Where to Stay in Udaipur | 10 Best Hostels for Solo Female Travellers

Udaipur, known as the “Lake City,” is an incredibly beautiful place that deserves a spot on Rajasthan trips. And the best way to enjoy the scenic lakes of Udaipur is to stay in one of its budget-friendly hostels that have spectacular views of the lake and sunset. Keep reading to discover the best hostels in Udaipur.

Top hostels in Udaipur



Check-in & Check-out Timing




GoStops Hostel

01:00 PM & 10.00 AM

₹ 402

Building No. 60/9, Opposite Hotel Udai Kothi Chand Pole Road, On Hanuman Ghat Marg, opposite Chand Pole, Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan.


Banjara Hostel

01:00 PM & 11.00 AM

₹ 600

83, Banjara Hostel, Udainiwas Hotel, Gangaurghat Road near Jagdish Temple, Udaipur, Rajasthan.


Moustache Hostel

12:00 PM & 10.00 AM

₹ 470

44 Near Jagdish Chowk Gadiya Devra, Panduwari Rd, Udaipur.
+91 8929100705


Backpacker Panda Hostel

24 hrs

₹ 800

hanuman ghat area, Ambrai Rd, Outside Chandpole, Ambamata, Udaipur.
+91 08448444604


Bunkyard Hostel

12:00 AM & 10.30 AM

₹ 450

A/5 bunkyard hostel porohiton ka khurra,
imli ghat, Udaipur.
+91 95300 95311


Hostel Crawl

12:00 PM & 10.30 AM

₹ 350

15, Hotel Lake Pichola Road, Cheerwa, Ambamata, Udaipur
+91 070148 78526


Zostel Hostel

12:00 PM & 10.00 AM

₹ 450

Purohit Ji Ka Khurra, Chandpole, Udaipur.
+91 02248962266


Shalom Hostel

11:00 PM & 11.00 AM

₹ 420

Gangaur Ghat, 399, Gadiya Devra Marg, Chand Pole, Udaipur.
+91 8979928988


Dreamyard Hostel

12:00 AM & 10.30 AM

₹ 402

23/165 Lal ghat, Udaipur.
+91 09166656366


Hostel Mantra

01:00 AM & 11.00 AM

₹ 300

35, Lal Ghat, Behind Jagdish Temple, Udaipur.

Note: These hostels are conveniently located near the tourist attractions in Udaipur.


The GoSTOPS hostel’s best feature is its location near Fateh Sagar street. If you aren’t aware already, Fateh Sagar street is a food hub ravishingly looked after by tourists. Just two tips, make sure to go to mess on time to enjoy free breakfast. And, their free wifi is applicable only to the extent of 1.5 Gb per head. The cost of a sharing room is ₹ 402.


  • Free breakfast
  • Airconditioner
  • Laundry
  • Free wifi
  • 24 hrs reception
  • Security lockers

2. Banjara Hostel

Next to Gostops, the best hostel in Udaipur for solo travellers is the Banjara hostel. The Banjara hostel located in the heart of Udaipur comes with a 360 view rooftop restaurant. Just note that the restaurant is open between 8.00 AM to 11.00 PM. Although the hostel is open 24 hrs, you will have to arrive before 11 to catch up on the dinner. The price per night stay is ₹ 600.


  • Rooftop restaurant
  • Located in the prime spot
  • Free unlimited wifi
  • Excellent hospitality
  • Private tours by hostel guides are available
  • Free breakfast

3. Moustache Hostel

Escape to the world of comfort on your stay in the Moustache hostel. I can safely say this is one of the hostels with the best terrace visuals in Udaipur. The sunrise and sunset views are incredible from their terrace. If you are a photo freak, then this is your haven. A night’s stay in this hostel is ₹ 470.


  • Free wifi
  • Multipurpose terrace
  • Common lounge
  • Restaurant available inside
  • Security locker
  • Nice views

4. Backpacker Panda Hostel

The backpacker panda hostel in Udaipur is for those lazy and unruly travellers like me who bother to keep up. This life saviour hostel in Udaipur is open for 24 hrs and offers the best service. Well, their coffee shop is the best of the best, though. They charge ₹ 800 for a night’s stay.


