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From chic lifestyle to education, from cultural diversity to medieval forts, Delhi is the home to those who wander searching for upscaling their personal and professional fronts. Wrapped in this glitter comes the very infamous Delhi belly.

I went to Delhi for a week’s trip and was excited to try the Mughal cuisines from Old Delhi, but alas, I had already been the victim of Delhi Belly. To break it down, it is the trials and turbulences that travellers experiences after having street food, intaking spicy ingredients, and consuming dirty water.

The common symptoms are vomiting, nausea, or feeling bloated and having cramps in the stomach. You will be at a loss of appetite and might have some temperature. To avoid falling sick on your first solo visit to Delhi, make sure you are cautious of what you are eating. Read my guide here – 20 Things to do in Delhi for Solo Female Travellers

There is no sure shot way to deal with the infamous Delhi Belly, but here are few tips that you can use while visiting the capital. Nonetheless, the spirit of traveling and exploring should not be hampered with any cause. Read my guide – 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo. 

To minimize your chances of getting struck down with the infamous Delhi Belly, avoid brushing your teeth with tap water. As opposed to popular culture in India’s West, tap water is not purest form and usually has harsh minerals. 

1. Take bottled water only to ward off tummy trouble

safety tips and advices for solo female travellers

Hydrate… with CLEAN WATER!

In India, you will find it common that people will serve you regular water. You should be very cautious of what you intake since you are traveling from abroad. With regular water, you may catch the bacterial infection as it not unfiltered. Also, don’t drink water from taps in public places; it is not the same as in foreign countries. This sparkling water will only take you to the hospital.

2. Carry tetra packs of juice and soft drinks

Staying hydrated and digesting all the fatty food are two keys points. You will end up eating a lot of spicy and oily food in Delhi. So it will take you a long way if you can carry small tetra packs of juices or shakes. In case you buy juice from outside, you should refrain from them using ice in your drinks.

3. Use washroom at regular intervals

There will be days when you will be on your toes the entire day and not find the cleanest state of washrooms. On my trip, I avoided using public restrooms but instead used them in the cafes and restaurants where I had my meals. Other than this, you will find an array of five-star hotels around the Aerocity in Gurgaon, and you can easily avail of one there if you are around that area.

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4. Keep a cup of yogurt handy

Commonly, you get exposed to amoebic diarrhea, and the best preventive measure to avoid Delhi Belly is to have a bowl of curd, kombucha, yogurt, or drink buttermilk. They are available in various flavours and textures, so you should try having them every day. Ice cream from unreliable open shops is also another cause that can cause Delhi Belly and make you severely ill. You can eat it from Cream Bells or Mother Diary as they are age-old veterans of this industry.

5. Improve your digestion

In India, Isabgol is the best solution that mobilizes digestion power. In the West, it is popularly known as Psyllium Husk. It is a soluble fibre and acts as a natural digestive cleanser. Dealing with Delhi Belly can be a bit of turmoil, but if you take rich fibrous food, then there are fewer chances that you will get caught with this bacterial infection.

6. Make sure you wash your hands

Especially after the worldwide pandemic of Covid 19, washing hands is the golden rule that you must follow. Especially be aware of the times between the meals and don’t touch your face and surroundings. To keep Delhi Belly at your bay, wash your hands with soap and water and use sanitizer regularly.

7. Peel off vegetables 

You will find it common in India that fruits and vegetables are injected with chemicals to enhance their colours, taste, and shelf life. So peel off the fruits like apples and pears before you consume them directly. Also, India is a hot and humid country. A fruit juice, lassi, or fruits with higher water content such as watermelon, pineapple, and cucumbers will help you keep your body temperature at bay.

8. Places to avoid 


Hotspots of infections in India are Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, and Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi. Here the nutrition takes a backseat, and you can feel eating junk. In other cases, also you should not intake street food and visit crowded places for local food. Keep in mind not eating pickles and chutneys/sauces as they are hot and spicy and sometimes stale. You will get large portions of rice or flat-breads here, and they are a good source of carbohydrates. But be mindful of the restaurant or cafe you are eating it from. As much as you want to try it all, refrain yourself from falling into an infectious food trap. 

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9. Don’t let dodgy stomach kill your urge to eat 

A hygienic way of enjoying the delicacies of Delhi is to eat from properly rated outlets. I will personally suggest you try food outlets at ‘Delhi Haat’. They have special and famous food items from all India’s states and due to its aura and pricing, mostly foreigners visit here. Health precautions are better here, and you will not regret visiting Delhi Haat. Meat is consumed lowest in India. Don’t try from just any place. Read its reviews on Google. Still, if you cannot align your taste buds, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Dominos are your answer. They’re much better than a few contaminated street food that causes immediate reaction. You’d at least be aware of it’s raw ingredients, precautions, and quality!

10. Stoppers are your best friends

I met a traveller on my way to Bali, and she introduced me to these magic pills. It stops your urge to go and use a bathroom. It is practically used when you are on an overnight bus journey or on any beach/island area where there is no access to pee. And I cannot emphasise enough how these tablets worked like a charm for me. So in case you are feeling uncomfortable with the food and drinks you had while on the go, take this tablet and let it all settle down.

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If you ask yourself that you will be dreaded with Delhi Belly, so the answer is yes, most likely. But isn’t it more thrilling than on your first solo trip, you manage your health like a superwoman and know how to conduct yourself like a pro? On my first solo trip, I remember how prepared I was with my research and itinerary that all my energy was directed in making each moment count. 

You should take proper rest and carry ORS or Rehydration sachets available at Walmart and 24 Seven shops. It is necessary since you are traveling to a foreign land to enjoy the experience and surround yourself with love and peace.

TD (Traveller’s Diarrhoea) is not a bad thing, after all!

Walking also helped me to stay in tune with physical exercise and digest the food better. At times during the trips, we forget that we need to keep our bodies attuned with physical movements while adopting a new fun-filled vacation. Set a time for yourself. I will recommend early in the morning to go for a jog or a run. Soak in the sun and breathe fresh air. Clear your mind of all the doubts and things that have been holding you back. And finally set your focus on what you want to do for the day. 

delhi belly cure

Treat your body with love and a plenty of healthy smoothies…

The people of Delhi are very welcoming and warm. If you severely fall sick, you should ask someone around or visit a doctor or even take online consultation from the medical practitioners of Practo. Even better, take out a few minutes and read this helpful article covering various points on how to safeguard yourself and boost your immunity level. Read it at Travel & Leisure. 

A month before your travel date, start sleeping on time, and eat healthy food only as it will develop your metabolism and immunity stronger. Have awesome time, and let me know about your experience in the comment section. If you find another quick hack to deal with the infamous Delhi-Belly, do drop a message and let our travel community know about it.

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Travel safe, and cheers to all!

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