Can you Go Trekking in Udaipur? | About Trekking in the White City

The White City is the epitome of royalty and culture. However, nature elevates the beauty of the city and makes it unique. So, besides the palaces and lakes, you might wonder if the city has some adventure in store for you. Can you go trekking in the Aravalli range of Udaipur? To answer that query, I would simply say a Yes. You can go to different trekking places in Udaipur. 

According to your fitness, you can also choose the trails that suit you the best. There are different hiking trails in Udaipur. They range from easy to moderate to difficult. This is what makes hiking in Udaipur more worth it. To your surprise, travellers often search for this kind of offbeat experience in Udaipur

In my opinion, trekking is the best way to connect with nature. So ladies, as you are on your solo venture to Udaipur, make sure to walk on some breath-taking trails. Keep reading, and I have got you covered on some of the stunning trekking trails in Udaipur.

1. The Tiger Lake trek

Udaipur is known as the “city of lakes.” So if you are ready for an adrenaline rush, why not explore the Tiger lake hiking trail in Udaipur. Initially, in this trek, you will walk through the villages of Udaipur. You will start your trek from a village named Morwania. Interact with the locals on your way through the Aravalli towards the lake. 

Get yourself a local guide to hike up to this trail. Tiger Lake is a man-made lake built in the 17th century. This is an easy trek. There is an uphill climb at the end of the trek. You start to climb uphill after a refreshment break to reach the lake at the top. Once you reach the destination, you will be mesmerised by the captivating view of the city of Udaipur.

Time taken: 2 to 3 hours

2. The Ubeshwar Ji Nature Trail

In the northwest of Udaipur, the trek starts from a place known as Ubeshwar Ji. The place is named after Lord Shiva. The trek is the best choice if you love mountains and nature. Get close up with the Aravalli range. The entire route of the trek is a treat for your eyes!

You will come across several tiny villages and hamlets as you make your way through the trail. As you reach the hilltop, I assure you that the scenic beauty will steal your heart. All the sweats will be worthy as you reach the summit! Your trek will end at the Morwania village, the starting point of the Tiger Lake trek. Hence, if you are fit enough to cover two treks in a day, you can easily do it! 

Time taken: 3 to 4 hours

3. The Varda Village walk

This trek starts at a small hamlet in Udaipur. Witness the daily life of the locals of the Varda Village. The trail ends at the village once you cross several agricultural fields. If you are lucky, you will get to see the traditional methods of agriculture which are still in use in this place.

You can even have a meal with the locals once you reach the place. To have this lifetime experience, all you have to do is connect with the locals. A heartfelt conversation is one of the ways to do so.

Time taken: 1 to 2 hours

4. The Monsoon Palace trail

can you go trekking in udaipur

The Sajjangarh Palace, or the Monsoon Palace, is one of the famous places of attraction in Udaipur. You can reach the palace by minivan. However, trekking is the best option. You get to walk through the trails amidst the dense forest. And if you are a wildlife lover, this trail provides you a chance to spot wildlife. There are plenty of birds in this forest, so keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to the chirping and feel the breeze as you walk through the conservation zone.

Your trek ends at the palatial hilltop residence. Upon reaching, you can explore the Monsoon Palace. If you are a sunset lover, plan for the trek in the latter part of the day. Witnessing the sunset from this place is a glorious event!

Time taken: 2 to 4 hours

5. The Kumbhalgarh trek

The Kumbhalgarh trek will take you to the famous Kumbhalgarh fort. The fort and its beauty are indescribable! The Great Wall of India is surely amazing at its sight. After the hike to the fort, do take a moment. Do not rush. Sit back and appreciate the beauty of nature. As a solo traveller, it is always in your hand to choose what you want to do. Make sure to experience every bit of the trek.

After the fort, you will trek downhill through the forests. If luck is on your side, you may spot wild boars, antelopes, and many birds on your way through the forest.

Time taken: 1 to 2 hours

Things to carry for the trek

  • A light backpack
  • Sunscreen
  • First-Aid kit
  • A good pair of trekking shoes.
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Shades
  • Water bottles are a must
  • Some munchies to hog on
  • Gadgets and gears

A walk in the nature

can you go trekking in udaipur

Do not hold back your adventurous side on your trip to Udaipur. I’m sure this offbeat adventure makes the trip to the former Mewar capital memorable! Also, make sure to plan your trip ahead and keep a day for trekking. Remember that the best time to trek in Udaipur is generally from September to March. 

If you have already trekked in Udaipur, please share your experience in the comments below. 

Keep exploring, ladies!


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