What to eat in Udaipur – 15 best local foods

If you’re travelling to Udaipur, what could be more rewarding than dipping your fingers into its local cuisine? No doubt, local foods of Rajasthan such as Dal Bati Churma, Gatte ki Sabji, Egg Bhurji, Kulhad Coffee are the best foods to eat in Udaipur. The city also features many delectable street eateries. So, I have compiled a list consisting of 15 local Rajasthani foods, including snacks, cool drinks, hot beverages that you must try in Udaipur. Take a look at my list and make a point to taste them on your next solo trip.

1. Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma reserves first place in must-try local foods of Udaipur. What is Dal Bati Churma? Let me break it to you. Dal is ghee, and Bati is a tandoor-baked flaky spherical wheat dough. Churma is a mixture of Bati with sweet water. Dal Bati Churma is the Bati dipped in Churma, spread with ghee. It is served with papad, salad, capsicum fry, mint chutney, chilli garlic chutney, and potato curry, making it the Rajasthani Thali. Your solo trip to Udaipur is incomplete without having this traditional food of Udaipur.

2. Gatte ki Sabji

The next most popular food of Rajasthani cuisine is Gatte Ki Sabji. Gatte, as it is called, is prepared from gram flour then dipped into the curry. People eat this dish with buttered chapatis, bread, and rice. Most of the time, it is included in the Rajasthani Cuisine. That is at least what I saw on the Rajasthani Thali I ate in Santosh Bhojnalaya restaurant.

3. Lassi

Buttermilk is a classic yoghurt-based drink in Indian cuisine. It is known by the regional name Lassi. The mixture of yoghurt, water, spices, and sometimes fruit constitutes Lassi. There are salty Lassi, sweet Lassi, and milkshake Lassi. Lassi is a friendly drink for travellers as it helps them cope with the summers in Udaipur.

4. Jalebi

Jalebi is an irresistible sweet dish to try in Udaipur. This delicious dessert is deep-fried in ghee and then drizzled with sugar syrup—a treat for sweet lovers in Udaipur.

5. Ice Cola

Next on the list is Ice Cola, a popular icy local food in Udaipur. Ice Colas are similar to ice creams, but they are 100% made of ice flavoured in vibrant colours. More than the taste, their beauty is their colourful appearance. The first time I tasted Ice Cola was on my way to the City Palace and Bagore Ki Haveli museums in Udaipur. The vibrant combination of colours got my attention. So, I bought one. Needless to say, it spoiled my dress too!

6. Falooda

If you enjoy sweets and ice cream, you must try Falooda while visiting Udaipur. Falooda is a cold dessert made with noodles in Mughlai, India. In Rajasthani cuisine, this Mughal-inspired delicacy is a popular treat. Rose syrup, vermicelli, and sweet basil seeds are combined with milk and ice cream to make this dessert.

7. Masala Chai

Next is my favourite drink in Udaipur, Masala Chai (Masala Tea). Well, Masala Chai is not a particularly exciting drink. It is a common beverage found in Indian households. Believe me, the one in Udaipur’s Bombay Bazar that I found while exploring Udaipur at night is rightly and richly flavoured!

8. Hari Mirch Chai

The next beverage on the list is Hari Mirch Chai. Hari Mirch Chai translates into Green Chilli Tea. This Rajasthani drink is hot and spicy, with a hint of ginger. It is a delightful medicine for solo travellers who feel jetlagged or have headaches after a long day of travel.

9. Kulhad coffee

Another must-try drink in Udaipur is Kulhad Coffee. Kulhad Coffee’s wonderful flavour comes in the fairly mixed coffee powder sprinkled just before serving. The drink served in tiny, attractive earthly pots called Kulhads adds to its popularity. That said, it is popular among travellers in Udaipur, gaining the title of “Indian Dalgona Coffee.” For coffee addicts, it is a true delicacy!

10. Mini Mirchi Vada

Now that we’ve seen a handful of Udaipur’s delicious traditional drinks. It’s time to taste the spicy delicacies of Rajasthani cuisine. Mini Mirchi Vada is a spicy Rajasthani snack with cauliflower or potatoes filled inside. It goes well with either tomato sauce or mint and tamarind chutney. I like the second combination, though.

11. Bread Pakora

Bread Pakora is a common snack of the Indian cuisine, usually had along with evening tea in the Indian household. As the name implies, it is made of bread. The bread is fried deeply and then served with tomato sauce. You can easily find this eatery in small food stalls in Udaipur.

12. Samosa

A samosa is a fried pastry with a savoury filling, including ingredients such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, chicken, or other meats. It may take different forms, including triangle, cone, or half-moon shapes. As far as my exploration in Udaipur, I noticed triangular-shaped samosa only.

13. Egg Bhurji

Egg Bhurji, a spicy Rajasthani snack, is also eaten by locals for breakfast and dinner. It comes in a few types-scrambled Egg Bhurji, boiled Egg Bhurji, Paneer Egg Bhurji, Chicken Egg Bhurji, etc. It is famous in Udaipur’s Chetak Circle. If you like Egg Bhurji, you can wrap your food expense in Udaipur for cheap.

14. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a famous local food of Rajasthan. You can call it a desi sandwich stuffed with thick vegetable curry. The best part is the mint chutney and onion salad that comes along with it. Pav Bhaji and Dahi Kachori are my favourite snacks of Udaipur.

15. Dahi Kachori

Dahi Kachori? How did I miss this delicious local snack of Rajasthan? So, my favourite snack Dahi Kachori is everything your taste buds want. It is spicy, saucy, curdy, sweet, and sour. It is made from gram dough stuffed with potato masala and made to float in the pool of curd. Yummy!

Local foods hub in Udaipur

what to eat in udaipur

I can see after reading the list you are already drooling for Udaipur’s local foods. Now, where do you go to experience them? Except for Dal Bati Churma and Gatte ki Sabji, you can have the best of all the street delicacies in Chetak circle, Bombay Bazar, Hiranmagri food street, and Lake Pichola road kiosks in Udaipur. Similarly, to relish the authentic flavour of Dal Bati Churma and Gatte ki Sabji, visit the local restaurants in Udaipur


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