How Hot is Udaipur in Summer?


Udaipur in summer can get very hot. The temperature can rise up to 45⁰C or even more on some days. On average, you can expect the temperature in Udaipur during summer to be somewhere around 35⁰C. A part of this extremely hot and humid temperature is the city’s proximity to the Thar Desert.

Will the extreme temperature of Udaipur affect your solo trip?

Well, to be honest, yes. The scorching and humid temperature can affect your trip. But you can still visit Udaipur during the summer months. There are plenty of tourist destinations that you can check out and activities that you can try out in summer. And I would suggest that you have your beat-the-heat gear on while leaving your hotel or hostel!

Here is everything you need to know about visiting Udaipur in the summer months.

Stay hydrated

This is extremely important when it comes to exploring Udaipur in the summer. The harsh temperature is known to cause dehydration. You can carry a bottle of water or juice in a backpack. Additionally, you can even drink fresh, cold juices at cafes at regular intervals to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day!

Wear SPF

Again, something very, VERY important while stepping out of your hotel room in Udaipur. The last thing you want on your solo trip is to get sunburned. I would recommend that you slather a good amount of sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body. Also, carry a sunscreen with broad UV protection along with you and keep reapplying it almost every two hours.

Eat less and more often

I know this makes no sense but trust me, it will help you with your metabolism when you visit Udaipur. The idea is to eat small portions at frequent intervals and drink more fluids. This will help avoid your tummy from getting bloated and making you lazy!

Take frequent showers

This one goes without saying. Taking frequent showers will wash off any dirt or sweat and keep you feeling refreshed! I would suggest that you take a shower before going to bed too. This way, you will wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If you love swimming, you can compensate for the day’s heat by taking a dip in the swimming pools!

What to pack for a solo trip to Udaipur in summer?

Considering the harsh temperature, I would recommend that you pack light clothes. Cotton wear, pastel colours, skirts, shorts, summer dresses, off-shoulder tops, and flip flops will be your best friends during the summer. Also, don’t forget to pack sunglasses and a cute little hat to beat the heat!

What are the tourist attractions in Udaipur that you can explore in summer?

how hot is udaipur in summer

There are several tourist places that you can check out even in the summer months. And hey, considering that very few people travel to Udaipur in summer, these places will be less crowded too. Here are my recommendations:

Old City

Old City has been among the top tourist places in Udaipur for many years now. It is a beautiful area surrounded by seven pillars or poles and gives out an old, rustic vibe. The area is now inhabited by the locals of Udaipur and has vibrant shopping markets. Old City is ideal for taking a lazy walk in the evening!

Nehru Garden Island

Nehru Garden Island, a beautiful island, is situated in the middle of the famous Fateh Sagar Lake. The island is spread across a massive area of 4.5 acres and has an oval structure dotted with lush green trees. Taking a stroll on the Nehru Garden Island is among the best unique things to do in Udaipur. You can even get a photoshoot done at the island with the serene water in the background!

Monsoon Palace

Monsoon Palace, also known as Sajjan Garh, is among the top tourist places to visit in Udaipur in the summer. It is elegantly constructed with white marble and looks stunningly breathtaking. The palace is built at a short distance of 5 km and can be reached via a taxi or bus.

Sajjan Garh Biological Park

Opened in 2015, Sajjan Garh Biological Park gives its visitors a glimpse into the wide variety of flora and fauna famous in the Mewar region of Rajasthan. It is a must-visit for all tourists, especially cultural and history enthusiasts. It is a zoological garden and houses quite a variety of animal and plants species. For the safety of the tourists, the animals are kept in enclosed cages. However, it is ensured that animals have a natural habitat in the cages. The zoological park also houses a small canteen where you can try out some delicious Mewar delicacies!

Bagore ki Haveli

An intricately designed monument, Bagore ki Haveli was built in the 18th century. Earlier, it was the residence of Maharana Shakti Singh, who hailed from Bagore. The monument has been converted to a museum, owing to its regal touch and designs. If you are a history buff, you will have a great time at the museum. It represents the Mewar culture and houses artefacts and items used by Rajputs and kings back in the day. If you happen to stay at Bagore ki Haveli till the evening, you can even attend the functions and events that take place here.

Is Udaipur worth visitings in the summer?

how hot is udaipur in summer

Well, the answer to this is quite subjective. Although many people avoid visiting Udaipur in summer, the city can be explored during any time of the year. One of the biggest advantages of taking a solo trip to Udaipur during summer would be lesser crowded tourist places!

If you decide to go on a Udaipur solo trip in the summer, do let me know of your experience in the comments section below. Till then, happy travelling, ladies! 

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