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Dubai is one of the most glamorous countries in the world. What makes the country one of the most popular destinations for a solo trip is how luxurious it is in every corner you turn to. Along with the beautiful beaches, tax-free shopping, lavish malls, and dizzying skyscrapers, Dubai has got more surprises for you! Yes, the food!! There are literally tonnes of food that you must try on your solo trip to Dubai!

Be it Arabic, Lebanese, Iranian or Indian cuisines, Dubai has got something for everyone. And not just this, you find a wide variety of other cuisines as well such as American, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese! 

If you are planning a solo trip to this glamorous country and wondering what type of food you might get to eat there, don’t worry, I have got you covered! 

Read on to know about the top 15 food you must definitely try in Dubai as you explore this beautiful country alone! 

1. Shawarma

A type of Middle East sandwich, shawarma is made from minced, spiced, and slow-roasted meat – usually chicken. Some restaurants may even serve a variant of this with lamb meat. Either way, it tastes delicious.

Served in pita bread, also known as Arabic flatbread, it is quite appetizing! Most restaurants wrap the minced meat in the pita bread and serve it with loads of vegetables, pickles, tomatoes, mayonnaise, spicy sauces, or even fries!

These days, you can find shawarma in almost every country – New York, India, Tokyo, Moscow – but having the dish from where it originated is an experience not to be missed!

Having tried shawarma many times in my country, I had heard a lot about how special and different it tastes in Dubai. And it was sure worth the hype as it tasted way better than all the shawarmas I have ever tried in my life!

2. Falafel

The origins of falafel go way back to Egypt, but it’s one of the main dishes in Emirati cuisine today. It is the ultimate Dubai street food, but you’ll find it in plenty of restaurants as well. It is made by blending chickpeas, fava beans, or sometimes a combination of both. Street food falafel is usually stuffed inside pita bread or a hot flatbread along with lots of hummus, sauces, tahini, salad, and pickle!

If you’re in Dubai and craving for some falafel rolls, it’s cheaper to go out and buy it than trying to make it at home. This is one thing you need to try out for sure if you’re visiting Dubai!

I tried the falafel roll at a street in Dubai, and it was the best thing ever! The combination of ingredients used to cook falafel is very interesting and tastes divine!

3. Hummus

Hummus is a Levantine spread usually prepared with mashed chickpeas. It is traditionally eaten along with pita bread and raw onion. Some people also make hummus with beans too, and it tastes amazing. Chickpeas or mashed beans are blended with garlic, olive oil, tahini, and lemon juice. While a lot of people think of hummus as a dip, it can play any role in a meal – sometimes the main meal itself!

It has many variations too. Some are sprinkled with sumac. Some include cumin in it, and some top it up with pine nuts. 

I tried hummus as a side dish along with a street falafel roll on my solo trip to Dubai. It definitely is one of the best food items on a budget in Dubai that tastes heavenly! 

4. Kanafeh

Kanafeh is a Levantine Arabic dish, which is a popular dessert dish in Dubai. It’s typically a cheese pastry soaked in sugar syrup and garnished with smashed pistachios. The pastry is heated in butter, and a white soft cheese layer is layered on top of it. Usually, Nabulsi cheese is used for layering, but some people use goat’s cheese as well. Either way, the dessert tastes delicious! 

If you have a sweet tooth, you must definitely try this mouthwatering dessert on your solo trip to Dubai!

5. Shakshouka

Originated from Tunisia, North America, Shakshouka is one of the most popular food in Dubai. The word is derived from the Arabic word Shakka – meaning ‘to stick together.’ It’s a simple dish of poached eggs in the sauce of tomatoes flavoured with onions, pepper, chilli and paprika, and coriander. This mouthwatering egg dish is loved by everyone, and many people prefer eating it for breakfast. 

Every street food stall and restaurant has its unique way of preparing this dish, but to find out which is the best, you have got to try it out!

I could not try out Shakshouka on my solo trip to Dubai as very few restaurants were serving it during that time. But as I interacted with some of the Arab locals, they told me all about the history of the dish and how famous it has gotten in Dubai over the past few years. 

6. Stuffed Camel

Considered one of the most luxurious food items in Dubai, you have got to try a stuffed camel. It has also been named one of the largest food you can eat across the globe, which makes it all the more worthwhile to try out!

It is usually cooked over an open flame and stuffed with other meat items such as chicken, sheep, fish, or lamb. Talk about layering up meat for all the meat lovers!

However, a stuffed camel is still considered a traditional food item in Dubai and is mostly served on special occasions such as festivals, ceremonies, or events. If you are a meat lover and want to try stuffed camel, plan your solo trip to Dubai accordingly to experience the taste of this beautiful and delicious dish!

7. Al Harees

Cooked with lots of meat and wheat, Al Harees takes hours to cook, literally! But once cooked, it tastes very delicious. To a pot, wheat and meat are added in equal amounts. With a pinch of salt and some spices, it is cooked until the texture is extremely smooth – you won’t even be able to tell the difference between meat and wheat!

After that, the dish is baked for several more hours to get the perfect texture and taste. It is quite appetizing and is a must-try food in Dubai!

