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Bright pinks, bold reds, tranquilizing blues, and fiery oranges are some of the colour shades that will look spectacular against the elegant backdrop of the historical and architectural marvels of Udaipur!

When it comes to packing clothes for any solo trip, I know how difficult and confusing it can get. But for a solo trip to Udaipur, the answer to ‘what to pack’ sort of depends on the time of the year you are visiting the city. Read on to know more.

I would recommend that you pack all your bright, colourful outfits for the solo trip. The reason behind this is that these colours will pop out against the backdrop of stone monuments and crystal-clear lakes, making your pictures look more vibrant!

To make your outfit more fun and quirkier, you can wear silver junk jewellery like bangles, dangling earrings, finger rings, anklets, etc. For footwear, it is better to keep it simple. You can pack slip-ons or your pretty sandals. For western wear like shirts, jean shorts, and miniskirts, you can pack sneakers and shoes!

1. Footwear

Starting off with footwear, I would suggest that you avoid carrying more than you will need. Since you can always repeat a pair of footwear with multiple outfits, it would be a smart move on your part to pack something that will go with most of your outfits. For instance, a good pair of white sneakers is something that you can wear with anything. Be it a floral summer dress or a shirt and jeans—your white sneakers will work well with both.

Additionally, for a more bohemian look, you can pack sandals, flip-flops, or even boots! But make sure that these footwear choices work well with some of your other outfits too.

In case you end up planning your solo trip during the rainy months, I would suggest that you keep a pair of rain or winter boots too.

2. Jewellery

While it is not necessary, throwing in some good pieces of silver or junk jewellery will add an extra element to your entire outfit. Also, if you opt for a simple outfit like a white shirt and a floral skirt, a long necklace and hoop earrings will look really great. You can pack some bangles and finger rings too. If you like wearing hair accessories, I would suggest that you invest in some good hair clips and scarves, which can be worn with literally any outfit!

3. Clothes

I know you would want to pack all your favourite outfits for the solo trip. But trust me, you may not even wear most of those outfits because more often, we tend to reach out for clothes that we find comfortable. And considering the extreme weather of Udaipur, you do not want to wear the wrong types of outfits and then spend the day feeling uncomfortable.

Here are some tips I would like to share with you to make your work easier:

For summer months

what to wear in udaipur

While travellers, including solo female travellers, avoid travelling to Udaipur in the summer months, there are many who still end up visiting the city during these times. One of the reasons behind it is the crowd. Compared to other months, specifically winter months, the crowd is way too less during summer.

So, for the summer months, I would recommend that you wear cotton and breathable fabrics. Long skirts, short skirts, jean shorts, summer dresses, kaftans, tank tops, cotton shirts, and plain t-shirts are some of the clothes that you can pack. Also, I would suggest that you plan your outfits according to the activity you have planned out for the day. For instance, if you decide on boating at the Udaipur lakes, you can wear something comfortable like a pair of skinny jeans and a shirt, along with your sneakers. Similarly, if you plan on exploring the city, you can go in a summer dress or a long skirt!

For winter months

In my opinion, the best time to visit Udaipur is the winter months. Even though the tourist spots are usually quite crowded during this time, it is the pleasant weather that makes the visit worthwhile!

what to wear in udaipur

You will need all your winter clothes – warm sweaters, sweatshirts, mufflers, cardigans, beanie caps, and shawls, during these months. Again, I would suggest that you only keep woollen clothes that you will genuinely need and make use of. For instance, a long overcoat can be worn multiple times and will look good with pretty much every outfit. The same goes for mufflers, beanie caps, and shawls too.

4. Hat & Sunglasses

Your sunglasses and cute little hats are something you will only need during the summer months. You will be spending more than half of your day outside, exploring the city. During this time, the sunglasses can help protect your eyes and whereas the hat will keep your hair from getting damaged. Trust me when I say this, these two items can be your life saviour in Udaipur!

5. Swimwear

And lastly, you should definitely pack your favourite swimwear with you. Again, this will be useful only during the summer months. Considering the heat and extreme temperatures, you can change into your swimwear when you want to take a dip in the swimming pool to relax and rejuvenate!

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6. Comfort over fashion

These are some of the outfit suggestions that you can consider while packing your bags for your solo trip to Udaipur. At the end of the day, wear what makes you the most comfortable! This is the mantra I follow, and I’m pretty sure most of you do too. It makes travelling all the smoother, right?

If you found this blog helpful, do let me know in the comments section. Or, if you would like to leave out some outfit suggestions for me, do leave them in the comments below. I would love to try out new outfit ideas too!


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