What are the Activities to Do in Kumbhalgarh Fort?

The Kumbhalgarh Fort, also known as the Great Wall of India, is a majestic destination to visit on a solo trip to Udaipur. It is also a good catch for solo travellers itching for unique and adventurous activities in Udaipur. The activities in Kumbhalgarh Fort are riding a bike in the mountains, taking part in light and music shows, exploring the wildlife sanctuary on a safari, visiting temples, walking to Ranakpur Jain Temple, and reaching the highest point of Kumbhalgarh Fort.

What are the activities to do in Kumbhalgarh Fort?

1. Walking from Kumbhalgarh Fort to Ranakpur Jain Temple

Hiking from Kumbhalgarh Fort to Ranakpur Jain Temple is an activity enthusiastically taken by travellers who like to reclaim their identity as an explorer. And the hike takes at least 4 hours. Ranakpur Jain Temple is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is popular because it took 65 years to construct the temple. Rest you can imagine! It is favourably located near Kumbhalgarh Fort and Chittorgarh Fort. Hence, you must visit this place while you are in Kumbhalgarh Fort. If not hiking, you should at least drive to this place.

2. Enjoying the light and music show

Taking part in the light and music show is one of the delightful activities to do in Kumbhalgarh Fort. Every day for 45 minutes, Kumbhalgarh Fort hosts a light and music show narrating the history of the Mewar dynasty. So, this activity becomes more interesting if you are invested in the stories of Mewar Kings and Kingdoms. A bonus is that you can witness the majestic fort turn into a sparkling arena with celestial lighting. Just magical! My only advice is to carry a pocket torch with you. Although the fort is shining with lights, some areas are still dark. Moreover, you might have a difficult time finding a seat in the dark. So, remember to take a torch on the Kumbhalgarh trip. 

Timing: 06:45 pm- 07:30 pm 

Cost: Rs. 75

3. Taking part in Kumbhalgarh Festival

Another activity you can do in Kumbhalgarh Fort is participating in the colourful Kumbhalgarh Festival. To partake in this activity, you must go to Kumbhalgarh Fort in the first week of December. What makes this festival unique? There are two sections to the event: day and night. Folk performances and competitions such as turban tying and henna application are held during the day. The night, on the other hand, is filled with spectacular displays of light, sound, colour, and dance. The Kumbhalgarh Festival is a must-see for art, music, and dance enthusiasts.

4. Enthralling at the creativity of the temples

Inside the Kumbhalgarh Fort are countless famous temples of Udaipur. Visiting these temples, scanning through their architecture, knowing their history, and involving in their celebration such as turban tying and henna painting are some desirable activities to do in Kumbhalgarh Fort. 

As I said, there are numerous temples in Kumbhalgarh Fort. To give an accurate number, it should be 364. And if I am not wrong, 300 of them are Jain temples. Also, a few temples stand out among travellers. They are Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Mammadev Temple, Vedi Temple, Parshuram Temple, and Muchhal Mahavir Temple.

What’s special about these temples? Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is known for its ancient inscriptions and wild visuals. Muchhal Mahavir Temple has a rare piece of statue. A statue of Shiva with a moustache. Parshuram Temple is located inside a cave. It is also said to be the location where sage Parashuram meditated. Finally, Vedi Temple has brilliant architecture.

5. Renting an E-bike to explore the unexplored parts of Kumbhalgarh Fort 

You can add adventure to your solo trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort by renting an E-bike. Don’t underestimate the ride, friends. As you might have known, Kumbhalgarh Fort is a splendid place for trekking in Udaipur. Imagine having a bike ride on the hilly pathways. So, yeah. You will enjoy this activity! It is a 2-hour ride starting at Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh. Adding to the vibe, you have a bike tour guide who makes you love the places even more through their narration of stories. My favourite point in E-bike is Hammeripal Lake. It is a tiny lake town inside the Kumbhalgarh empire. The lake is abundant with African Catfish.

6. Going on a gripping safari ride in Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Another adventurous activity to do in Kumbhalgarh Fort is going for a thrilling safari in the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The Wildlife Sanctuary is no less of flora, fauna, animals, and birds. They are home to large wild habitats and endangered animals as well. And the jeep safari ride is available at two timings. One is in the early morning from 06:00 am to 09:00 am and the other in the evening from 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm. It costs between Rs. 2250 to Rs. 3000. And it is a total of 22 Km ride. However, you can go as a group of six to cut the price. Be sure to maintain silence throughout the ride. Sometimes you may go unlucky, not seeing many of the animals you expected you would. However, I can assure you that the safari ride in the hilly region is worth taking!

7. Getting to the highest point and watching the birds

If you think reaching the highest point of an empire is a cool activity, visiting Badal Mahal in Kumbhalgarh Fort should be on your must-do list. Badal Mahal (Palace) is a two-storey building established by Rana Fateh Singh. Besides liking the palace, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the whole of Kumbhalgarh Fort. As said, it is the highest point. Hence, from this eagle eye location, you can witness all the beauties of Aravalli hills, Hammeripal Lake, temples, and wildlife sanctuary, all in one place. When I visited, there were a lot of birds circling in the sky and resting in the palace corridors. So, if you want to do bird watching in Kumbhalgarh Fort, it would be an ideal location!

What are the activities to do in Kumbhalgarh Fort?

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That’s about the activities to do in Kumbhalgarh Fort. You can write down your experience in the comments below. Let us all know how much you enjoyed taking part in these activities.

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