Is Visiting Chittorgarh Alone Safe for Solo Travellers?


Chittorgarh, a regal destination in Rajasthan, offers visitors many enthralling places to explore. Famous for the majestic Chittorgarh Fort and many other architectural marvels, the city is considered one of the safest tourist destinations in the state. Be it a solo female trip or a girls-only trip, Chittorgarh is safe for women. Having visited this beautiful location a couple of times, I can vouch for it!

From what I have seen of Chittorgarh, I would say that I like it for being a peaceful city. For those of you who are history enthusiasts and wouldn’t mind spending time exploring and learning more about its culture, Chittorgarh is the perfect place.

If you are planning a solo trip to Chittorgarh but worrying about it being safe or not, well, then I can assure you that it will be a great trip. Here are some tips and tricks that I used on my solo trip, which will help you have a safe travel experience!

1. Research well

Knowing everything about a certain place well in advance can enhance your travel experience by thousand folds. The same goes with Chittorgarh too. You can read blogs and articles on the internet, watch travel videos on YouTube and ask questions in travel forums to educate yourself about this enchanting city. This will also help you plan your itinerary much better!

2. Choose the right accommodation

Budget plays an important role in most solo travellers’ decisions. And to be honest, accommodation, a safe yet good one, can take up most of that budget. But luckily, Chittorgarh offers a wide range of affordable and comfortable yet safe accommodations for female travellers. If you are travelling to Chittorgarh for the first time, it is best that you choose a hostel, hotel, or resort close to the city centre. This will not only ensure you stay safe but also make it easy for you to travel to the famous tourist places and explore this gem of a city at your convenience!

3. Carry cash

As soon as you land in Chittorgarh, I would suggest that you withdraw some cash. I know, I know that the whole world is going digital. But there are certain places in the city that accept only cash. Carrying a little bit of cash with you at all times will avoid the hassles of searching for an ATM, which, honestly, can be quite time-consuming. 

4. Keep photocopies of all necessary documents

Yes, this is very necessary. Although your chances of losing your documents are rare in a safe city like Chittorgarh, it would not hurt to take those extra steps to be safe. Also, once you have several photocopies with you, place them in different areas of your backpack. And always carry one photocopy of your documents in your backpack. Sometimes, cops might ask you to show your documents as a part of safety procedures.

5. Respect the city’s culture

As is with any destination in the world, Chittorgarh takes its culture and values very seriously. I would suggest that you respect their culture and you will be out of trouble. The city has quite a lot of religious sites, so it would be better to follow the rules and regulations when you visit these places. One way to do so is by dressing appropriately. Some temples may have a rule of leaving footwear outside the entrance. If you are planning on visiting the temples, you can wear flats or flip-flops so that it is easier for you to take them off whenever needed.

6. Be well aware of your surroundings

It is advisable to be aware of the surroundings of your accommodation and also the places you are visiting. For instance, avoid taking shady lanes or shortcuts to your accommodation. Always take the main route. Also, do thorough research before making plans to go to any tourist spot. Also, use your phone for directions to go to places instead of asking strangers in less-crowded places.

7. Do not mingle too much with strangers

This is extremely important when you visit Chittorgarh. Even though the people are quite warm and welcoming, it would not hurt to keep some boundaries. If you find a stranger very creepy and the situation makes you comfortable, I would suggest that you leave that place immediately. If you face any problems on your trip, you can always approach the cops. However, just make sure that you do not do drugs or any other sort of illegal activity in Chittorgarh. Also, if you do decide to drink in the city, take a cab or taxi back to your accommodation. If required, ask the staff at the restaurant or bar to help you book your ride!

8. Rent a vehicle

A scooter or car, having your own vehicle is one of the best ways to enjoy exploring the magnificent city of Chittorgarh. If you are confident in your riding or driving skills, I would recommend that you rent a vehicle in Chittorgarh. This will not only help you save the transportation cost and time but also ensure that you reach your hotel or hostel safely. However, just make sure that you have a driving license and are not reckless on the road.

Is Chittorgarh safe for female travellers?

Is Chittorgarh Safe for Solo Travellers?

Well, yes. Chittorgarh is quite safe for solo female travellers. As long as you follow the rules and regulations of the city and stay alert at all times, you are good to go. But hey, this does not mean that you have to compromise on having fun. Chittorgarh is a fun city, and thousands of tourists travel here to have a gala time! Since you will be travelling alone, you are solely responsible for your own safety. So, just ensure that you can rely on yourself, and you will have a memorable travel experience!

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