What are the Offbeat Places/Things to Do in Udaipur?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘Udaipur’? Let me guess – lakes, palaces, desert, and cuisine, right? Well, Udaipur is all of these things. But there is a lot more to the city that often gets ignored by tourists. Natraj Thali, Udaipur Heritage Walk, Government Museum, and Ahar Cenotaphs are some offbeat places/things that you can check out on your next solo trip to Udaipur!

1. Indulge in a hearty meal with the Natraj Thali

One of the many things that are famous in Udaipur is its cuisine. Natraj Thali is what you should check out if you want to try out a truly authentic Rajasthani cuisine. It comprises a wide variety of spicy curries, rice, veggies, chapati, and dessert!

The best place to get a Natraj Thali in Udaipur is the Natraj Restaurant. The city currently has two authentic Natraj Restaurant outlets, and you can check out the one that’s more convenient for you. On most days, the restaurant is crowded with tourists and locals alike. Here’s a little tip for when you try out the thali – go with an empty stomach and full appetite!

2. Take a stroll in the Udaipur lanes

offbeat places in udaipur

The old lanes of Udaipur speak of the culture and heritage of the city just as much as the palaces and forts do. If you are someone who wouldn’t mind spending a lazy afternoon strolling in the rustic yet beautiful lanes of the city, then definitely get on the Udaipur Heritage Walk.

On these lanes, you will find several shops, stalls, temples, and local eateries. If you want to take a small part of Udaipur back home, you can buy souvenirs from these shops. Or you can head to the eateries if you want to try out a local delicacy.

If required, you can book a tour guide for the heritage tour in the city. Although not mandatory, it can be really helpful if you find it difficult to understand the local language.

3. Government Museum

Did you know that the famous City Palace houses a Government Museum too? Well, not many people know about this, which is what makes it a must-visit offbeat place in Udaipur. The museum entrance is quite close to the City Palace entrance, and you can purchase a ticket at the counter. More often, the museum is empty, so that you can have the place to yourself. The entire hall is adorned with old manuscripts, and the museum houses an exquisite collection of sculptures, arms, paintings, coins, inscriptions, and other artefacts!

The Government Museum is an excellent place that gives visitors a glimpse into the Mewar kingdom and the lives of the kings and queens.

4. Sunset Views at Sajjangarh Palace

Sajjangarh Palace, also known as the Monsoon Palace, is among the top palaces in Udaipur. Your solo trip to the city would be incomplete without watching at least one sunset. And what better than to visit this mesmerising palace and soak in the gorgeous sunset views?

The view of the reddish-orange skies from the palace is worth an experience. You can munch on some snacks and soak in the sunset views while the cool breeze ruffles through your hair! Truly a magical moment and one that you will remember for a lifetime!

5. Visit the offbeat spot in City Palace

offbeat places in udaipur

Yes, City Palace is among the top tourist places in Udaipur. And while most tourists explore pretty much the entire area, there is still a small area that requires you to pay an additional entry fee to explore. You can call it a secret spot in the City Palace, and trust me, it is worth your money and time!

From this spot, you get access to the region where The Sunset Terrace Restaurant, Crystal Gallery, Jag Mandir Island, and Fateh Prakash Hotel Palace are situated. Although the region is not explored often, it is still worth it. The views of the city and beautiful landscape are mesmerising!

6. Check out the Street Art in Udaipur

Streets adorned with colourful art are soothing and pleasing to the eyes. Recently, the trend of street art has gotten very popular. It is one’s way of beautifying the city, and Udaipur has its street art. You will find these art walls in the old city, and I recommend that you check out the place on foot instead of taking a vehicle. This way, you can soak in and appreciate the street art at your own pace.

You can also click pictures with these art walls as the background. For some outfit inspiration, check out my blog on what to wear on your solo trip to Udaipur.

7. Ahar Cenotaphs

Have you ever wondered what the lives of the kings and queens were? Well, if yes, then definitely check out the Ahar Cenotaphs. It is a huge collection of the cenotaphs, also known as ‘chatris’ of the ancient rulers. As you enter the Ahar Village, you will see the cenotaphs on the left side of the road. The collection houses a massive 300 towering cenotaphs. These are coloured in white, and during the evening, they look extremely awe-inspiring with the sunset colours.

Here’s something that you need to keep in mind before visiting the Ahar Cenotaphs. Photography inside the complex is prohibited. I suggest that you check with the security before clicking any pictures inside.

Are the offbeat places and things to do in Udaipur worth checking out?

A simple answer to this is yes. Udaipur is among the most magnificent cities in India. While the famous tourist attractions are enough if you want to learn about the culture and heritage of the city, the offbeat places have their charm. And the best part is these places are usually not all that crowded so you can explore them without any hassles!


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