Is Visiting Mount Abu Safe for Solo Travellers?

Planning a solo trip to Mount Abu but wondering if it’s safe for solo travellers? Well, I have travelled to this beautiful hill station in Rajasthan several times and realised that it is, in fact, quite safe for solo female travellers.

However, it would not hurt to stay alert or follow certain tips that can help make your solo trip a safe and memorable one.

Here in this blog, I have mentioned some useful tips for staying safe in Mount Abu. Read on to know more!

1. Research well in advance

This may sound a little boring but trust me, doing thorough research well before planning your solo trip will help make your experience seamless. In a way, research also helps you understand which parts of the city/country to explore more and which to avoid. This way, you can effectively plan your solo trip to Mount Abu to ensure you have the best experience!

2. Make a list of things to pack

Being a solo female traveller means being the only person you can rely on. Now, this comes with many responsibilities, starting with packing all the necessary things without missing out on anything. To ensure that you pack everything you will need on your trip to Mount Abu, I would suggest that you make a list. You can either write things down in your diary or go digital! I prefer creating the list on my phone. Since we are all always on our phones, we might as well use them for something good, right?

Here is a tip that you can use while packing your bags for the Mount Abu trip – keep the weather in mind. The summer season calls for pretty summer dresses and cotton clothes. Monsoon season will require you to carry your boots, thin sweaters, or cardigans. And the winter season is all about wearing all your cute woollen clothes and layering them up!

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3. Dress aptly

Well, this may seem a little absurd. I agree. But being a female traveller, this advice can help enhance your solo trip. You might have heard this over and over again from many people. But speaking from experience, it is very important to dress according to the place and the time. 

When it comes to dressing up to explore Mount Abu, you do not have to think too much. If you plan on visiting the beautiful religious sites in the hill station, then wearing clothes that do not expose too much of your body would be ideal. On the other hand, if your plan is to have a relaxed day exploring other tourist attractions, then you can wear anything that makes you comfortable!

4. Keep your smartphone charged at all times

In this world where everything has gone digital, roaming outside with a dead phone sounds weird, right? When travelling alone, your phone is your best friend and the only thing you can rely on. Quite literally. So, keep it charged at all times. If that’s not possible, then carry a power bank with you.

5. Choose the right accommodation

Accommodation takes up a majority of your budget for any solo trip. But luckily, Mount Abu offers some really good accommodations at affordable rates. And the best part is these accommodations are centrally located in town and in close vicinity to many tourist attractions, which can help cut down on your transportation costs.

6. Keep your documents safely

All your essential documents such as passport, visa, and other travel and personal documents are of utmost importance. This makes it extremely essential for you to keep them safe. One very simple way of ensuring this is by making multiple copies of every document. And then, you can keep these copies in separate pockets in your backpack.

Also, while you step out of your hotel or hostel in Mount Abu to explore the hill station, I would suggest that you avoid carrying the original documents. This way, even if you lose your belongings, your documents will be safe!

7. Always carry cash with you

I understand that in a digital world like today’s, it may seem unnecessary to withdraw cash. But travelling is when it gets extremely important to always have some cash with you. While a majority of the world has gone digital, there are still some areas where people prefer cash payments. In a town like Mount Abu, you may find some local shops that only accept cash. So always carry a little bit of cash in your backpack!

8. Stay alert at all times

Being a solo female traveller, this one goes without saying. You do not need to compromise on having fun on your solo trip to Mount Abu in any way, but it is essential to stay alert in a foreign destination. To be on the safer side, you can always tell your folks or close friends about where you are going and share your location with them. 

Is Mount Abu a safe destination?

Is Mount Abu safe for solo travellers?

Yes. Completely. Although tucked away in the arms of nature, this beautiful hill station is safe for all kinds of travellers, including female travellers. If you are planning your next solo trip to Mount Abu and are worried about it being safe, then I would suggest that you go ahead and do so. I have been to Mount Abu multiple times and have always had a pleasant experience!

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