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12 Reasons Why Dubai Is An Interesting Destination For Solo Female Travellers

One of the most common questions people ask solo travellers, female solo travellers, in particular, is ‘Is Dubai an interesting destination for solo female travellers?’. Having travelled to Dubai on a solo trip myself, I can say that Dubai is indeed an interesting travel destination. 

Dubai is one of those places that is rather tricky to describe in words. And why is that? Because travelling to Dubai is a unique experience as there is no other country that exists quite like this one. You can only experience it by visiting the fascinating country yourself. 

The glamorous and richest country in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is definitely an interesting travel destination for solo female travellers. Here are my top 12 reasons for the same.

1. The Amazing Skylines

Dubai has a lot of skyscrapers. Now, these skyscrapers give you the most amazing views from the top. Whether you are on the topmost floor of Burj Khalifa – the 124th floor – also the tallest man-made building in the world! – or at the Dubai Marina – home to about four to five tallest buildings in the world – the view from the skylines is going to be spectacular!

Well, for some people, such views may not be that fascinating. However, there are others like me who get excited about beautiful landscapes. And a stunning view from the Burj Khalifa is like a cherry on top!

If you are a solo female traveller, and Dubai is your first travel destination, do visit the iconic Burj Khalifa!

2. Home To Multiple Cultures

Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan countries across the world. And why is that? Well, there are people residing in Dubai from more than 200 different countries! About 90 percent of the country’s population is from outside Dubai. 

Unlike other countries such as London or New York, where people have been residing there for hundreds of years, Duba’s population is mainly the first generation that has brought different cultural traditions with them! 

If you are someone like me who loves to connect with the locals and know more about their culture, you will definitely love visiting Dubai! 

3. Every Foodie’s Dream

With people from more than 200 different countries residing in Dubai, the country surely has a wide range of food styles available. With hundreds of Indian, Japanese, Lebanese, Chinese, Korean, Pakistani, American, Italian, and Persian restaurants in the city – both budget-friendly and high end, there is something for everyone!

On my solo trip to Dubai, I tried as many different styles as possible. And I loved every bit of it. Every restaurant has something unique to offer! If you are a foodie and love trying out different cuisines, Dubai will surprise you!

4. Every Shopper’s Paradise

What exactly is a shopper’s dream? To shop unlimited, right? Well, Dubai has the biggest mall in the world – called The Dubai Mall. It is the ultimate stop for shopping, literally anything. Be it clothes, footwear, furniture, or any luxurious item- you will find everything at The Dubai Mall!

You must be aware of the Christmas and New Year Sales that every country offers, but Dubai is one step ahead of them! It runs a one-month long shopping sale with many festivals and giveaways for the people and visitors of Dubai! Shoppers can win luxurious items such as gold or cars in these giveaways and festivals! Isn’t it an interesting reason to visit Dubai?

5. Ski In The Desert

Dubai wants to give its people and visitors everything there is. And since it does not snow in Dubai, the country came up with a brilliant alternative – the Ski Dubai! It is an indoor ski park that is spread across a massive area of 22,500 square meters. Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski park in the whole wide world. How cool is that?

The ski park consists of an ice museum, ski slopes, a snow park, and a skiing academy for those who wish to master the art of skiing!

Apart from these regular activities that take place at the ski park, there are also plenty of events and concerts held here. Another attraction for the foodies – the Avalance Cafe – is built inside the ski park, and its balcony faces the ski slopes. Talk about having lunch or dinner with a view!

When I visited Dubai, I got the chance to ski in Ski Dubai, and it is one of the most memorable experiences I had in Dubai! Well, it is not every day that you get to ski in a country that has such extreme hot temperatures, right?

Here are a few non-touristy places you can visit in Dubai that make it an interesting destination for female solo travellers:

6. The Mangroves

Everybody knows Dubai is the home to some of the hottest deserts on the earth, making it a perfect travel destination for desert safaris. However, not many of you might be aware of the Mangrove Forest in Dubai! Yes, there are 110 kilometers of Mangrove Forest in Abu Dhabi, which houses several reptile and bird species.

The Mangrove Forest in Dubai breaks the stereotypes people have about the place. Start to think of it, and it will make sense as to why and how people have survived in a country known for its harsh temperatures. For many years, communities such as local Bedouins got their wood and different food types from this place.

To visit the Mangroves, you can opt for a day trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and enjoy the beautiful views by road!

7. Dig Daga Farms

Dig Daga Farms is a very popular area for having picnics and get-togethers. It attracts a lot of locals on a regular basis. So if you get a chance to visit this place, you can meet the locals, talk to them, learn about their culture or Dig Daga Farms in particular.

