Is Udaipur Safe for Solo Female Travellers?


Are you planning for a trip to the city of lakes, Udaipur? But are you confused whether Udaipur is safe for solo female travellers or not? Well, let me put an end to your confusion. Udaipur is extremely safe for solo female travellers! In fact, it is one of the safest cities in the safest state of India – Rajasthan for women to travel. Overcome your fears and pack your bags to explore every nook and cranny of the city!

Udaipur – The White City of Rajasthan!

Udaipur is a city with a picturesque landscape and spellbound architecture—every place may catch your attention. The city of Rajasthan is also known as the White City, and I can’t agree more with this name! The palaces around the lake with white marble work ooze royalty and justify the name in every sense. And the City Palace built in the middle of the city steals the show!

is udaipur safe for solo female travellers

Udaipur is a place that often renders me a sense of treasure hunt. There is so much more than just the lakes. The rich culture and heritage of this city have always fed my hunger for exploration. The history of the former capital of Mewar Kingdom has never failed to fascinate me!

Solo travel in Udaipur

I have traveled to Udaipur a few times from Delhi and Gujarat. Every time I have been to this city, I have only returned with a smile on my face. The people of Udaipur welcome you with warmth compared to nowhere. Their hospitality makes you feel a sense of belongingness to the city.

Besides the touristy places, the city has amazing artwork, local cuisines, and traditional folk music. Even a simple walk in the city will sweep you off your feet! And the absolute best part about travelling alone is that there is no rush—you get to feel every moment!

Is it safe for women to travel to Udaipur alone?

As solo travellers, our biggest concern remains safety. And if you are a woman, extra measures are mandatory. So it is not unnatural to me when a woman asks me about my safety on my trip to Udaipur as a solo female traveller.

As we know, a place is known for its people. And the people of Udaipur have big hearts. Their positive attitude towards tourists makes it easier and safer for people like us to travel. They are always ready to lend us a helping hand in our time of need. This makes Udaipur simply the safest city for us to visit.

is udaipur safe for solo female travellers

The friendly nature of the locals lets us even get a glimpse of the local life. But no matter how safe the city and its people are, we must stay aware of our surroundings and the people we meet!

Different ways to stay safe in Udaipur

While planning your trip, it gets hectic to check up on everything. Extensive research and shuffling through numerous websites might puzzle you. There is nothing to worry about—I have got you covered. I have simplified the basic precautions you have to take as you go wandering in Udaipur.

Book a good stay

This is a must as you plan your trip to Udaipur. Book yourself a nice and safe stay. Don’t compromise your safety for the sake of your budget. A well-reputed hotel makes your travel easier. The hotel’s location plays an important part as you explore the city. Here, take a look at some amazing places to stay at Udaipur.

Stay connected

No matter if it is your first time or “n” number of times, keep in mind to stay connected. Share your itinerary at the beginning of your trip. Also, share your daily activities with your friends and family. Please keep them updated.

Keep your belongings safe

Keep your documents, cash, and important things safe. Be aware of the pickpockets and common scams. Sometimes greed takes over the locals, and they might steal your belongings. For you to stay safe, it is important to keep your belongings safe.

Stay away from shady areas

Udaipur is mostly safe all the time. It is even safe to travel at night. However, it is advisable to avoid shady areas with empty lanes.   

Download the offline map of the city

It is always handy to have a map of the place you are travelling to. In case of network issues, you must be able to figure out where you are or where you are off to. You may think locals will easily help you with this, but trust me, being independent is a primary rule on solo travel.

Charge your gadgets

I consider this as the ultimate game-changer. I feel the safest when my gadgets are fully charged. Be it a phone or anything else. Carry power banks for emergency purposes. It acts as a lifesaver.

Be calm and composed

If you sense any kind of danger, don’t rush. Stay calm and collected. Take the necessary action and think on your feet.

Memorise the helpline numbers

Here are some important helpline numbers to keep in your mind that might come in handy.

Ambulance – 102, 108

Women helpline number – 18001200020, 1091

Police – 100

Udaipur – a safe destination for solo female travellers

Keep these above-mentioned points in mind and plan your trip to Udaipur. Trust me. It is worth the visit to Udaipur. You can go through my travel guide to Udaipur, and it will, without a doubt, increase your excitement! Feel free to ask me whatever query pops up in your mind. Do share your experience if you have already been to Udaipur in the comments below. Keep travelling, ladies!

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