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Undoubtedly, Bali is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia. And while most of us travel to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life and experience peace and calmness, Bali is a step ahead of other travel destinations in fulfilling this!

While most people may consider laying out a yoga mat in an air-conditioned room and meditating peacefully, there is something unique and refreshing about meditating in the arms of nature. Meditation retreats, yoga shalas, and wellness centres can be found in abundance in Bali. And the credit for this goes to the long history of Hindu and Buddhist spirituality in the country. 

If you are looking for some solace in life, then trust me, Bali is just the right destination for you. Its natural beauty, fresh and healthy food, and ornate religious sites will make your stay on the island quite a peaceful one! 

Here are some of the top places for yoga and meditation in Bali that you can check out to relax your body, mind, and spirit on your solo trip.

1. Azadi Retreat

“Meditating with a view” gets too real with Azadi Retreat, which is an open-air yoga shala in Ubud, Bali. Along with the yoga and meditation programs, the spectacular views of the rice fields in the area are the real treat. Even better, if the weather allows, you can even get a glimpse of the beautiful Mount Agung in the distance!

At this beautiful retreat, you can not only free your mind of the stress but also release the tension and stress from your muscles.

If you are interested, you can even opt for their body-renewing vegetarian meals at the retreat. And to experience the unique Balinese massages, their onsite spa offers some amazing massage packages that you can check out during your stay here!

Approximate retreat package details

One bedroom suite – 8,27,365 Indonesian Rupiah (US$ 57.07)

2. FireFly Resort

One of the most beautiful yoga treats in Bali, FireFly Resort, is surrounded by lush greenery and an infinity pool that adds to the reasons to visit here. If you want to enjoy everything that the retreat has to offer, I would suggest that you book a room here for a couple of days. By doing this, you will get access to the retreat’s daily programmes that aim at providing balance and peace to both your mind and body.

An entirely fun experience, the programmes at the FireFly Resort alternate between meditation, yoga practices, chanting, dancing, and cultural experiences!

Even though you can definitely meditate in the backyard of your house, doing so in a whole new environment in nature’s arms will open up new ways for you to connect with yourself and find that inner peace!

Approximate retreat package details

Eight days, seven nights – 4,242,900 Indonesian Rupiah (US$ 292.69)

3. Jungle Room

Probably one of the unique yoga retreats in Bali, Jungle Room, looks nothing short of magical! It is a cluster of traditional wooden houses, where each one has been inspired from a different Indonesian island. Quite intriguing, right? And the best part is that Jungle Room is completely surrounded by lush greenery, so you can have all the privacy you need here as well.

You can start your day in a beautiful way by doing a nice and relaxed yoga session and then enjoy a healthy yet delicious breakfast at the pool!

The yoga retreat also has a stunning juice bar that serves healthy and delicious juices and smoothies for you to relish! 

Oh, and there are also cool swing chairs where you can click beautiful pictures for your next Instagram post. And also, keep them as a reminder of the amazing time you spent here.

Approximate retreat package details

Sumatran Karo House – 6,70,750 Indonesian Rupiah (US$ 46.28)

4. Kura Kura

There is a very sweet reason behind naming this retreat Kura Kura. In Balinese, Kura Kura translates to “turtles.” These are animals that are never stressed or even in a hurry. This yoga retreat is all about making its visitors stress-free and relaxed while making sure they re-energise themselves!

The vegetarian food served at the retreat is just another reason you spend some time here on your solo trip to Bali. To practice yoga uniquely while also getting some amazing pictures, check out the small window view overlooking the beautiful pool! And to make your yoga sessions more fun here, you can even take a dip in the pool after your practice.

Kura Kura is at a comfortable distance from one of the famous tourist attractions in Bali, the Tanah Lot Temple. You can even visit the temple for a breath of fresh air and witness stunning sunset views!

Approximate retreat package details

Six days, five nights – 70,62,036 Indonesian Rupiah (US$ 486.78)

5. Om Ham Retreat & Resort

If you want to experience a luxury experience at an affordable price, then Om Ham Retreat & Resort is the place to be! The location of this retreat is extremely beautiful. There are lush greenery and rice paddies in the surroundings. Inside the retreat, you can check out the beautiful spacious pool and private garden!

You can indulge yourself in the guided meditation classes, spa treatments, and yoga sessions at the retreat. They can help relieve your body of stress and tension while making sure you re-energise yourself.

During your stay at the retreat, you will be offered healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And as a bonus, you can even explore the spa treatment session to relax your body and mind.

Approximate retreat package details

Four days, three nights – 4,928,735 Indonesian Rupiah (US$ 339.73)

6. The Pineapple House

Quite an interesting name, huh? Well, so is the yoga retreat. You can opt for any one of the two types of packages offered here – just yoga sessions and the surfing plus yoga sessions!