  • 24 hrs front desk
  • Parking available
  • Restaurant
  • Free wifi
  • Laundry

5. Bunkyard Hostel

The bunkyard hostel in Udaipur is rated as the best place to stay as a solo traveller by the natives and foreigners. A lot of this is due to their excellent social and nightlife scene. Yes, it is a package of music theme hostel rooms, parties on the terrace, yoga classes, and romantic lake views. The best place only introverted travellers can envy. A night here costs ₹ 450.


  • Free wifi
  • Yoga session
  • Karaoke 
  • Game room
  • Nightclub
  • BBQ
  • Library
  • Vending machines
  • Grocery delivery

6. The Hostel Crawl

The Hostel Crawl in Udaipur has a lovely terrace view next to the Moustache hostel. It is also a budget-friendly hostel providing decent service at the best price. Extra credit goes to their ambience—harry potter themed walls and decors. Staying in this hostel costs, you ₹ 350 a night.


  • Excellent ambience
  • Yummy food
  • On-site restaurant
  • Rooftop with nice scenes
  • Friendly staffs
  • Wifi
  • Free parking
  • Air conditioner

7. Zostel

hostels in Udaipur

Serene vibes of the terrace, pleasing views of Lake Pichola, and the delicious smell of coffee at hand, best describe your experience at the Zostel hostel in Udaipur. The Zostel is a widely popular one with many franchises. Hence, they follow strict rules and regulations. Pay a good eye to their cancellation policy before confirming your booking. The cost for staying a night is ₹ 450 here.


  • Free three meals a day at ₹ 450
  • Free wifi
  • Air Conditioner
  • Cafe
  • Common TV
  • 24 hrs front desk

8. Shalom Hostel

The Shalom Hostel is one of the most-recommended hostels in Udaipur. The best thing about this hostel is you can get the best facilities at an extra price. For example—they don’t offer free breakfast. But if you are ready to spend money on their food, it is super good and tasty. 

It is also a likeable place to build a social community. You have nightclubs, bonfires, walking tours, and a game room. Nonetheless, you won’t be surprised to see a set of roomies dedicated to their work. On the whole, a place fit for both joyful and workaholic travellers. The cost per night stay is ₹ 420.


  • 24 hr reception
  • Elevator
  • Cafe
  • Laundry
  • Ironing facilities

9. Dreamyard Hostel

For the best Indian hospitality, choose the Dreamyard Hostel in Udaipur. You will get free evening chai while staying there. However, breakfast is not included in the rent. The staffs are so friendly that they are available to help in all sorts. The hotel also features numerous living spaces that may accommodate all of your trip needs, including quiet work, socialising, partying, or simply strumming by the bonfire. A night’s stay in this hostel is ₹ 402.


  • Free evening tea
  • Nice ambience
  • Free evening tea
  • Good hospitality
  • Perfect location
  • Wifi

10. Hotel Mantra

Hotel Mantra in Udaipur is the best spot for travellers looking for cheaper hostels. Their service is excellent for the money, even though the accommodation cost is lesser. Most of the time, a discount is available for this hostel. So, the price can slide up to ₹ 240. They also have karaoke and game facilities—a special mention to their rich flavoured ginger lemon tea.


  • Cheap
  • Stunning sunrise & sunset views
  • Tasty ginger lemon tea
  • Wifi
  • 24 hrs desk
  • Wake up calls
  • Airport shuttle

Pick your favourite terrace view

As you can see, all the above hostels are cheaper and worth the money. In addition, the hostels’ other features are equally satisfactory and some immersive, like the free high tea, bonfire, night walking, games, and nightlife. They also satisfy the basic needs of travellers in Udaipur, such as great food and lakeside views. And the best part is they are located in the prime area of cultural attractions of Udaipur.

If you ask about travellers’ safety in Udaipur, you are safe. The hostels are completely safe for solo wanderers from the world. If you reserve your slot online, you get further discounts as well. Some discounts include complimentary meals or guided tours. So, it’s now time for you to make the call. Choose your favourite one to explore Udaipur, the romantic and royal city. 


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