I had read up about Al Harees before my solo trip to Dubai and was intrigued by its way of cooking and texture. I had decided to try it out, and I did! It instantly became one of my favourite food to have in Dubai.

8. Ghuzi

Dubai will never disappoint all the meat lovers out there. It has something unique for your choice and taste. Ghuzi, also known as ouzi or khuzi, is cooked with whole-roasted mutton or lamb. It is often served with rice along with hazelnuts and loads of vegetables!

Considered a whole meal in itself, Ghuzi is one of the most popular food in Dubai. It is also considered the national food of the United Arab Emirates, and a solo trip to Dubai would definitely be incomplete without trying this dish out!

Being a complete foodie myself, I had to try out Ghuzi on my solo trip. And trust me, it lives up to the hype! It tastes heavenly amazing and is another favourite dish of mine in Dubai.

9. Majboos

A popular dish in Dubai, the recipe of Majboos is passed from generation to generation. And it still tastes as amazing as it used to back in the old days.

Majboos is a whole meal in itself and includes basmati rice with different types of meat. In most restaurants, you will find Majboos served with spiced chicken. It is cooked with plenty of vegetables and aromatic spices to get the perfect flavour and taste. If you happen to visit Dubai, definitely try Majboos. 

10. Luqaymat

An important dish of Dubai’s traditional cuisine, Luqaymat is a delicious sweet dish prepared for different events and festivals. It is considered to be a must-have dish in every Dubai cuisine in restaurants or even at home, especially for special occasions.

These yummy golden balls contain flour, milk, turmeric, sugar, salt, sesame seeds, and a small quantity of yeast. Although Arabs claim the origins of Luqaymat to be the United Arab Emirates, where it was originally called ’awama or halwa al-luqaymat, there is a similar Greek dish known as loukoumades. Nevertheless, this sweet dish tastes amazing!

I came across a few locals on my solo trip to Dubai, and they recommended I try out this amazing sweet dish before putting an end to my trip. And I will always be thankful to them as I fell in love with this dish and it is one of my favourite sweet dishes in Dubai!

11. Thareed

Cooked with bread and vegetable chunks in meat, Thareed or Fareed is a popular dish in Dubai. It is usually prepared for special occasions like festivals, events, and parties. Along with being lip-smacking good, Thareed is quite nutritious as well. It contains a lot of proteins and other nutrients.

It is a great substitute for a healthy meal and is a must-try food dish in Gulf countries, especially Dubai.

With such a unique combination of ingredients, I was curious to try it out. Since it is usually cooked on special occasions, very few restaurants had this dish on their menu. After searching for quite some time, I came across one restaurant that was serving Thareed. It tasted something like I had never tried before and was a great meal that filled my tummy with just one serving.

12. Jasheed

Known to be dangerous creatures, one would hardly ever imagine having a shark for a meal! But as Dubai is full of surprises, their famous dish Jasheed is made with baby sharks! In case sharks are not available, other fish breeds are used for cooking it.

It is usually eaten with rice and butter. The shark is soaked in hot water and sprinkled with spices to get the perfect taste. This is done for about 30 minutes till the skin peels off and the meat is visible. Once cleaned, it is put in another pot and mixed with aromatic spices such as cardamom, dried lemon zest, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and chopped onion. Then, it is shred and mixed with a mixture of spices, and cooked for additional 15 minutes! 

Although not a huge fan of seafood, I rarely eat fish. But the word ‘shark’ got me curious, and I decided to try it out! It was extremely delicious and turned out to be a great experience.

13. Chicken Saloona

A popular Emirati stew, Chicken Saloona is available in almost all restaurants. This unique flavoured dish is quite an easy dish to make. It is prepared with tons of ingredients such as minced garlic, olive oil, species, grated ginger, chopped onion, tomato, chilli, turmeric, and juicy chicken pieces. The dish is then served with white rice. 

Highly nutritious and healthy, it is perfect for eating for both lunch and dinner meal! 

14. Meat Biryani

Biryani is a famous dish found throughout the Middle East, and Dubai is no exception. Originating in South Asia, specifically India, it spread like fire to East Asia and then the Middle East, thanks to its wonderfully delicious taste!

Meat Biryani is cooked with aromatic basmati rice and various types of meat – chicken, lamb, beef- you name it! These days, many different varieties of biryani have emerged from different parts of the world like Sri Lankan, Iranian, Katchi, and Southeast Asia. However, the one made in Dubai has its unique taste since the aromatic and exotic Arabic spices are used for it.

Being a biryani lover for as long as I can remember, I had to try out the special Dubai Meat Biryani. And I’m glad it did justice to its hype and tasted extremely divine!

15. Esh Hasarya

Referred to as “the bread of the harem,” Esh Hasarya is a unique dessert in itself. It is served with a cream frosting and resembles the texture of a cheesecake! What makes it a popular sweet dessert in Dubai is its unique texture and combination of ingredients that just melt in your mouth. 

If not all, most restaurants in Dubai serve this popular sweet dish. You must try out Esh Hasarya on your solo trip to the country!

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Well, that is it for this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and will try out some of the dishes on your solo trip to Dubai! Also, do let me know about your experiences in the comments below. I would love to hear about them!


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