Non-touristy things: 6 things to remember on your first solo trip


Hiring local guides through agencies and taking part in group tours sometimes feel like school field trips. In addition to that, it also feels like that boring History class for non-majors! Following are some tips and ideas to make your next travel destination little more exciting, non-touristy, fun, thrilling and authentic.

1. Hostel are underrated

Fancy hotels and luxury resorts are amazing. But you miss out the fun if you choose to spend the entire week there. Try to step out and look for the ones that are cheap and boutique-like as well. Hostels are great for travellers who want to experience the authenticity of the place without fully emptying their bank accounts. Likewise, it is budget friendly for solo travellers as well! If you want to know more about solo travelling, read things you encounter when you decide to travel solo.

2. Independent tour guides for the win

Independent and freelance tour guides are always great alternatives to the traditional guides hired through agencies. Airbnb is where you should look for one! You will have better insights into reviews from other travellers. Above all, it is super cheap as well.

3. Time to taste authentic food

Not everyone likes to have croissants in Egypt or pancakes in India! Speaking of Egypt, check out my post on non-Touristy things to do in Egypt. There are hotels that cater only western food to tourists on all days of the trip. How boring is that? Furthermore, their display of local food is either pricey or completely unauthentic! Sometimes they’re both and that’s even worse! Escape the boring buffet at hotels and try the local food from non-touristy restaurants. Therefore, you can use Google for the help! And tell you what, you’d be shocked to see how the local foods taste in hotels and little shops where locals eat. Obviously, the latter one is so much better!

4. Experiences create amazing memories

Have you ever wondered about going on a painting, dancing, shopping spree on your own or with the help of a local in the unknown destination? On the contrary, many travellers travel for the experiences and end up visiting only zoos and historical monuments. It’s about time to make long-lasting memories through your experiences in your vacation!

5. Exploring on your own is fun

Stepping out of your comfort zone is important, especially during a trip to your favourite destination. Hire a taxi, converse with the locals and explore the places on your own. However, it is important to carry extra portable chargers and power banks for your mobile phone. Google is going to help you with language, places and experiences.

6. Friends for life

Making friends is the underrated part about your trip. Exchanging cultural information with your local friends will help you gain more knowledge about the country and people like no other group tours.

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