Things you encounter when you decide to travel solo

There is going to be a lot of people giving you a piece of advice on how you should consider SAFETY over anything. Sure, safety is first but those advices will definitely take a toll on your confidence level. So make sure you have an abundance of confidence  before you start your journey.

Remember solo traveling is everything you need in life to conquer some of your worst fears. But it also makes you overthink about your choice. Have the courage to face it. Now or never.

The process gets harder if you happen to be a WOMAN! Duh – Of course! People are going to bring up the past encounter of a woman journalist who went to interview amidst the chaotic protest in Iraq. *eye roll* No place is safe in this world unless you choose to stay aware and informed of your environment. It’s your choice. So buckle up and stay positive ladies!

Be prepared to tackle all the propaganda theories…

And if you happen to be a teenager, a young adult or anybody for that matter of fact, you are going to be judged pretty bad. Comments like “she’s probably going with her bf”, “he’s a freak and has no friends” are going to be common. Nobody’s judgement is worth your time darling! It is about time to rise and shine.

You are going to have a lot of peer pressure with responsibility game in hands. Being EXTRA responsible during solo trip is important. And henceforth, it will always be in the priority list at the back of your mind.

Lastly, you will go through a roller coaster of emotions, most of them in a good way. You are only going to be stronger and better at the end of this journey. So be unbothered and slay the world by just being YOU.


An introverted blogger who is looking to make unforgettable solo travel memories with one short life.

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