It is believed that earlier, the farms were covered with sand dunes. A few decades ago, the shifty dunes got replaced by green hills and cultivated land, resulting in the formation of Dig Daga Farms!

Along with these farms, you can visit other farms where you can buy fresh dairy products. 

The Dig Daga Farms is located in Ras al Khaimah Emirate, about 114 kilometres away from Dubai. You can rent a car to get there.

8. Etihad Antiques Gallery

Located in the Al Bateen area, the Etihad Antique Gallery is a magnificent private museum. The gallery showcases some of the most exquisite paintings, cabinets, swords, among other things, that date back to the 8th century! These antique pieces are from the African and Middle Eastern continents. 

You will find that each gallery is sorted into different themes. Whether you are a curious visitor or a serious history buff and buyer, you will find it easy to spend a whole afternoon here without getting bored. Each piece of art will have you hooked to it!

I happened to visit the Etihad Antiques Gallery on my solo trip to Dubai, and trust me, I was amazed at the way it is built and the art pieces it preserves! It is one of the best non-touristy places to visit in Dubai, which is equally informative and fun!

9. Fossil Dunes Al Wathba

The sandy dunes of the Arabian desert shifted and became a set of rugged rock formations, resulting in the formation of Fossil Dunes Al Wathba. These rock formations have been eroded and sharpened over the years and developed into intense architectural fossilised figures!

The Fossil Dunes Al Wathba is a wonderful place to spend some hours admiring the rock formations. Also, if you are lucky enough, you may even spot a few camels here and there! This place is perfect for solo female travellers to explore and spend some time. You can also click some portraits of yourself here or just the scenery!

If you stay at the dunes till evening, you can even see the beautiful sunset. Oh, and also click beautiful sunset pictures!

I read about this place on the internet, and the pictures were breathtaking. That’s when I had made up my mind to visit Fossil Dunes Al Wathba for sure on my solo trip. And I did. I stayed here for about one day and camped at night! Trust me, the place looks beautiful in the daytime, but it is breathtaking at night under a sky full of stars!

10. Jebel Jais

Located in Ras Al Khaimah Emirate, the country is home to a 2,000-meter high mountain known as Jebel Jais. Now, many people may not believe this to be true as Dubai is home to sandy dunes and desserts. However, it is very much true!

In the winter season, the temperature here drops down to about -5 degrees. So, if you are lucky, you may even experience some snow!

The United Arab Emirates and Oman share the peak of Jebel Jais. So, if you happen to reach the mountain’s peak, you can see the border between the two countries there!

I visited Jebel Jais on my solo trip to Dubai, and it turned out to be a beautiful experience. Recently, the government started building clear roads and hotels near Jebel Jais to make it a tourist destination. I would recommend you visit Jebel Jais on your trip before it becomes touristy!

11. Liwa Oasis

A stunning desert oasis, Liwa Oasis is the only place where you can explore the real, local Bedouin culture of Dubai. It happens to be the largest oasis in the region. 

Liwa Oasis is also the beginning of the famous Empty Quarter, which is the largest known endless dune sea across the globe!

If you are planning to visit Liwa Oasis, you will have to travel close to the Saudi Arabian border. The oasis desert is located about 250 kilometres from Abu Dhabi and 350 kilometres from Dubai. If you keep driving past the Liwa Oasis, you will see the road end at the sand dune themselves. A little further, and you will see the Saudi Arabian border and beyond that only desert for as far as it goes!

The oasis is full of palm trees, an old fort, and some local houses where the Bedouin people stay. I could not resist but visit the Liwa Oasis on my solo trip to Dubai. Well, honestly, it is a beautiful place, and I met some of the Bedouin people. They are very friendly. They invited me to their house and offered me tea and some camel milk! I also clicked some pictures with them as a souvenir!

If you are an introvert and have a hard time starting a conversation with new people, don’t worry, as the Bedouin people are very friendly and welcoming. You will not feel like an outsider once you start talking to them.

12. Wadi Shawka

Considered to be a hidden gem of Dubai, Wadi Shawka is the perfect place for mountain lovers. It is located to the north of Hatta, and you can go there by road. 

You can visit Wadi Shawka for hiking, cycling, or even camping. Many people visit this place, but it is still a better alternative to Jebel Jais as it gets a lot of tourists these days and tends to get crowded.

Well, these were some of my favourite places to visit in Dubai. If you are planning a solo trip to the country, you must definitely check these places out. Dubai in itself is an art, and the monuments, architectures, buildings, among other things, are just mesmerising! 

If you get a chance to solo travel to Dubai, let me know your experience in the comments. I would love to hear anything that you have to say about the places there.

Also, I am open to any sort of feedback you may have after reading my blog! 🙂


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