Why should you spend a night in the Bubble Hotel in Iceland as a solo female traveller?

Can luxury and nature ever come together? You must be thinking this is quite an alien concept. The usual understanding goes like this—the more we incline towards luxury, the farther we move away from nature. But the Bubble Hotel in Iceland is all set to challenge this concept!

This dream destination is located at a distance of a 70-minute drive from the capital Reykjavik. Situated on the Golden Circle Route, it is close to Reykholt. As the name suggests, this hotel creates a bubble for you to bring you closest to nature without compromising the luxury quotient. There are too many reasons for you not to deny yourself this lifetime experience of spending a night at this accommodation. 

I am aware the cost can feel steep, especially if you are on a budget trip! So, why don’t you try to cut corners in other parts of the trip? You can start by planning on cooking some meals and looking for good deals when it comes to picking up souvenirs! Instead of hotels, consider pocket-friendly hostels for the rest of the trip.

Set the extra money aside and book yourself this amazing experience! The charge for one person is around $500. So go on your saving spree! NOW!

Meanwhile, let me lure you with some reasons why you should spend a night here. 

1. Innovative and super fun

When you go to the hotel website, they describe it as a combination of ‘innovation’ and ‘luxury.’ Yes, that’s what it is and more! It is a home away from home where you will find all the comforts of belongingness. 

Iceland is a perfect destination to escape the cacophony of bustling life. The Bubble Hotel adds another layer to that calm which will help you unwind from your hectic schedule. 

2. Different from any other luxury hotel

I will not be able to stop raving about how luxurious you will feel here! It is not just about the services and amenities that they offer. 

The highlight of this luxury hotel is that it is located right amidst the contrasting landscapes of Iceland. It lets you enjoy nature up so close that you would be left overwhelmed with the beauty. 

3. The Northern Lights have never felt closer before

Staying in luxury hotels is akin to materialistic pleasures. This, however, is a different ball game altogether. 

It is for no reason that the Bubble Hotel is dubbed as the ‘five million star hotel.’ The point of a trip to Iceland in the winters is to undeniably see the northern lights. And imagine the feeling when you are sleeping on the cosiest bed, and you feel you can touch the northern lights?  

You will not be able to have enough of the views—the northern lights gazing at you and you back at them! The night will take your breath away. 

The best part is you do not have to negotiate the chilly winters, the ice-cold wind to catch the Northern lights. You can be in the comforts of a bed and yet enjoy the stars! 

4. Stay in the summer is no less magical 

The transparent bubble will not give you a lesser experience in the summer! The wilderness of the landscapes, the midnight sun, and the chirp of birds will make sure you have a memorable summer stay. 

You will be sleeping under the gorgeous summer night sky and wake up to the most vibrant morning (hopefully)! Life would never feel better. 

5. Comfortable for any season

Iceland’s sub-zero temperatures may leave you wondering if this would be a good option in the chilly weather. This is absolutely a genuine concern! 

Let me tell you a little bit about how this wonder works. In order to prevent humidity inside the structure, this well-ventilated system that keeps the pod inflated is given renewed air current.  

Each pod has a thermostat that is adjustable. This is how you do not freeze in here in the winters and do not end up sweating inside the structure in the summer months. 

There are enough blankets too, which will keep you warm throughout the night as you stare at the shooting stars. 

In the summer, you can request a fan if it gets a little warm for you. 

6. No wi fi, escape into nature

I know you may be surprised as to why I include this as one of the reasons why you should stay at the Bubble hotel. But the lack of wi-fi inside the pod makes it the perfect escape from the chaos of urban life. 

I cannot stress enough the need to stay away from the clutter of our city life if you want to escape into the wonderland. Imagine you can just focus on the butterflies and birds chirp without the constant need to check e-mails and binge on OTT platforms. 

Remember, it is not every day that you can escape from reality and move to a fairyland. Make the most of your stay at the Bubble.   

7. You have enough privacy

The pods are at such a distance from each other that you have enough privacy, and yet you are not cut off from the rest of the accommodation. 

For complete privacy, you can just switch off the light and enjoy stargazing. 

There is a shared bath and a self-service kitchen. 

If you are looking for a vibrant ambience and a good meal, you can visit the restaurant Mika which is located in the Golden Circle and not very far from the Bubble hotel. You may find other guests from the accommodation there, and you can catch up over food and drinks to share your travel tales! Do not miss picking up some chocolate from this place!  

8. Stay comes with a packaged tour

The stay comes with an amazing tour of the Golden Circle, which is perfect for those looking for a packaged tour of sightseeing and a unique accommodation experience. 

