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12 Unique Places to Stay on your Solo Trip to Delhi, India

The capital of India consists of Old Delhi and New Delhi, which is quite unique in itself. Old Delhi is known for its monuments and historical sites, whereas New Delhi is a political hub and is known for its modernism. It is the second-most populous city in the world, with a population of over 30 million.

Delhi is a tourist hotspot due to its history, monuments, and cultural diversity, all in one place! While almost everyone understands and speaks English, I would suggest that you learn a few Hindi phrases to enhance your experience immensely and communicate with the locals without a hiccup. Due to the high tourist traffic, there are a huge number of hotels here. Be it the absolutely luxurious ones, pocket-friendly, or dirt-cheap ones – you have it all here!

As solo female travellers, we have our own set of criteria when we lookout for places to stay. And safety tops that list. And I can assure you that Delhi is a safe city if you are cautious enough! Next comes the price. Most of us do not spend a lot of money on accommodation because it isn’t really required. Even though you can find some affordable hotels here, shelling out some extra bucks will not hurt you if you get a unique experience.

Here is a list of some unique places where you can stay on your solo trip to Delhi. While you can book your stay at these places from a third-party website like TripAdvisor or Agoda, I would highly recommend that you do it from their official website to get the rooms at the cheapest rate and save some extra cash.

1. Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, Connaught Place

Located in the heart of Connaught Place, this is one of the few 5-star hotels without a heavy price tag. Needless to say, this place has all the amenities you will ever need in a hotel. For example, there is a garden, private dining, swimming pool, high-speed Wi-Fi, gym, bar, nightclub, and every other basic amenity that you will find in any other hotel.

The thing that makes this hotel unique is the design of the hotel, the views, and the exceptional service of the staff. Now you might think that all of this can be easily found in any hotel. But then comes the price of this hotel. While it can vary significantly, you can book a room for as little as β‚Ή4,700/night if you are lucky. During my stay here for two nights, I absolutely enjoyed my time, and this place was worth every single penny.

2. Chhoti Haveli, Vasant Kunj

Located near the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Chhoti Haveli is a B&B like none other. As the name suggests, this place looks and feels royal, like a haveli (mansion). It has a Rajasthani vibe to it because of the furniture and the furnishings. Even though it looks and feels like an ancient place, it is equipped with every modern facility that you would find in a hotel. If you are looking to spend some time in an ancient Rajasthani place, this one is for you.

While this is not as famous as it deserves to be, the stay here is an incomparable experience. The owners are super sweet and helpful, too, which gives this place a homely vibe. It cuts you off from the hustle-bustle of Delhi, which is hard to find. A room here will cost you β‚Ή3,700/night.

3. Thikana, Gulmohar Park

Thikana means ‘the place you belong’ in Hindi. Marketed as “your home” in New Delhi, this hotel is also run by a family. Atul and Sheetal Bhalla are amazing hosts and treat you like a family member. They are helpful and also tell you about the tourist attractions and happening places in and around the place. I must say, the cleanliness of this place is what makes this place feel like home.

This place has all the amenities that your home would have – high-speed Wi-Fi, free breakfast, 24-hour security and check-in, air conditioning, desk, and many others. It is ideally located and has a ton of restaurants around. Also, if you don’t feel like eating the food at your Thikana, you can walk to one of the restaurants. But beware of the infamous Delhi Belly while eating from restaurants outside your hotel. A night’s stay here will cost you β‚Ή4,200, which might sound like a lot, but the location of this place is the USP.

4. Colonel’s Retreat, Defence Colony

I feel that the Colonel’s Retreat is one of the best options for solo female travellers in Delhi. It is a famous B&B among tourists and travellers due to its design, price, service, and safety. They emphasise highly on privacy, and I had no problems during my stay here. The hotel has a story of its own that I read on their website, and later on, the hosts explained it to me. I highly recommend that you check out their storytoo.

Not only is this place a hotel, but more like a tourist attraction in itself. It is ideally located, and all the happening places are easily accessible from here. They are very serious about the hospitality part, and I loved it! If safety and privacy are more important to you than anything else, look no further than the Colonel’s Retreat. A room will cost you somewhere around β‚Ή2,500 to β‚Ή3,000 for one night.

5. On The House, Safdarjung Enclave

A residential building converted into a B&B, On The House is a cool place to stay. Each of the four rooms here has a different colour theme and looks completely different from the other. Heavily decorated and furnished, the quirky and peculiar looks of this place make it a truly unique accommodation. Each of the four rooms has different artefacts and handicrafts from around the world. There is also a common seating area where travellers from other rooms can meet. And if you wish to, you can make some friends too!

Talking about amenities, this place has more than the basics. Television, air conditioner, safes, desks, Wi-Fi and fridges are available in each room. Restaurants and cafes are at a walkable distance from this place, so that is not an issue. A night’s stay here will cost you β‚Ή2,500, which is worth the money considering the “quirky” experience.

