What are the Unsafe Places You Should Avoid in Goa?

Goa – the all-in-one destination sits with pride on every traveller’s bucket list. And, while planning a solo trip to Goa, you must have had the primary safety concerns knock on your mind. Having said that, once you explore the land of sun, sand, and sea, you’ll realise Goa is the safest state in India to roam around freely. However, certain places in Goa are unsafe for tourists. For example, certain beaches, waterfalls, lakes, cliffs, etc., are dangerous and might even risk a life. 

Although many risk-prone areas are pre-marked for safety purposes, tourists overlook them out of sheer excitement or a sense of adventure. So, if you want to avoid mishaps, this blog post is perfect for you.

As a result of my frequent visits to Goa, I have explored the state extensively. And this made me come across a few places where you must be more cautious than usual. Read till the end to learn about all the unsafe places for tourists in Goa.

The people’s favourite Anjuna Beach

This name might shock you, but it is the reality, sadly. One of the famous beaches of North GoaAnjuna Beach, does have some risky zones. Due to many past accidents, it is best to avoid going near the sea as the sharp rocks on the beach can be dangerous and are unsafe for visitors to play by the water.

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Despite the dangers, many visitors come to enjoy the beach’s never-ending charm. The beach is home to the best beach shack in Goa, Curlies, and boasts a long stretch of cafes, restaurants, and beach-facing resorts. It is hard to skip this place. So if you are planning to visit this beach, just ensure to maintain your distance from the dangerous areas.

The furious waves of Cavelossim Beach 

This beach is marked as an unsafe zone because of the high tides of the sea. There are certain areas on the beach with sinking sand. Doesn’t the thought of that scare you? 

However, if you want to visit this beach, go during any other season except the monsoons. 

Calangute Beach – the crowd puller

Another surprising name on the list of unsafe places in Goa is the state’s “Queen of Beaches” – Calangute Beach. You can even hear from the long-time residents of Goa itself that Calangute Beach is considered the most dangerous beach in Goa. 

Do you wonder how it still manages to pull massive crowds? It is because the beach is equipped with almost everything. From adventurous water sports to exciting nightlife, it is a one-stop destination in Goa. Jam-packed with tourists, Calangute Beach gives little to no privacy at all. And because of its vastness, anything can happen on the beach, especially at night.

The damaged Miramar Beach

This is another place in Goa that is better to avoid. The lack of proper facilities and proximity to the main road makes Miramar Beach not a very safe place to be in. There are cases of pick-pocketing, lecherous and drunken men doing nuisance, etc., already reported. I believe you should avoid this beach and visit any of the cleanest beaches in South Goa, such as Palolem.

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The breath-taking Dudhsagar Waterfalls

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls is undoubtedly the best waterfall in Goa. This waterfall can be seen in its mighty avatar during the monsoons. Unfortunately, the tourism department has prohibited entry to the waterfall during the monsoon season. Even during other seasons, you have to go with caution. Do not opt for entering the waterfall through the trek route without permission, as you might end up losing your life for just a rush of adrenaline.

The first pool of the waterfall is a no-go zone. However, if you want, you can swim or dip in the second pool of the fall, but remember to wear a life jacket and stay within the demarcated area. Access to the second pool is also denied in the off-season.

The thrilling cliffs of Goa

Many cliffs in Goa are popular spots for cliff jumping and witnessing the best sunsets in Goa. But little did one know that they are unsafe for people. After quite a few heart-wrenching accidents from these cliffs of Goa, the government has prohibited the entry of travellers to quite a few cliffs, particularly during the monsoon season.

Rave parties at Vagator 

I’m aware that Goa’s hippie culture is very appealing. You might even want to attend a rave party to understand what all the fuss is about. However, it is in your best interests to avoid such gatherings. Because they are filthy and, on top of that, these parties use drugs and may cause you harm.

Is Goa turning into an unsafe place for travel?

No such place is 100% safe anywhere in the world. No matter where you visit, there’s always a possibility of mishaps. But, all these should not restrict you from exploring these places either. 

So what is the best way to go about it? It is by simply taking care of the usual safety precautions

  • Stay alert to your surroundings.
  • Be aware of the signs of danger, such as the lifeguards in Goa putting a red flag on the unsafe zone of a beach. 
  • In addition, follow the rules established by the tourism sector for places such as the Dudhsagar Falls and cliffs.
  • And most importantly, keep aside the adventurous zeal. Use your common sense before plunging into anything. 
unsafe places for tourists in goa

With that, we have come to the end of this blog post. But keep in mind these areas are shady and unsafe only in my opinion because of all the stated reasons. If you know of any such unsafe places in Goa, feel free to write them in the comments below. I am sure spreading awareness about such places will only lead to a better and safer travel experience in Goa. And, if you still have doubts about Goa being safe for solo female travel or not, you can always read my blog post on it. 

Until next time, travel responsibly and safely. 


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