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The land of palm-shaped islands, exotic cars, and extreme temperatures is how I would describe Dubai. It is not only one of the top travel destinations in Asia but also in the entire world. What makes this country so fascinating are its extravagant attractions like the pet tigers, boat rides, alluring shopping malls, amusement parks, and gold vending machines!

Of course, while doing your research on ‘things to do in Dubai,’ you must have come across the list of malls and shopping complexes that one must-visit on their trip to Dubai. Undoubtedly, shopping in Dubai is something one must never miss, but too often, people get trapped in the touristy attractions and high-end shopping.

This blog will take you through all the non-touristy things and places you can explore on your solo trip to Dubai. Read on to know more!

1. The Colorful Tents At The Beach

You need not go too far to have a peaceful and relaxed beach experience in Dubai. The Banan Beach in Jebel Ali is just 20 minutes away from the Main Dubai Marina area. The beach offers comfortable accommodations in beautiful colourful tents right on the beach. You can practice yoga on the beach and then cook food in the firewood at the campsite! 

2. The Global Village – One Stop For Everything

I would recommend you visit Dubai between October to March. While you are in Dubai in these months, do not forget to visit the Global Village – it showcases talent, food, and products from different countries, all in one place! You can visit any station and enjoy the food, products, and culture from different countries in the village.

3. Desert Safari At Sunrise

When you travel, sleep is hard to come by, and you end up waking up early. Why not take advantage of this and go on a desert safari at sunrise? If you love photography or just want to make your trip a memorable one, you can also click pictures of the sunrise in the desert! You can even have a delicious meal at sunrise.

4. The Beautiful Mosques

If you visit Abu Dhabi, you can check out the beautiful mosques the capital has to offer. One of the famous mosques in the city – Sheikh Zayed Mosque – is the epitome of beauty! It is the largest and one of the most heavenly mosques in the country. The mosque is designed with gold, marble stone, crystals, and semi-precious stones!

5. The Burj Khalifa

Your solo trip to Dubai will be incomplete if you do not visit the iconic Burj Khalifa. It is an architectural wonder and the tallest building in the world! It will surely make you feel on top of the world. All you need to do is purchase a ticket to the top floor (124th floor) of the Burj Khalifa and enjoy the view as you reach the top on a moving sidewalk!

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6. Dubai Amusement Parks

things to do in Dubai

Just like the plenty of malls in the country, Dubai has many amusement parks as well. These are designed to suit people’s tastes and ages. If you are a Bollywood freak, there is a whole amusement park designed on the Bollywood theme! For children, there is Legoland, and for movie lovers, there is Motiongate Dubai. Seriously, you cannot miss visiting at least one amusement park. After all, what is life without a little fun?

7. Enjoy The High Tea

Dubai’s high tea is a must-try for every solo traveller. My personal favourite is the one served at the Al Fayrooz Lounge of hotel Madinat Jumeira. To reach the hotel, you will have to take the river taxi, also called an abra. You can also enjoy the surroundings of the hotel before arriving at it. Another plus point is that all the food items served here are unlimited, so you can make your pick from scones, pastries, and sandwiches to go with your tea!

8. Lake Ride At The Dubai Fountain

When travelling alone, you want to explore as many places as possible. Well, one thing you would not want to miss is the lake ride at the Dubai Fountain. It is the world’s largest choreographed fountain, and the illuminating swaying jets throw about 22,000 gallons of water for more than 150 metres! A lake ride in this fascinating place would definitely be a delight to the eyes!

9. The Ski Dubai

For a country with extremely hot temperatures, you would not expect to go skiing! But, Dubai has an indoor ski resort based on a mountain theme, called Ski Dubai. It is the first ski resort developed in the Middle East. It is open throughout the year, so you do not have to worry about missing an experience there!

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10. The Maldives-Like Dubai Resort

Located in Abu Dhabi, the Zaya Nurai Island is a private island that people describe as a Maldives-like resort. It is a small island that you can cover by foot in about an hour! No cars or personal vehicles are allowed on the island, making it perfect for getting away from city life and spending some time alone. If you are solo travelling, you must definitely visit the resort to get some Maldives-like vibes in Dubai!

11. Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

Every building in Dubai is a piece of art, and so is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. I like this place because it is a house-pack of three zones: Aquarium Tank (which consists of more than 140 species of marine animals), Aquarium Tunnel (a 48-meter long underwater glass tunnel for people to walk around), and Underwater Zoo (which consists animals such as the crocodile, penguin, lionfish and many more!). So make sure to check this out if you are a nature and animal lover!

12. Experience Brunch In Dubai Style

Brunches are a speciality of Dubai. Whether it is a late Friday brunch or a lazy Sunday brunch, you will find various local and international cuisines to choose from! You will also get unlimited drinks and beach and pool access at some hotels. I tasted some of the most delicious local food in my Sunday brunch on my solo trip to Dubai, and I absolutely loved it! 