There are five stops included in the tour, the last one being that of the night stay at the Bubble. 

The first stop is at Thingvellir, which is a beautiful national park and a must-visit when you are in Iceland. There is around a 45-minute stop here, which will give you some time to enjoy the surroundings. A visit to the Golden Circle route is incomplete without visiting the Geyser hot spring, which is the second stop. The next 45-minute stop is a visit to the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall. Before you head to the most-awaited stay at the Bubble, the final stop is at the Secret Lagoon, which offers you the most relaxed experience at a natural hot spring. 

You can also book a tour of volcanoes where you can see the volcanic eruption from close quarters!

Why I would also recommend this packaged tour is the guides are excellent and will pepper your visit with local insights and beautiful anecdotes. Once you reach the hotel, they even help you carry your luggage! The staff members are super friendly and help you out with all queries.     

The bubbles there are all the same, so guests do not need to select. Everyone gets all of the best amenities!

9. Do not miss the off-beat locations

Most of us stress sightseeing the most popular sites while on a trip! Of course, you cannot miss the most popular Golden Circle route. But the best part is the accommodation is also close to some off-beat locations which you should not miss!

The Kerid volcanic crater, Laugarvatn Fontana spa, and Fridheimar tomato farm are absolute hidden gems that you should not miss if you are planning to book yourself a stay in the bubble.   

10. Dream come true moment

I do not know about you, but I have always felt fascinated to sleep in the outdoors. Remember those long summer evenings when you would spend time on the terrace/garden and nag your parents to sleep in the open all night? 

The stay at the pod helped me take a trip down memory lane. The fascination of staying all night outdoors is a feeling a lot of us nurture! The Bubble gives us that opportunity to make that dream come alive again and lose ourselves to the gorgeous nature without the anxiety of the fast-paced life. 

If a stay can truly rejuvenate you, it is the Bubble. 

11. Eco-friendly choice

I do not know about you, but lately, I have been thinking a lot about sustainable tourism. I am constantly worried if I am making eco-friendly choices in my life.     

When I chose this accommodation, I felt quite happy thinking I made a nature-friendly choice. It not only gives you a chance to live amid the wilderness but also encourages the growth of eco-tourism. It also gives you the chance to get a close-up of the ongoing reforestation.

12. Novelty factor 

Though we may have stayed in great accommodations during our trips, there is seldom any novelty factor in the hotels we choose. But the Bubble hotel breaks all stereotypes of a template accommodation and introduces the novelty factor in your trip. 

stay in bubble hotel in iceland

It is a stay which you will think of for a long time even after your trip is over. It breaks the monotony that we often feel choosing hotels or bed and breakfasts. 

13. You return with a trove of memories and photographs

I cannot stop raving about the memories and experiences that you are going to make here. But wait, have you thought of the photographs that will flood your timeline once back (sneakily making your friends jealous)! If you are into photography, a stay at the Bubble Hotel will give you the most exotic photographs. 

Do take ample photographs. There is no denying that you will spam your family group for a month after your trip is over. 

It will also be excellent for your travel blog!   

14. It is the most romantic experience

You may be wondering how is the experience of staying in a bubble romantic when you are travelling solo and not with your partner. Well, what can be more romantic than star gazing, curling up with a book under the sky amidst the wilderness as you sip on wine? 

For me, there is nothing more romantic than enjoying the organic way of living. And the experience of staying inside the transparent pod in the outdoors helped rekindle that feeling in me. Is there anything more romantic than soul searching under the night sky?  

15. Did you know of the hanging bubble, aka tree bubble?

stay in bubble hotel in iceland

If the concept of living in a transparent pod has not lured enough, what about a hanging bubble? I already told you that you are setting out to experience magic! So go one step further, and book yourself a tree bubble and soak into this magical moment. There is only one tree bubble, so make sure you book well in advance!

16. Self-drive package also available

While the stay during the winter months only comes with the packaged tour, there is also the option of a self-driving package. If you want to rent a car or opt for a self-driving package, you can email selfdrive@airmango.com. 

17. Added services available

If you want to add more luxury to your package, you have the option of adding a sparkling non-alcoholic tea and treat package to your tour!

The treat package includes a cheese plate with an accompaniment of crackers and grapes. As a part of it, you will also receive a gift of six bottles of chilled local craft beer from Ölvisholt Brewery, awaiting you in your bubble. 

I am certain this list has transported you to the bubble already! So are you still contemplating if you are going to invest in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Just go for it!

Leave the chaos behind and lose yourself in an oasis of calm! There is no prize for guessing that this will be the biggest highlight of your trip to the dreamland, aka Iceland!


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