Goa is personified by sun-kissed beaches, sprawling acres of pristine white sand, happening parties, nightclubs, tourism, adventure, water sports, and everything that gives you a holiday vibe. But, when deciding on a budget holiday between North Goa and South Goa, you must know that South Goa is way more costly.

What is the difference between North Goa and South Goa?

Goa’s vibrant North is known for its shopping and nightlife, while the south is known for its tranquility, unspoiled beaches, and picturesque drives.

A 3N/4D trip to North Goa can fit within a budget of Rs. 10,000, but at the same time, South Goa might cost you around 20K. South Goa is less humid than North Goa, but both have a tropical climate.

Scroll down further to know more about the vivid differences between the two regions of this party-crazy place.


North Goa has electrifying beaches and happening parties. The beaches in South Goa are more secluded and private.

The greatest sites in North Goa are Baga Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach, and Calangute Beach, which will thrill the party animals. The beaches in this area of town are somewhat crowded due to their fame.

In contrast to the North Goa beaches, you can unwind with your lover on this edge’s serene and soul-soothing beaches. Palolem Beach, Butterfly Beach, and Majorda Beach are a few of the well-known beaches in South Goa where you may indulge in superb cuisine at the most upscale restaurants. 

Heritage Places and Historical Attractions

Goa is not only about flamboyant parties and wonderful beaches, but it is also renowned for its catholic architecture. This time, the conflict between North and South Goa would be challenging.

North Goa has got some beautiful church buildings with Portugal’s influence, like the Church of St. Catherine, St. Antony’s Church, and the Church of St. Lawrence, amidst picturesque surroundings

The churches in South Goa are more recent than the North Goan churches, yet they are extremely similar to the ones already discussed. The top locations in South Goa are Our Lady of Hope Church, Seminary, Velim Church, and Three Kings Church, among other well-known churches. The tourist attractions in South Goa are far more well-known than those in North Goa.

But, regarding expenses, most of these places are free to visit or charge a nominal fee.


Goan markets are often defined as original, cheap, and stylish. But, when you want the best bargain, should you head to the North or south?

Test your best bargaining skills at North Goa, where the flea markets are brimming with clothing, souvenirs, and jewellery. You can find an eclectic mix of bed covers, clothes, jewellery, and craft items from Kashmir, Tibet, and Gujarat. Anjuna, Mapusa, and Arpora markets can take you on a shopping spree.

To better understand North Goa, you can read my article on the ultimate solo travel guide to North Goa. I’m sure it’ll give you all the insights you want.

Visit the Palolem market, Collem market, and Caculo market while on a South Goa tour for some of the best shopping in South Goa. Shop there till your pockets bleed. But remember that these are less crowded and the shopkeepers are not much used to bargainers. So, pose like a local and put your best bargaining foot ahead! You won’t be able to get deals as cheap as the North Goan markets here.


A tiring day of shopping calls for lip-smacking Goan delicacies and fresh seafood. So, is south Goa better or North?

For street food lovers, if you want to pack a punch on a limited budget, North Goa is your gateway to heaven! Thousands of vibrant shacks and small hotels sell delicious Goan delicacies. Do not forget to try the local fermented cashew drink – Feni. Try Matsya Freestyle Kitchen for calzones and seafood.

is south goa expensive than north goa?

If you are seeking gourmet seafood and other cuisines on your holiday, then South Goa should be your go-to destination. This place spoils you like none other when serving delicious food served with style. Try Martin’s Corner to take yourself on a gastrointestinal treat.


If flashy disco lights, dancing to the tunes of DJs, and grooving to some peppy numbers are more your style, then think North Goa. Visit the dance floors at Tito’s club and Cafe Mambos, two top nighttime destinations in North Goa, with your friends.

is south goa expensive than north goa?

But, if you are seeking a more elite crowd grooving to some party numbers under the shed of a luxurious resort, then South Goa seems more like your style. Remember, this kind of setup also calls in for more bucks.

For all the insights into South Goa, check out my article on the ultimate solo travel guide to South Goa.

Final Verdict

To wrap up, South Goa is a more secluded, luxurious, private, and less crowded part of Goa where the elite spends their exotic vacations. The hotels, cuisines, clubs, and branded outlets speak volumes of the vast price difference between holidaying in North Goa and South Goa. South Goa is more expensive than North Goa.

Goa is a haven for solo travellers, especially for female solo travellers. A few tips for solo travellers can make the vacation as wonderful as anticipated.

But, each part has its charm. Head to North Goa if you are out on a budget holiday with your buddies. Explore the virgin beaches of South Goa if you are out on a soul-searching journey or holidaying with your family at a slightly higher budget.

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