6. The Lazy Patio, Hauz Khas

An earth-house? Penthouse? Hotel? B&B? Airbnb? Let’s just call it amazing! Because it classifies each of the terms mentioned above. There are three rooms available here, and I must say, they are unique in terms of architecture. And not only that, the views from here are stellar! This place is picturesque and perfect for your Instagram stories and posts.

Surprisingly, this place has all the amenities that you would find in a normal hotel. Do note that the dining area and kitchen are common for all. But you can get your food into your room and have a meal peacefully. If you are looking for a scenic place and a unique room, this is the place for you. A room here will cost you β‚Ή4,000/night. 

7. Amarika, Nizamuddin West

A small, white place covered with green plants – that’s Amarika for you. I must say, this is one of the hidden gems of Delhi. It can accommodate four people in two bedrooms and offers a private chef and housekeeper to make you feel at home. It also hosts a serene rooftop garden covered with bamboo. This is one of those places which is beautiful on the inside and has scenic views on the outside.

The host likes peaceful visitors and does not allow loud music, something to note if you are into it. If you are looking for a peaceful stay where you won’t be unnecessarily disturbed by the hosts, you are in the right place. A night’s stay here costs β‚Ή3,500, and it is compulsory to book a two-day stay. So, you will have to shell out a minimum of β‚Ή7,000 during your stay here.

8. Nina Kochhar’s Homestay, Civil Lines

Nina Kochhar’s Homestay is the best place for solo female travellers. When it comes to the safety aspect, this place is nothing short of perfect. The host, Nina, has her own set of policies, but they are very flexible, with nothing to worry about. Her hospitality is top-notch too. Her welcoming nature makes this place much better. It is also ideally located, far away from the traffic noises. I was totally satisfied with my two-day stay here.

The ambience and cleanliness are the USPs of this place for sure. Be it the room, the veranda, or the rooftop terrace – this place is beautiful. Wi-Fi, television, sofa, air conditioner, desk, and every other necessary amenity are accounted for. A night’s stay here will cost you around β‚Ή3,200.

9. Park Inn, New Delhi

Park Inn by Radisson Blu is the epitome of a five-star hotel. And Radisson Blu needs no introduction. The major tourist attractions are in the vicinity of this hotel, so travelling is never a problem. There is 24-hour room service, and it is A+. I spent a night here but wished that I had spent a lot more time.

The rooms have all the basic amenities, along with a gym, tea and coffee facilities, rain shower, and individual room climate control. I must say, the design of this place looks futuristic. The rooftop swimming pool and two on-site restaurants are just the cherries on top of this amazing package. Considering that this place has so much to offer, you would think that a night’s stay here will cost you a ton of money. But costing only around β‚Ή2,000/night, I think this is a steal of a deal!

10. Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi

Another hotel by Radisson Blu is the most luxurious one that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. Just five minutes away from the airport, it is centrally located so that accessing any part of Delhi is not a problem. The staff is polite and very helpful. This place also has a concierge service, and they suggest you some places that you can visit.

Talking about amenities, this place has everything that you would see in a hotel. Other than the basic ones, an espresso machine, minibar, bathrobe, and slippers are accounted for. The swimming pool, spa, gym, and yoga room are just some of the many facilities available here. A night’s stay here will set you back by only β‚Ή2,600, which in my opinion, is worth it if service and luxury matter to you.

11. Maidens Hotel, Civil Lines

Opened around 120 years ago, Maidens Hotel was widely considered to be one of the best hotels in Delhi. It is a heritage hotel and a part of the Oberoi Group. Luxury, class, and history are the synonyms of this hotel. From a wide variety of hotels to choose from, it has something for everybody. Talking about food, the hotel has two restaurants that serve European, Asian, and Indian cuisines. And the food here is amazing! The hospitality is top-notch, and you will not face any issue of any sort during your stay.

Everything from Wi-Fi, swimming pool, gym, television, air conditioner to transportation services are available here. It costs around β‚Ή5,500/night to stay here, and it is slightly on the higher side. I recommend that you book this place from third-party websites and not their official website because you can find it for half the price. But the history behind this hotel makes it worthy of that high price. 

12. Andaz Delhi, Aerocity

A part of the Hyatt Hotels, this place oozes class! The minimalism and detail of the rooms look fabulous. With the Hyatt branding, you can expect complete safety. It has some of the largest guestrooms in the locality, including local spa treatments, aqua yoga, restaurants, and bars. The rooms offer a stunning view of Indira Gandhi International Airport from the window. It is ideally located, and the access to major attractions is hassle-free!

Everything that you need in a hotel is available here. Right from digital check-in to killing time with board games and puzzles, you will enjoy your time here. The staff is professional, polite and very helpful. If you wish to stay here because of the architectural design of the hotel or the minimalism of the rooms, a night’s stay will cost you around β‚Ή6,000 if you book the room from a third-party website.

Where will you be staying in Delhi?

While there are so many more unique places in Delhi, I have picked a few that provide the best experience for the price and also ensure the complete safety of solo female travellers like you and me. If you think there are other unique places or if I have missed any, do let me know via the comments section.


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