Does Udaipur Have a Desert?

Exploring the desert region is a signature part of Rajasthan travel. Unfortunately, travel buddies, there isn’t a desert in Udaipur. Shocking, isn’t it? That said, you don’t have to worry as there are deserts nearby Udaipur to charm you with the sight of the dunes. Desert areas to visit nearby Udaipur are Jodhpur and Pushkar. So, when you are travelling solo in Udaipur, without a second thought, take a day trip to one of these desert areas. 

Does Udaipur have a desert or not?

Does Udaipur Have a Desert?

Before we discuss the deserts near Udaipur, let me brief you on the geographical location of Udaipur. As we all know, Rajasthan is a desert state in India. Thar desert, or what is otherwise known as the great Indian desert, covers this landscape. Udaipur is a district located in the northern end of Rajasthan. It is almost located near the Gujarat border. Now, why does Udaipur not have any deserts? It is because of the Aravalli mountains. If you have a glimpse of my other blog posts on Udaipur, you will repeatedly find the mention of the Aravalli mountains. Aravalli mountains are one crucial aspect of Udaipur, adding to its beauty. Udaipur has breathtaking landscapes, lush greenery, and evergreen lakes because of the Aravalli mountains. It is these mountains that separate the city from the desert region of Rajasthan.

Nonetheless, while in Udaipur, you can explore a desert. Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Barmer, and Pushkar, all proudly welcome visitors to their dune land. You must go to one of these locations to feel the seductive heat of the desert. What’s left? You can embark on thrilling rides, feel the desert sand, look for the oasis, and get deceived by mirages. All of these thrilling adventures are within your grasp. Even if Udaipur doesn’t have a desert, you should take a solo trip to one of the adjacent desert places from Udaipur.

Activities to do in the desert

The Desert tour is promising with a wide range of adventurous activities. You can indulge in desert safari, camel riding, paragliding, and desert camping on your desert trip near Udaipur. By the way, we have camel riding in Udaipur as well. You can take a camel ride near the famous lakes of Udaipur. It is not a desert ride, though!

Getting back. A must-do thing in the desert is viewing the sunrise and sunset. It is a glorious experience, friends. Make sure you capture the moment. A sunset picture in the desert would be perfect for a postcard picture of your trip. That said, deserts are a great scene for photographs. So, take snaps. Try unique poses. Something like Zendaya’s pose in the “Dune” movie. Capture the moments and enjoy your time in the crimson light!

Desert near Udaipur


The desert in Jodhpur called the Osian dunes is the closest desert to Udaipur. It is located 256 km from Udaipur. That means it takes solidly 5 hours via road. From Jodhpur, you can take a local bus or private taxi to get to the dune point. The desert region in Jodhpur is called Osian because there is a famous Osian Mata Temple. On reaching, pay a visit to this temple and start your exploration. You can take part in jeep riding, camel riding, and camping. As far as I remember, the camping area is secluded from the main area where activities occur. And, if you opt for camping, you have to stay through the night.


The desert of Pushkar is the next closely located desert destination to Udaipur. It is 286 km away from Udaipur. Hence it takes 5 to 6 hours to reach. Comparatively, it is a small desert area but the most visited one as it is close to Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. You can reach Pushkar by bus and train. If you plan to take a train, you have to get down at Ajmer railway station. What is special about the Pushkar dune? Just like in Jodhpur, you can participate in various desert activities in Pushkar. However, its key highlight is their camel ride. You can, for example, ride a camel from the dune to the nearby little villages. It is a must-do activity for solo travellers in Pushkar.

The largest desert, Jaisalmer

Does Udaipur Have a Desert?

The deserts in Jodhpur and Pushkar are the closest to Udaipur. There are other desert locations such as Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Nagaur, and Barmer. All these places are very far considering our starting point, Udaipur. However, I thought I would tell you about the Jaisalmer desert because it is the largest desert in Rajasthan! If you are extending your trip, Jaisalmer should be your first choice.

Jaisalmer is one of the most beautiful desert destinations in Rajasthan’s Thar desert. It is 500 kilometres from Udaipur. Travelling from Udaipur to this location is somewhat difficult! Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes are two of the most well-known desert dunes. Both Sam and Khuri are 30-60 metres high, attracting visitors from all around India. Along with these two dunes, Jaisalmer is a renowned tourist destination with its Golden Fort, also known as Sonar Quila, and other attractions such as Gadisar Lake, Amar Sagar, and the Jaisalmer War Museum.

As mentioned earlier, there is no desert in Udaipur. However, you can go to nearby desert locations such as Jodhpur and Pushkar on your solo travel in Udaipur. I didn’t try desert camping. If you have already been to these deserts and have also camped, please share your experience below.

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