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Considering the hot and humid temperatures all around the year in the country, Dubai has earned the reputation of having some of the most amazing water parks and adventures. If you want to beat the heat, Dubai has some huge wave pools for you to relax in. Otherwise, if you are looking to indulge in some adrenaline rush activities, Dubai has got you covered for that as well.

Owing to the heat in the country, not visiting the water parks may leave your solo trip to Dubai incomplete. Once you are done exploring the stunning architecture and tourist places, head to the water parks in Dubai for a relaxed and fun time.

I have curated a list of the best water parks to explore on your solo trip to Dubai. So let’s dive in!

1. Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

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Starting off with the best, the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is the largest water park in the country. The land area of 42 acres makes this park one of the largest in the world. 

Adrenaline-pumping activities like swimming in a lagoon of sharks or ziplining make Aquaventure everyone’s favourite. Also, Aquaventure has the world’s largest tube-waterslide known as Aquaconda! 

After exploring the water rides and adventures, you can head to the private beach located right next to the water park to take a stroll or relax.

The average ticket price starts from 100 AED. However, it may vary depending on what time you visit the water park. You can always check online regarding the prices and opening hours before making your plans.

Ride with the Sharks

One of the most attractive features of Aquaventure is the shark safari experience. The water park allows its visitors to put on a helmet and go on an adventurous ride in the marine life of Dubai. You will have to dive into a tunnel-like tube situated right in the middle of the home of the sharks. Don’t panic! It is completely safe, and experienced instructors will guide you.

Also, you do not need to have prior knowledge of swimming to take this ride. So if you are a beginner, this can be just as fun as it would have been had you been a pro at swimming!

This ride for sure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I would highly recommend you try this out on your solo trip to Dubai. 

The ticket price for the shark safari will cost you AED 130, which is not much compared with the fun you will be having at Aquaventure’s Shark Safari.

2. Wild Wadi Water Park

An Arabian-themed park, Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the most popular water parks in Dubai. With more than 30 different water adventures and rides, this water park will instantly disconnect you from the hot and humid temperatures of Dubai. It is located near the iconic Burj Al Arab, which will make your commute to the water park easier.

Wild Wadi Water Park also has Dubai’s largest wave pool called Breakers Bay. It is a perfect spot if you want to relax and laze around in the water. 

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Here is an interesting point to note if you are planning on visiting Wild Wadi Water Park. If you stay in a nearby hotel like Jumeirah Beach or any nearby property, you will have your entry ticket to the water park included with your stay! However, if you stay in other hotels, you will have to purchase the ticket. The prices start from AED 250.

If you plan on renting a locker to store your clothes and belongings, it may cost you anywhere between AED 48 to AED 90. I would recommend you bring your own towels as these can cost you AED 42 extra on your ticket and locker charge.

Also, you can wear a swimsuit while you are in the water park, but once you leave, you will have to wear appropriate clothing in public areas. 

3. Dreamland Aqua Park

One of the biggest water parks in the United Arab Emirates, Dreamland Aqua Park, should definitely be on your list of water parks to visit in Dubai. What attracts visitors to this water park are its colourful rides and water adventures and the green atmosphere around the area. Although the water park theme gives you a 1980s vibe, you will indeed have a great time here. And it was kind of nostalgic to me since I’m a 90s baby!

Located on the Umm Al Quwain’s coastline, Dreamland Aqua Park is spread across an area of 2,50,000 square meters. It is an hour away from the main city of Dubai, so you can either rent a car or book a cab to reach the location. 

If you are a water baby, you will definitely enjoy the wide range of water rides like Twisting Dragon, Wave Pool, Hippo Island, Water Go-Kart Circuit, among many others offered by the park.

An experience worth remembering

During my solo trip to Dubai, Dreamland Aqua Park was one of the places I REALLY wanted to visit. The reason being its wide variety of water rides. My favourite ones are the Wave Pool, Water Go-Kart Circuit, and Twisting Dragon. 

4. Laguna Water Park

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Looking for some adventure and thrilling rides to experience in Dubai? Well, Laguna Water Park is the place to be. It is one of the newest water parks in Dubai, so you can expect some latest water rides and adventures from this water park. 

Laguna Water Park has four different zones – Relax, Surf, Splash, and Slide. You can select the zone you want to explore and experience all the rides.

The best part about the Laguna Water Park is that it has the Ultimate Surf Machine. There are only three in the world, and one of them is in Dubai. If you are into surfing, you absolutely CANNOT miss this park!

As you purchase the day pass, you also get access to all its private beaches. Pretty cool, right?

The ticket price upon arrival for Dubai residents is AED 125. If booked online, it may be AED 99. For tourists, the ticket price upon arrival is AED 200 and AED 160 when booked online.

5. Ice Land Water Park

The name of the water park speaks for itself. Ice Land Water Park is the perfect place for you to chill out and beat the heat of Dubai. The theme of the water park is ice, and you can see that in the decor as well. The water park is located at Ras Al Khaimah, which is approximately an hour away from Dubai. I would suggest you either rent a car (if you know driving) or book a cab.

