15 Beaches to Visit on your Solo Trip to Dubai

Famous for its stunning skyscrapers and beautiful sand dunes, Dubai has many other fascinating things to offer, one of them being its gorgeous beaches! Located on the edge of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai’s beaches have become a major tourist attraction over the past few years. 

Although many Dubai beaches are either private or associated with luxury hotels, you will find plenty of open and public beach options to explore on your solo trip to the country. Many beaches in the country are man-made, and hence, they have soft white sand that is perfect for locals and visitors to leisure around!

On my solo trip to Dubai, I had the chance to explore multiple beaches and just laze around! Most beaches provide basic services like a washroom, changing room, and showers – a super plus for backpackers who want to spend an entire day at the beach. 

If you are a beach-bum and love spending time at the beaches, then this blog is for you! I have curated the top 15 beaches that you must visit on your solo trip to Dubai. Read on to know more.

1. Jumeirah Beach

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The beautiful fine-sand beaches in Dubai attract several tourists from all over the world. One of the main reasons behind the same is the breathtaking view of the Persian Gulf. Known for its white sands, Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai. The soft and clean sand will melt underneath your feet as you take a walk on the beautiful beach!

As you roam around at Jumeirah Beach, the views of the seven-star Burj-Al-Arab will take your breath away! The best time to visit the beach would be during the sunset. It makes the sand turn a shade of deep golden, making it a breathtaking sight!

What makes Jumeirah Beach a perfect beach for solo travellers are the surroundings – the string of cafes, desert gardens, and palm trees!

2. Al-Sufouh Beach

If you are looking to spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of this glamorous city, then Al-Sufouh Beach is perfect for you. The views of the water are mesmerising from the beach. You can do plenty of things here, like swimming, water sports or just lazing around!

Being a beach lover myself, when I read up about Al-Sufouh Beach is a quiet and peaceful beach, I had decided to visit on my solo trip to the country. After exploring Dubai and visiting as many tourist places as I could, a few hours at Al-Sufouh Beach turned out to be quite relaxing and comforting!

3. Mercato Beach

Back in the days, Mercato Beach was considered a hidden gem in the country and used to be crowded with locals and tourists. However, over the past few years, with the construction and development going around, the crowd has thinned out, and people are eagerly looking forward to the new facilities.

On your visit to the beach, you will find many tables and bean bags to sink into. If you are an avid reader and extend your time at the beach till dark, there are lighting spots to facilitate late-time reading as well. Isn’t this something unique to witness at a beach?

If you want to explore the Mercato Mall, you can do that as well. The mall is just a few minutes’ walks from Mercato Beach.

This beach is perfect for you if you are looking to spend some quiet time at a beach and also not be isolated at the same time.

4. Kite Beach

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The Kite Beach is located across the Al Manara Road junction and attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. It is famous for its beach sports and kitesurfing – where the beach gets its name!

The spectacular views from Kite Beach include the magnificent Burj-Al-Arab, making it a worthwhile beach to visit on your solo trip to the country. 

Another thing that attracts visitors to Kite Beach is the number of food trucks that serve delicious mouthwatering snacks and food items during both the day and night! The Jumeirah Beach Road runs along Kite Beach, and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants that you can visit to fill your tummy!

I visited Kite Beach on my solo trip to Dubai, and it turned out to be a beautiful experience. The views of kitesurfing and visitors just lazing around at the beach make it all the more worthwhile.

5. Sunset Beach

A beach that offers its visitors a direct view of Burj-Al-Arab, Sunset Beach is quite famous among both the locals and tourists. Situated behind the Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, this beach has fine sand, which is both relaxing and comforting. Considered a calm spot, Sunset Beach is definitely a must-visit beach in Dubai!

Although I am an introvert, I did interact with a few locals on my solo trip to Dubai. Sunset Beach is one of the beaches they recommended I check out before departing from this gorgeous country. And I have to say that visiting Sunset Beach was one of the highlights of my solo trip. You can feel the calm and peace as the wind blows through your hair. Also, this beach is quite picturesque, so if you are into photography, you will definitely get some stunning shots of the sunset, the Burj-Al-Arab, or the people enjoying their time lazing around at the beach!

6. La Mer Beach

Located in the heart of Old Dubai, La Mer Beach is the city’s newest beach development! The beach offers beautiful views of the surrounding areas, making it a must-visit in Old Dubai. There are plenty of things you can do at the beach, from the waterslides at the new Laguna Waterpark to a surf machine and a Lazy River Ride!

If you plan to visit Old Dubai on your solo trip to the country, you must definitely check out La Mer Beach. Since it is a recently developed beach, you may find interesting facts about La Mer!