Located in Canggu, which is considered one of the best places to meditate, The Pineapple House is surrounded by lush greenery and rice paddies. Even better, this yoga retreat offers a “Free to Roam” package, which is perfect for a solo female traveller. The package includes a simple yoga session and a massage. You can opt for this package if you do not wish to stay at the retreat!

However, if you do decide to stay at the retreat, you will get access to plenty of guided yoga classes and surfing lessons from experts. A full-body massage after a fun time surfing is also included in the retreat package.

My experience at The Pineapple House

During my first solo trip to Bali, I decided to try out the “Free to Roam” package before opting for the complete retreat package at The Pineapple House. And I would be lying if I said it was not one of the highlights of my trip. 

Since the package includes a yoga session and a massage after that, I was more than happy with the results. The guides at the retreat were extremely kind and helpful and treated all the visitors equally while explaining the yoga session. By the end of the yoga session, I could feel my muscles and body relax. 

And the massage after the yoga session was like a cherry on top! I had heard a lot about how relaxing Balinese massages are, and mine turned out to be exactly the same!

If you want to try out a single session before committing to a week-long retreat package, I would definitely recommend that you visit The Pineapple House!

Approximate retreat package details

Three days, two nights – 61,88,382 Indonesian Rupiah (US$ 426.78)

7. Yoga Barn

This is one of the most famous meditations and yoga retreats in Bali. Many tourists from all around the world travel to Bali to visit Yoga Barn and enjoy its hospitality. And here is the fun fact, there is a special Yoga Barn Guesthouse, designed especially for travellers looking for a yoga retreat holiday!

Although the prices of the rooms at Yoga Barn are quite high, you can opt for a shared dorm room to cut down on the prices. In this way, it will also help you interact with fellow travellers.

Yoga Barn has its own cafe, called Garden Kafe, that offers delicious yet healthy food for all its visitors. The best part about the cafe is that it uses freshly produced goods to make raw snacks and desserts, vegan food, fresh fruit juices and smoothies, and more! The cafe also has a special menu for those opting for a Detox and Ayurvedic Rejuvenation!

Approximate retreat package details

Seven days, six nights – 16,099,593 Indonesian Rupiah (US$ 1110. 3259)

Check out my blog on stunning cafes to visit on your solo trip to Bali.

8. Nibbana Resort & Spa

yoga in bali

Bali’s northern coast is considered an unspoiled beauty. Nibbana Resort & Spa, located in Singaraja, has been making use of this unspoiled beauty the right way! Along with guided yoga sessions, the retreat offers diving excursions as well. And if you are one of the lucky ones, you might be able to spot a dolphin or two on the diving excursion.

Singaraja is too far off from the hustle-bustle of the city, which gives Nibbana Resort & Spa a perfect surrounding to carry out meditations and yoga sessions. You can even explore these surroundings on a bike. If you are someone who loves cooking and finds it therapeutic, you can even opt for the cooking classes offered by the resort. 

But, the real gem of this retreat is its magnificent pool overlooking the ocean. After your yoga sessions, you can relax in the pool and enjoy the gorgeous views!

Approximate retreat package details

Four days, three nights – 6,764,653 Indonesian Rupiah (US$ 466.53)

9. Prana Veda Bali

The moment you arrive at Prana Veda Bali, you will be greeted by nature and the gorgeous views of the ocean from the retreat. This yoga retreat is famous for its amazing yoga sessions, meditation techniques, and dance classes!

The yoga retreat has guided yoga and meditation programmes for visitors of all levels. And these have been curated keeping in mind their difficulty levels, so it suits every type of traveller. The best part about these programmes is that the groups are kept small, only about 4-12 individuals in one group. That way, it is easy for the guides to focus on everyone.

More often, these programmes are conducted over the weekends than on weekdays and focus on relieving your stress and tension while making sure you don’t get too worked up either!

Approximate retreat package details 

Seven days, six nights – 13,294,420 Indonesian Rupiah (US$ 917.10)

So, which is your favourite meditation/yoga retreat in Bali?

These are some of the most famous meditation and yoga retreats in Bali. Now, you may feel like the price for each of these is quite a lot. But, along with your stay, the prices are inclusive of the yoga and meditation packages as well. Nevertheless, I would still recommend that you speak with the retreat authorities for confirmation about the same.

And, if you do not wish to spend all of your solo trip to Bali in a meditation or yoga retreat, you can even opt for their individual packages. Again, I would recommend that you speak with the retreat and confirm the prices and the services offered in an individual package.

Do tell me about your experience of exploring the meditation and yoga retreats in Bali in the comments section below. I would love to hear all about it! Till then, happy travelling!


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