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Getting around Florence in a Vespa is one of the most exciting and classic ways to explore the city. In fact, riding a Vespa in any Italian city is fun and adventurous. But to ride one, you have to first rent one, don’t you? And renting one might look like a lot of hassle, especially if you are in the city for the first time.
Read on till the end to get answers to all the possible queries regarding Vespa rental in Florence.

What do You Need to Rent a Vespa in Florence?

Before you rent a Vespa in Florence, here are the things you must have for a smooth rental experience in the city:

Identity Card

To rent a Vespa, make sure you have your identity card with you. Be it for your age or nationality proof, identity comes in handy during the rental procedure. Although rental companies in Florence do not demand one the majority of the time, there are times they might ask for a quick check.

Credit Card

While renting a Vespa, don’t forget to carry your credit card. It’s a must-have. You’ll need it to make the caution payment. No matter what you are renting – a Vespa scooter or a car, you’ll have to pay the caution money during the time of rental. Caution money is refundable. You get the money back once you hand over the Vespa to the owner or rental company after your exploration of the Renaissance city. However, if there’s damage on the rented Vespa or somehow you miss out on picking up your Vespa rental, you won’t be eligible to get a refund of the caution money.

Driver’s License

Now that’s given, isn’t it? You will need a valid driving license to drive your Vespa rental in and around Florence. In case you’re not from any European city, get yourself an international driving permit. It is not a very difficult process to issue yourself one. You only have to apply for it beforehand to ensure a smooth process.


Some rental companies might ask for your passport during the rental procedure. So, it is wise to carry it with you. And in general, as well, keep your passport with you. All the time. That’s something you don’t want to lose on a solo trip, isn’t it?

Where to Rent a Vespa in Florence?

vespa rental in florence

Now that you are aware of all the things that you require for renting a Vespa in Florence, let’s look at some of the best rental options in Florence:

Florence Station Rental

Of all the rental companies in Florence, Florence Station Rental is the easiest place to rent a Vespa scooter. Their flexible schedule makes them popular among travellers. From their exceptional service to affordable pricing, this establishment is a top choice for exploring the city on two wheels. Another key factor that sets Florence Station Rental apart is its helpful and kind staff. Plus, their rentals are well-maintained. They even suggest you the right kind of Vespa according to your itinerary.

Alinari Rental Bike

Another pocket-friendly rental service in Florence is Alinari Rental Bike. They are the nicest people you’ll get to meet because this rental company is run by a family – a married couple. They speak a little English, which will surely help in communication. The prices are average. And the best part is it’s right in the city center. They will eventually give you a recommended circuit map, including places to eat.

The Vespa Rent – Toscana In Tour Florence

Renting a Vespa from Vespa Rent – Toscana In Tour Florence is easy. They have made the entire procedure super fast by giving clear instructions. They will even help you set up the Vespa for a secure ride. In addition, they will make you feel safe and help you curate a self-guided tour in and around the city.

What is the Price of Vespa Rental in Florence?

To rent a regular Vespa of 125cc, you will have to pay around €35 for a day. In case you are looking for a Vespa at a cheaper price, make sure to book one from a legitimate rental company. Don’t compromise with your safety to save some pennies.

If you prefer an electric Vespa, it will cost you around €75 for a day. It is ideal for day trips from Florence. It gives you the perfect mileage to cover the outskirts of Florence.

Tips to Travel Smoothly in a Vespa

  • Always check for prior damages on your Vespa. And don’t forget to click pictures of your chosen Vespa before renting. It will help you to avoid further issues while handing over the Vespa scooter.
  • Don’t forget to wear a helmet. It is non-negotiable. Strap it every time you’re riding a Vespa. Or else you’ll have to pay a hefty fine.
  • Learn about the traffic signals before you start riding a Vespa. And only ride one if you’re extremely good at it. Otherwise, riding a Vespa in Florence can be a bit of a headache.
  • Plan your routes to ride smoothly through the city. It’s a small city, so navigating it won’t be difficult. However, it is essential to know the locations of the major attractions, places to park, and probable pit stops.
  • Do not park on the pedestrian crossing. It is illegal in Florence. The best place to park your Vespa is in the designated parking zone.
  • You can also rent a Vespa by hour or day. I always suggest first trying and testing your abilities to navigate the narrow alleys of Florence and then committing to it. If you feel comfortable, you can even rent a Vespa for an entire week.
  • Read the contract completely before renting a Vespa. The expected time of returning the Vespa rental, extra charges, causes of fines, etc.
  • Don’t ride your Vespa under the influence of alcohol. It’s not only hazardous, but Florence has a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving.

Rent a Vespa for a Unique Experience

vespa rental in florence

Even if you don’t plan on renting a Vespa for your entire solo trip to Florence, do it for a day. You’ll have an experience of a lifetime. Besides exploring Florence, you can also explore the Tuscan countryside in your Vespa.
As a solo traveller, exploring the countryside in a classic Vespa sounds straight out of a film, right? Feel the wind against your skin and hair as you ride through the Renaissance city. With an understanding of the nuances of the traffic, accurate documentation, and good riding skills, you’re all set to embrace the solo adventure like never before!

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