13. The Ferrari World

The first Ferrari branded theme park, The Ferrari World, is a fast and furious amusement park located in Abu Dhabi. It is also the largest space frame structure built in the world! For all Ferrari lovers, this is a great place to visit. The Ferrari World offers many adventures such as The Formula Rossa, The Junior Grand Prix, The Karting Academy, The Mamma Rossella, and much more!

14. The Wild Wadi Water Park

One of the most popular water parks in Western Asia, the Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai, is a must-visit for all the water babies like me. I really liked this water park as it offers some cool high-adrenaline rides! It also has the largest water slide as well, of course! 

15. The Miracle Garden

Visiting Dubai’s Miracle Garden must be on your list of things to do in Dubai. It is a gorgeous flower garden that consists of more than 109 million flowers! The creative designs and the way they are planted is something that will instantly light up your mood. On my solo trip to Dubai, visiting the Miracle Garden was the first thing I did. However, the garden is only open in cooler temperatures, that is, between October to April. 

16. Experience Watching A Movie On A Rooftop

If you are a movie buff, you should check this out. The rooftop movie theatre of the Gardenia Mall offers delicious snacks and beverages with every ticket. They also have a variety of seats like a bean bag, couch, or single seats. The seats come with a blanket to keep you warm in the chilly weather! Now, that’s what I called a hospitality! I love movies, and watching a movie here was always a dream that I got to live on my solo trip.

17. The Dubai Marina

By now, you must have understood that Dubai is the home to many ‘world’s largest.’ So here is another one – Dubai has the world’s largest urban zip line that measures 1 km in length! This zip line takes you on tour over the Dubai Marina and its towering skyscrapers. So be prepared to be wowed beautiful views of the nearby landmarks.

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18. The Dubai Frame

Established in 2018, the Dubai Frame is one of the largest buildings in the world. It is literally a picture frame built at the height of 150 meters and offers views of the old and new Dubai. Perfect for clicking beautiful pictures here, visiting the Dubai Frame should be on your list of things to do in Dubai!

19. The Dubai Garden Glow

A masterpiece in itself, the Dubai Garden Glow feels nothing short of magic and fantasy! It has thematic installations that are combined with art to give the visitors a unique and fun-filled experience! It is divided into four zones – Glow Park (made up of fabric and energy-saving bulbs), Dinosaur Park (consists of over 120 animated dinosaurs), Ice Park (consists of ice sculptures), and Art Park (made of eco-friendly materials).

20. The Dubai Dolphinarium

One of the most fascinating and fun indoor attractions in Dubai, the Dubai Dolphinarium is perfect if you want to sit back and enjoy the performances of playful seals and some friendly and highly intelligent dolphins on the stage! It is a lifetime experience that you must not miss out on.

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21. Indoor Skydiving At Ifly Dubai

Always wanted to skydive but are scared of heights? Don’t worry, Ifly Dubai will fulfil this wish of yours! This breathtaking experience of flying indoors will always stay with you. Ifly also offers a variety of mind-blowing things you can do while you are in the air. Other adventurous things you can do here are Sky Trail Wall Climbing, Yalla! Bowling among many others!

On my solo trip to Dubai, I tried indoor skydiving at Ifly, and it turned out to be a once in a lifetime experience that I will always cherish!

22. Lunch In A Boat

Go on a doughnut-sized boat ride on the Creek at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club and have a delicious meal of barbeque meat! The boat ride works this way – you rent a boat, get a box of meat and snacks, and some charcoal to heat the food. And that’s it! You can also have a lazy afternoon on your boat at the Creek while enjoying some yummy food!

23. Experience A Camel Race

You must have heard of a horse race, but never a camel race, right? Well, Dubai has it. To catch a glimpse of camels at play or a race, you do not need to go far off. The Dubai Camel Racing Club conducts traditional camel races but with a modern twist. A herd of about 50 camels races with their owners on the side in their SUVs, encouraging them to reach the finish line. This is also something you will not get to experience anywhere but in the UAE!

24. Flight Simulator Experience

One of the most exciting things to do in Dubai, a flight simulator experience is a not-to-be-missed one! The facility here is equipped with the best simulators, a pilot lounge, pre-flight training rooms, and a cafeteria. If you have ever wanted to fly a plane, here is your chance to have a somewhat similar experience. 

25. The VR Park Dubai

One of the best things to do in Dubai on your solo trip, a virtual experience at the VR Park Dubai, takes you into the ‘other’ dimension. The VR park offers a variety of different virtual games that are divided into 18 zones, namely The Raft (where you get to fight demons), The Burj Drop (a super-fun rollercoaster ride), The Heist (where you gather money while fighting the police) among many others! On my Dubai solo trip, I played The Raft, and it turned out to be a thrilling and exciting experience!

Well, that’s it folks! I wonder why Dubai is very underrated when it comes to safest destinations for solo female travel. In fact, it is one of the very few countries that you can experience to the fullest. It has got splendid adventures, malls and a whole lot of middle eastern vibes. In short, it is a perfect destination for solo women travellers hands down.

All the best if you’re already planning for a solo trip to Dubai! Also, don’t forget to share your experience in Dubai as a solo female traveller in the comments below. I’d love to hear them out! To know more about solo travel in Dubai, read this blog.


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