How to Get Around Florence as a Solo Female Traveller | Tips & Tricks

Ready with the itinerary of Florence? But unsure about how to get around the city as a solo female traveller? It is essential to have some tips and tricks up your sleeves to treat yourself to the perfect symphony of art and culture of Florence. Or else, getting around Florence can get a bit tricky.


When it comes to Florence, a geographically small city – walking is hands down the best way to get around it. That said, walking alone in a foreign land, especially for the first time can be a daunting task. So, to walk safely around the city, first get acquainted with the city’s layout. Mark notable landmarks on the map, like the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore, Pitti Palace, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Palace, etc., and plan your walking tour accordingly. All the major attractions of Florence are just minutes away from each other.

If planning out everything on your own feels a bit tedious, join a walking tour. There are both paid and free walking tours of Florence available. Choose the one that suits your preference and schedule! 

Plus, if you are exploring Florence’s nightlife on foot, stick to the well-lit areas. Don’t walk into the shady alleys. Opt for restaurants or cafes that are in a safe area. 

Public Transportation

In my experience as a solo female traveller, be it Florence or any other Italian city – public transportation is the most convenient and safest way to get around the city. All we have to do is know some tips and tricks to use it efficiently.


After walking, buses are the second best way to get around Florence. The bus system is regular and covers the entire city. In addition, buses help you move swiftly and cheaply from one corner of the city to the other. Florence’s bus system even operates during the night (€5.00 for a single ticket) on weekdays till midnight and on weekends until 2 am. 

To use the Autolinee Toscane bus service in Florence efficiently, make sure to purchase the ticket (€1.70) beforehand, especially because on-the-spot tickets are comparatively costlier.

If you do not have a travel pass or forgot to purchase the ticket, do not panic. Simply use your mobile phone and download the “at bus” app to buy a ticket. 

Next, while using the buses, keep in mind to validate your ticket to avoid any fines. If you’re caught with an invalid ticket you might have to pay a fine up to €50. This amount will increase if you do not pay the fine within a certain time. 

Now, you might be thinking about how to validate the ticket on the bus. Well, it is not a complicated process. You’ll be able to spot a validating machine right when you board the bus. It usually is next to the door. 


Another public transport that helps travellers to stay well-connected in Florence is the tram. Although Florence’s tram system is just a little more than a decade old, it serves the purpose. Plus, it’s affordable, safe, and always on time. If you’re someone who does not like delays and hates traffic, trams in Florence should be your go-to option.

The best part about travelling on a tram is that you can hop on it with a bus ticket! Yes, you read it right. Besides, you can get a ticket at tram stops as well.

That said, currently, you have access to two tram lines in Florence. One, i.e., T1, connects you to SMN train station from Scandicci. The other – T2, connects you to the airport from the city center in 25 minutes.   

Other ways to get around Florence as a solo female traveller

Now that we have discussed the major public transportation to get around the city and tips to make full use of it without any hassle, let’s look at some other ways you can explore the city.


One of the alternatives to public transportation is a cycle only if you can ride one! Since Florence is a small area, you can easily paddle your way through the city. It is an extremely fun way to get around Florence as a solo traveller.

Guess the best part about cycling through Florence – you get to live like a local and mix in with the locals. Many Florentines use cycles as their only means of transportation. So, you will for sure have some company on your solo cycling journey in the city. 

Just make sure to follow the basic rules like watching the signs of one-way streets and the traffic signals. 


how to get around Florence

Whether you want to go on a day trip from Florence or just discover the hidden gems of Florence, travelling in the classic Vespa will never go out of style. You can go on a self-tour or opt for Vespa tours. 


If you’re not counting penny to penny, you can hop on a taxi to get around the city. It will cost you around €8 for a short trip.

If you’re planning to get taxis in Florence, remember that you might not be able to hail one just like that on any street corner. The best way to get taxis in Florence is either by picking one from the taxi stands or calling them directly to the place you are staying in Florence.

Extra tips and tricks to roam around Florence hassle-free

Stay connected

Prioritise your safety by staying connected 24×7. Wondering how? It’s simple: have a proper data plan. In today’s world, it is a no-brainer that having an internet connection solves a lot of issues in no time. However, download the offline maps for emergency purposes. 

Also, keep the emergency services handy. And share your itinerary with your family or friends for the ultimate safety.

Learn to speak the language

No matter which city you’re exploring, learning the local language always helps. It dims the difference between the locals and tourists. Hence, before you start getting around Florence, memorise some Italian phrases for daily interactions.

Believe in your instincts 

The best suggestion I have for all my fellow solo travellers is to always believe in your instincts. You know the best. Listen to your gut feeling the most. It will tell you whether the things are all right or not! 

When are you planning your Florence trip?

how to get around Florence

Research and plan ahead to embrace the local culture and navigate the city with confidence on your solo adventure in this Renaissance city.

Further, if you have any queries, feel free to let me know. In the meantime, if you’re looking for the ultimate guide to Florence, read my blog here!


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