Ice Land Water Park has about fifteen adventurous water rides for you to explore. You can also view the Hajar Mountains from the east of the water park. In the evening, during sunsets, the view looks breathtaking!

An interesting part about this water park is its waterfall called the Penguin Falls. It is the largest manmade waterfall in the world and an experience in itself. Some of the other famous water rides and adventures in Ice Land Water Park are the snorkelling pool and aqua soccer pool.

Compared to other water parks in Dubai, the ticket prices at Ice Land Water Park are cheaper. It will only cost you AED 70, and I would say it is pretty reasonable for the amazing water rides and adventures you get to experience.

6. Yas Waterworld

This is my favourite water park that I have ever visited in my life! And I’m not even exaggerating! If you are an adrenaline junkie just like me, then Yas Waterworld is the perfect place for you!

The water park has more than 45 water rides and adventures, and most of these are one of their kind! Not only that, Yas Waterworld ranked at the ninth position in the category of Top 25 Water Parks – a survey run by TripAdvisor. The ticket price per person is just AED 210 (if you book online!).

At Yas Waterworld, you can also buy some souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones. 

My favourite water park

My favourite water rides and adventures in Yas Waterworld are Bandit Bomber suspended roller coaster, Al Raha Lazy River, and the Wave Pool. With so many options for rides and adventures to explore, I would recommend you dedicate one whole day to Yas Waterworld. After exploring the rides, I stopped by a restaurant at the park for lunch. And I must say, the Thai cuisine was out of the world, one of the most delicious meals I have had so far! 

All in all, it is a beautiful water park with plenty of rides and adventure options for you to choose from and have fun!

7. AquaFun

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If you are looking to have a unique experience that you will cherish from your solo trip to Dubai, I would suggest you check out AquaFun. Spread across a massive area of 2,700 square meters, AquaFun has numerous water rides and adventures for you to explore.

To make the most of your day, I would recommend visiting the park in the morning and enjoying it till the evening. AquaFun remains open on all days of the week, so you can visit the water park on any day without worrying too much about whether it will be open or not.

The ticket to AquaFun will cost you AED 150, which is quite a steal when compared with some of the other water parks in Dubai.

8. MotionGate

If you are a Hollywood junkie, then MotionGate is the place to be! It is a huge Hollywood-based theme park that offers a wide variety of adventures. These adventures are an experience in itself. 

A few water rides that are famous among both locals and tourists are Capitol Bullet Train, Dragon Gliders, Madagascar Mad Pursuit, and Camp Viking.

MotionGate is one of the most visited water parks by many visitors in Dubai. It is located at the Sheikh Zayed Road, and one ticket for a whole day of adventure will cost you about AED 220.

Things to Remember

Now, I have got a few tips that may come in handy when you visit these water parks in Dubai.

  • The water parks in Dubai are huge in size, and most of them comprise plenty of rides and adventures. I would suggest you dedicate one full day to one water park to make the most of it.
  • Normally, you will find weekends to be more crowded at the water parks. So it is better to visit on weekdays to avoid the crowd and enjoy to the fullest. You might even get some discounts on visiting the water parks on weekdays.
  • I must say that each water park in Dubai is unique in its own way. Choose the water park that suits your tastes the best!
  • If you visit the water parks in the colder months, remember to check the opening hours before making plans. This is necessary because some water parks may be closed for a short amount of time for annual maintenance.
  • Make sure you apply a good waterproof sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you hit the water. 
  • Do not have a large meal before going to an amusement park. Instead, you can eat really well once you’re done for the day, and a lot of restaurants inside parks serve exceptionally good food. So save it for the best!
  • Do not hit the bed without a good hot shower, even if you’re tired. You should always wash off that chlorine-coated hair and body after being exposed to pools. There is never an excuse for that!
  • Are you worried that you’ll start your period during the water park day out? Honestly, it shouldn’t be a problem if you wear a tampon or a menstrual cup. Trust me, they are literally the best invention to date!

Who said you can’t go ALONE to an amusement park?

Visiting a water park or an amusement park during a solo trip is a lot of fun! In fact, I think the idea itself is so underrated amongst solo travellers. And don’t worry if you are on a tight budget. This site has some amazing deals and discounts on activities and adventures happening in Dubai. So make sure to check it out while you’re in the country.

An amusement park is where you can easily make friends or even chill at your own company without being bothered. So it is a win-win situation for both extroverts and introverts.

And I also know it is practically impossible to cover all the water parks on one trip to Dubai, but I hope this blog sheds light on some of the famous water parks in the country. You can select the one that interests you and bring back a memory that most solo female travellers ought to miss out on!

Remember, staying hydrated internally and externally is the key here. Speaking of external hydration, are you going to visit a water park during your solo trip to Dubai? I really hope you do!

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