Is Udaipur a Good Destination for Solo Travel?

Travelling solo is an experience to cherish forever. When you opt for solo travel, it is a crucial task to choose a good destination. As you gear up for your next solo trip to Udaipur, you must be wondering how good Udaipur is as a destination for solo travellers. Let me step in right here to help you. If you have a knack for knowing and learning about India’s diverse culture, Udaipur is your place. Simply pack your bags and visit Udaipur. 

Udaipur has become extremely popular among tourists. The old charm of the city makes a place in the heart of every traveller. You get to witness the perfect blend of rich cultural heritage and nature. Unwind yourself in the warmth of the city. Spend some quality time exploring the plethora of places. Take a walk around and admire the work of art that the city imbibes. 

Why is Udaipur a good destination?

A simple answer at the beginning about Udaipur being a good destination might not convince you right away. After all, if I were in your place as a solo female traveller, I won’t be convinced either. Hence, I have jotted down all the right reasons for you to visit the city. 

The historical significance of the city

Udaipur is known as the former capital of the Mewar Kingdom. The city is a treasure for an ardent lover of history. You get to learn about how the city was built by Maharana Udai Singh and listen to the stories of the royal rulers from the locals. The traces of history are visible in temples, monuments, and palaces across the city. 

is udaipur a good destination for solo travel

Visit the royal palaces to get a glimpse of the royal lifestyle. Some of the palaces are now heritage hotels. If you are lucky, you can even encounter Bollywood celebrities because many Udaipur palaces are used as a grand setup for shooting films.

Udaipur is the safest city to explore

Being a solo female traveller, you must always prioritise safety. With lower crime rates, Udaipur is one of the safest cities for women. Even the state government has taken the responsibility of providing security solely for tourism. Read here to know more about Udaipur as a safe destination.

Connectivity of the city

Anywhere you travel, connectivity of the place becomes important. Udaipur is one such city. It is connected by all three modes of travel – road, rail, and air. Wherever you are, you can reach your destination without any trouble. 

Additionally, the connectivity of the city helps in case you plan for a sudden trip. This is a major plus if you are travelling solo. All it takes is an overnight journey from the major cities of India to reach Udaipur. 

It is always the right time to visit Udaipur

You don’t have to be on the waiting list for the perfect time to visit Udaipur. You can visit Udaipur all around the year. This is another reason behind Udaipur being an ideal destination. 

In summer, being close to desert Udaipur remains extremely hot and humid. The temperature sometimes even spikes up to 45° Celsius. So it gets difficult to explore the city in the peak summer months. But if you are used to scorching heat in your homeland, you can nail it! However, please make sure you are hydrated all the time. Besides, you can always explore the nightlife of Udaipur!

Monsoon knocks around July. The rainy season is often considered not an ideal time to travel. On the contrary, to your surprise, the beauty of Udaipur – the “city of lakes” is enhanced during this season. The rain and the lakes create a serene ambiance. Do not miss visiting the lakes and palaces. You can spend your evening savouring hot fried delicacies. 

Almost everyone loves winter. During this time, Udaipur is packed with tourists. I love Udaipur during winter. If you love to explore every nook and cranny of the city, I suggest you visit the city in winter as the weather is most comfortable during this season!

The people of the city

is udaipur a good destination for solo travel

An ordinary city becomes a good destination because of the people. The people of Udaipur welcome you with such warmth that you feel connected to the city from the beginning. The festivals of the city show you how open-minded and incredibly kind the people they are. 

The lip-smacking delicacies

Every traveller knows food is the ultimate deal of a city. The royalty of the place can be seen in its dishes. Similar to the city’s diversity, the food of Udaipur is quite diverse. 

Try out the famous pyaz kachoris – traditional stuffed patties, mirchi vada – a deep-fried chili coated in gram flour. I suggest you taste the city’s special dal bati churma at Manoj Prakash Centre. There are several places to eat in Udaipur. Don’t forget to satiate your sweet tooth with ghevar and malpua. Besides the variety of street food, if you get an opportunity to try authentic Rajasthani cuisine at a local’s place, do not miss out on that!

The fairs and festivals

If you are still wondering if Udaipur is a good destination for solo travel, then gear up to organise your trip during the times of fairs and festivals. The city is bright with colours during these times. A glimpse of any of these festivals will make your trip unforgettable! The folk music, traditional dance forms, handcrafts lend you a different perspective to the city.

The Mewar Festival or Gangaur is celebrated in April. This festival is celebrated all across Rajasthan. But you can experience the authentic charm of the festival only in Udaipur. People of Udaipur welcome the spring season through this festival. You can spend a couple of days more in the city to embrace the culture of Udaipur. The Shilpgram Utsav or crafts fair is held in December. The fair is popular for its craftwork. If you are here during this time, make sure to buy some artwork on your way back home.

Unwind in Udaipur!

If you have decided to explore the northern cities of India, then Udaipur should be on your list! It is the perfect destination for solo travel. So do not hold back from visiting the great royal city – Udaipur. You’ll thank me late for sure!


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