7. Aquaventure Beach

As the name suggests, Aquaventure Beach in Dubai is famous for all the water-based adventures and activities you can think of! What makes the beach famous among locals and visitors alike is the funfilled adventure theme park called ‘Aquaventure.’ You will find plenty of water-based sports in the adventure park that you can try out.

On my solo trip to Dubai, I visited Aquaventure Beach only because some of the locals I interacted with suggested I try out the water-based adventures! And trust me, the park is one of a kind and made my solo trip memorable.

8. Black Palace Beach

Considered to be Dubai’s hidden gem with a barely noticeable area and a nickname ‘The Secret Beach,’ the Black Palace Beach is a must-visit for every beach lover. You can find the beach between Palm Jumeirah and Burj-Al-Arab in Al Sufouh. If you follow the path from the Jumeirah Beach Road, you will end up in a hidden place, Black Palace Beach. Very few people know about this beach!

However, you may not find that many services here. There are no changing rooms, kiosks, or sunbeds! But this is what makes the beach unique. You can enjoy long walks alone at the beach while admiring the beauty the Black Palace Beach is!

9. Al Khan Beach

Located in Sharjah, Al Khan Beach is one of the popular public beaches in Dubai. It offers its visitors many adventures like parasailing, kitesurfing, jet boarding, and waterskiing! You can also opt for surfing lessons at the beach. If you travel to Dubai on a solo trip, you will be able to spend a comfortable day at Al Khan Beach as it provides all the basic amenities such as washrooms, changing rooms, cafes, and sun loungers.

I had the chance to visit Al Khan Beach on my solo trip to Dubai, and having heard so much about its water-based adventures, and I ended up parasailing at the beach! It surely was an amazing experience.

10. Open beach

Another popular beach to visit on your solo trip to the country, Open Beach, is located at the lower end of Beach Road after Palm Strip Mall. It is also called Jumeirah Open Beach and Russian Beach! You might be thinking why a Dubai beach is called Russian Beach, right? Well, it gets this name since Eastern Europeans and Russians used to hang out quite a lot here back in the days.

When you visit the beach, you will come across many strollers, roller-skaters, and joggers on Beach Road. The water at the shore is quite clear, so if you like swimming, you can head out to Open Beach for a quick swim!

11. Marina Beach

A popular one among the visitors, Marina Beach, must definitely be on your list of beaches to visit in Dubai. It is famous for the morning sceneries of the surroundings and the stunning reflections of the towering buildings on the waters situated around the beach in the evening! You can witness the beautiful reflection after the sunset at the beach. 

It is perfect for spending a comfortable day at the beach just lazing around or even taking a stroll admiring the beauty!

12. Barasti Beach

The only beach in Dubai that serves alcohol, Barasti Beach is a must-visit beach in Dubai. It is popular among many locals and tourists for its wild party scenes! People spend their days at Barasti Beach just lounging around and partying at night.  

It is recommended for people who are night owls and wouldn’t mind staying up late at night, just partying the night away!

13. Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar Beach is considered a hidden gem in the country. It is famous for honeymooners, couples, or families, but solo travellers can explore the beach as well. The beach park has a quiet and peaceful aura, perfect for spending a comfortable afternoon here. It has a beautiful picturesque landscape as well!

The green shades of Palm and Coconut trees and blue shades of the water body will ensure you have a beautiful day at the beach.

14. Ghantoot Beach

Another sort-of-secret beach in Dubai, Ghantoot Beach, is located along the shoreline of Golden Tulip Hotel. It is a private beach, and you will be asked to pay around 100 Dirhams at the entrance. Well, it can get quite a bit expensive to pay for a beach, but hey, what’s a little fun without having to pay to explore a private beach, right?

Since it is a private beach, it will be quite empty and perfect for a solo traveller to spend some peaceful time! You can unwind here and click some amazing pics to flaunt them on your Instagram. The beach also offers water sports such as banana boating, waterskiing, and wakeboarding, among other things. 

15. Azure Beach

Last but not least in the list of top beaches to visit on your solo trip to Dubai is Azure Beach. The beach offers some spectacular sights and vibes, perfect for visitors to spend a day at the beach after all the exploring and shopping in the country. 

You will witness the iconic Dubai Eye and the Arabian Sea from Azure Beach. Also, there are plenty of restaurant and cafe options for foodies and ‘sheesha’ lovers!

Being a foodie and ‘sheesha’ lover myself, I visited Azure Beach for half a day. I had gone to relax at the beach for a while and then headed to a nearby restaurant for some delicious food and sheesha! Well, I have to say the food was some of the best I have had in Dubai! It made my solo trip to Dubai a memorable one.

Alright, so this is it for the blog. I hope you guys found it informative for your solo trip to Dubai. If you happen to visit these beaches on your trip, do let me know in the comment section below about your experience. Also, if you have any feedback (negative and positive both) for me, comment it down. Cheers!


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